Good week: We passed and I won!

Boom!! We passed our final framing and insulation inspection yesterday!


Wahoo!! Bring on the dry wall! Actually, we are probably two weeks away from being ready for dry wall. Ryan and I made a pretty lengthy list (37 items if you want to be exact) of tasks that need to be completed before dry wall arrives. Most of it is small things, like cleaning, furring out a few walls (that means making them flush and straight), framing closet doors, more cleaning, putting up bead board in places, and oh wait, more cleaning!!!


We also want to have Cooks FINALLY come back and install hardwood in the downstairs bedroom and wood planks on the walls. In case you are new, you read about our termite drama here, here, here and here.

Other good news, I won my battle with Lowe’s this week! Since it took over six weeks to receive our second batch of correct windows, I asked for compensation. Okay, so asked was more like demanded compensation. Reality is, not having windows for six weeks means we couldn’t finish insulating, so we couldn’t have our building inspector come out meaning we could not move forward with dry wall.

Adding a month to our time frame = one month of rent, one month of storage unit, one month of porta-potty, one month of two utility bills, and one more month of a dumpster. It all equals out to a solid chunk of money each month.

I knew from the get go that I wanted Lowe’s to provide compensation in some form of fashion that equaled a month of our, what I not so fondly call, “living-in-two-places-expenses.” Well, Lowe’s called me this week and offered a whopping $250. *Insert angry face and stomping of feet* I probably don’t have to tell you, but that is much less than what I had in mind. So, I put on my big girl panties, called the Lowe’s manager, and I spoke my mind loud. and. clear. It is kind of a big deal. I am not one to complain, throw fits, or loose my patience, so it took all I had to call and fight. After I let the poor manager at Lowe’s have it, I waited (and fumed).

Low and behold, I freaking WON!!! Ryan and my dad are both shocked! I got what I wanted plus $50 and it is in CASH! Not free windows. Not a gift card, but $1,050 cash. Hurray! Victory is mine! Next time you need someone to negotiate contracts, just call me. 🙂 Apparently I am awesome.

That money we are getting back from Lowe’s is allowing us to HIRE PEOPLE to hang and finish dry wall. PRAISE THE LORD! Now that we are on the let’s-get-moving-and-buy-the-dang-sheet-rock-already train, we are spending a lot of time cleaning. In fact, you can see the floor again downstairs.



We also have vinyl guys at the house wrapping the new windows and patching holes in the vinyl exterior. It is looking better even after one day!



Well, that is a wrap for today (Wrap…vinyl wrap…get it?!) Har har har. That was terrible, I know. Thanks for tolerating me folks. What is new with you guys? Has anyone ever won a small battle and felt like they conquered the world? That is pretty much how I felt. I may or may not have called myself Madame Conqueror all week….




4 thoughts on “Good week: We passed and I won!

  1. YAY Brittney! You really did win… and big. First, congrats on passing inspection. That must be a huge load off your back. And the Lowes thing… well, you’re my kind of girl. I just did a post about some lighting that I bought online and since I was buying so many of the same item (track lighting) they told me it was non-returnable. WHAT? Like you, the fighter in me came out and I told them I’d be happy to buy them somewhere else. Long story short… they’re being delivered today (all the pieces) with special instructions that EVERYTHING is returnable if I’m not happy.
    Thank you very much! Sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Congrats. More money for sheetrock!

  2. First up, congrats on passing the inspection! It’s funny how just one piece of the puzzle falling into place turns up so many more (well, 37 in your case!).

    Secondly, OMG YOU ARE SO AMAZING!!! Seriously, I cannot even try to explain how impressed I am with your mad negotiating skills. Like you I am not one to make a big fuss over nothing. But you’re right – you did deserve compensation and you went about getting it in what sounds like a respectful, but firm, way. YOU FREAKING QUADRUPLED YOUR COMPENSATION!!! You go, girl!

    Third, I’m passing along my Liebster Blog Award to you. Check out this post for more info (

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