Meet Mrs. Mantle

I think I like the mantle so much that she deserves a name. I am not sure what yet, but the mantle is definitely a she. Here she is in the store where I first saw her.


There she is in all of her salvaged, artsy, awesome glory! I was at my favorite architectural salvage store, Southern Accents, a few weekends ago looking for a few things when Dad spotted this mantle. He told me he wanted to show me something that he was pretty sure I would either love or hate, and it was LOVE.

I immediately called Ryan and sent him a picture. After a few minutes of pacing back and forth in the store, Ryan responded with, “Uh…if you want it.”

What a smart husband I have! I mean, he seemed really excited, right?! *insert sarcasm* With an okay from the hubby, I skipped up to the front counter to claim my prize.

The mantle was salvaged from an older home (not sure of date), and the mosaic was created by a local artist using pieces of broken stained glass. It is only 48″ wide, so it is the perfect size for our rather petite fireplace. Here is the mantle kind of in place…


If you use your imagination and remove the extension cords, table full of cleaning supplies, tools, and pretend there are walls, it is pretty awesome, right?! Okay, maybe I am the only person who sees this all coming together right now, but we will get there. Promise!

Another fun purchase we made this evening was round three of insulation!

January 011

I can’t wait to share more of our progress! What have you guys been up to? Any fun home purchases lately? Anyone have a mantle they just LOVE? I would love to hear. Thanks for reading, and I hope you are having a great week!


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