They see me rollin’ (insulation)

They be hatin’. I just had a high school flash back. Some of our neighbors are probably starting to get jealous because we have insulation. A lot of the homes in our area, even the ones that have been “renovated” still don’t have proper insulation. Crazy town, right?

We have spent the last week and half rolling in insulation. You can see here that I was very excited. When our bid for spray foam insulation came in at over $6,000, we opted to save money by installing fiberglass insulation ourselves. Based on our calculations, insulating the house should cost us around $2,500. Currently we are on track to come in under budget! Woot woot!


As of right now, we have finished insulating the interior walls around the bathroom…


and all the exterior walls that we can insulate right now.


There are a few places where we are waiting for our windows to come in before insulating. WAITING. AGAIN. Here is a recap of the window situation. We ordered windows around Thanksgiving from Lowe’s. We decided on the Pella ProLine with wood interior and aluminum clad exterior. I really had my heart set on these windows, so when we had to cut our budget drastically we decided to go ahead with the windows we really wanted and just replace the windows on the first floor. When we ordered the windows in November, we were told it would be five to six weeks. The windows actually came in the week of Christmas and were set to be installed the week after.

All sounding pretty good, right? Well, when I went to check on the windows after they were dropped off at the house, I realized that four of them were wrong. They sent windows with a vinyl interior instead of wood interior. They also had the wrong grid pattern. *Womp Womp* I then find out the next day that the windows in the kitchen were the correct window, but the wrong size. Talk about frustrated! Lowe’s told me it would be another five or six weeks to return and receive the new windows. Um, NOT HAPPY! So I called. and called. and called. As of right now, our second batch of windows will be here February 6th, and we will be receiving compensation for having to wait another six weeks. Fingers crossed they are all right or I am going. to. blow. up.

Now you are caught up! Back to insulation! Here is one of the places we have to wait to insulate.


We have also started insulating the kitchen ceiling. Ryan and I spent today working on that. I am very thankful Ryan does not share my fear of ladders.


Installing fiberglass insulation is actually a really easy job to DIY. This video from This Old House tells you almost everything you need to know. If you are wondering what the brown paper is, that is the vapor barrier. We decided to buy the prefaced insulation so we wouldn’t have to come back after and install a vapor barrier. It cost a little more, but it saves us time.

The annoying part of this job is the fact our house is old and none of the wall studs are spaced evenly.  AT ALL. You can easily have a 12″, 16″, 18″, and 23″ on the same wall. This means that we had to buy the wider (and more expensive) batts of insulation and cut them down to size. All we have been using to cut it to size is a utility knife and tape measure. Typically I can cut through the insulation in two passes. Easy Peasey.


In addition to insulation, we had some friends of ours working on the front porch today (and last Saturday). They offered to help, we said have at it! Ha! We love helping hands! If you offer to help work on my house, I will find something for you to do. I still have a chunk of wallpaper I have been avoiding…Any takers? Anybody? Bueller??



5 thoughts on “They see me rollin’ (insulation)

  1. I know it’s the south but why would a newly renovated home opt out of insulation?!?! Crazy indeed. I was so surprised at how easy it was to install on our own. The studs we built in are pretty standard widths so we haven’t had to do much trimming down (which I imagine would make it just a tad more time consuming). Also, we are going through window delays up here too! They have been delivered but the weather is just NOT cooperating. I love the ones you chose – I think they fit the style of the house perfectly. Can’t wait to see them installed.

    • People are crazy, and cheap apparently! You are right about the more time consuming part, but it still hasn’t been that bad. I shouldn’t even complain. I hope you get to install windows soon! We should be getting ours installed next week…fingers crossed…

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