Goodbye plastic wrap and duct tape

Please say hello to our lovely new windows.

Windows_kitchen Windows_new

They were delivered to us on Wednesday and installed Friday with no issues. I really wish I could have introduced you to the second half of windows six weeks ago when they were initially delivered, but that didn’t work out! You can read the window drama here.


We no longer have plastic wrap and duct tape windows! Wahoo!!!!


If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw this photo pop up on Friday afternoon. I was a little excited about it…


You guys, I had nightmares all week that they were going to be wrong again! It was a huge relief seeing them up and in place.

In case anyone did notice, these windows are a little different from the ones on the front of the house. On the front corner of the house, we decided to go with a simulated divided light grid. That means, there is a grid on the exterior (wood clad in aluminum) and a wood grid on the interior. To me, this style of window helps contribute to the architectural integrity of an older home (which is important to me, but not everyone). It also cost more than double when compared to a standard vinyl window. Can you say ouch?!?! With that said, we decided to only use that type of window on the front corner of the house. On the back corner, we decided to save some a few several dollars and only have a wood grill on the interior. From the outside the grid looks like it is between the glass.


That picture can probably explain it better than I can! When you are inside, you can’t really tell a difference. Well, I guess now you can because I told you, but you get the idea. 🙂

Anywho, having our windows installed Friday gave us the ability to finish all of the batten insulation downstairs and begin blowing in cellulose insulation behind the still existing exterior walls this weekend. We started Friday afternoon with finishing with batten insulation. With only two small exterior walls, it only took us a few minutes to wrap that up.

We then spent a romantic evening at Lowe’s picking up cellulose insulation and blower. Instagram peeps might have seen this photo pop up.


Do we know how to party or what? The guy helping us load everything into the truck had very little faith it would all fit, but we showed him! Ha. I did have to carry the last bag in my lap. While the Lowe’s guy was not hopeful about fitting everything into the truck, he did give us some pretty good advice. For one, he noted that the blower for the insulation is very HEAVY. Two, he suggested trying to leave the machine in the back of the truck (again, very heavy) and just run the hose into the house.

We were a little skeptical at first, but we decided to pull the hose out anyway and measure. Low and behold, it worked! Can I get a hurray-Brittney-did-not-have-to-try-to-pick-that-beast-up??


As far as blow-in insulation, we had two walls downstairs and two upstairs that we needed it for. We will be using this type of insulation for the attic, but that is for another day…when we have ceilings upstairs.

You may remember that two of the walls in the living room still have their original tongue and grove planks.

Insulation_living-room-wall Insulation_livingroomwall2

Those were the two largest walls we needed to get done. You can see in the picture above that the majority of the bead board along the bottom portion of the wall has been removed. This allowed us to blow the insulation up the wall. I have no pictures of the actual progress. Ryan stayed on the truck dumping cellulose into the machine and turning it on and off when needed, and I tackled the hose and blowing inside (mind out of the gutter!). There were no extra hands.

I can tell you that by the end of the day, I looked like I had lost a rough battle with a dryer vent and cotton ball. You could literally see insulation coming off of my clothes when I moved. Not pretty!

Overall, it was an easy task, just a little dirty. I simply put the hose behind the wood planks, pushing the hose up the wall as far as I could. When I was ready, I would tell Ryan to turn on the machine. I would slowly pull the hose down, filling up the space as I went (hopefully) until insulation starting spitting out the bottom. Then, I would yell or make crazy hand signals to Ryan until he turned it off. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Because our walls in the living room are made of wood planks, you can see some of the insulation poking through.


Hopefully that means we filled the walls up pretty well!! For the upstairs walls, we basically had the same situation. There were a few walls were we had left up the original bead board and wood work. Thankfully, we were still able to keep the machine in the truck. We just ran the hose through the second floor window. Classy, right?

Insulation_second-floor Insulation_blower-in-tuck

I am not going to lie, we received several strange looks Saturday morning during this whole process. I think I even saw a couple of cars slow down, almost like they were trying to figure out what the heck we were doing. Maybe they were just admiring the new front porch that isn’t completely done? Or the large pile of rotten wood? Or the toilet in the corner? So many possibilities!

My only complaint about this process is the mess it made…


We have a few little things to take car of before our inspector comes back. Hopefully she will give us the a-okay and we can order dry wall. Yep. You ready that right. DRY WALL. You know, that stuff that real houses have? Like walls and stuff?! Crazy town! Can’t wait 🙂

Hope you have a good week! Thanks for reading. Peace.


8 thoughts on “Goodbye plastic wrap and duct tape

  1. Hey Brittney! Man… you guys DO know how to party!! (ha ha!) Seriously, I laugh but that’s not a joke. I totally understand the thrill of windows and insulation. When you get to that point you know the sheetrock is next and that my dear is what will “rock” your world! It always rocks mine.

    So smart to go for the less expensive windows in the back of the house. Nobody really sees those anyway and you can put that money to good use somewhere else. The windows look really awesome!

    Congrats on the progress and having walls stuffed to the gills with insulation. That’s a good thing!

  2. Windows – woooooooooo!!! So exciting!!! Also, I had no idea you could rent/DIY fluff insulation. We will definitely have to consider that when we make it up to the attic.

    • Yes, you can totally rent it! We rented our from Lowe’s. AND if you purchase 20 bags of insulation, you get the rent the equipment for free! Rumor has it, you can even return the bags you don’t use and they still don’t charge you for the blower. I will let you know if that is true or not when we finish the attic 🙂

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