Bella loves Ryan (and other random happenings)

Hey there! Good grief, it has been a week already! Ryan and I have been trucking right along with our pre-dry wall to -do list.


Most of our list is just a lot of little things, like cleaning, furring walls, and shuffling our salvage piles around. You can now successfully walk around the master bedroom (currently the salvage room) with ease and without fear of running into a pile of casing or bead board.

Cleaning_stash Cleaning_stash2

Small victory!! I even vacuumed. Well, my mom kind of helped. You are never too old to call your mom when you need help cleaning, right?! I actually got to start pulling and installing material from my salvage pile Saturday, which was really exciting!! I patched in all of the bead board downstairs in the living room over the weekend. Hurray for walls!

Checklist_beadboard2 Checklist_beadboard

The living room walls now look like a really terrible, dirty, rainbow. Awesome, right? I thought we were past the “it has to get worse before it gets better” but apparently not. *womp womp*

While lots of the stuff we knocked off our list was small, we did check off one big item this week: the downstairs shower!

We spent time this week putting up cement board in the shower downstairs.


We even built a little shower seat using some of our scrap wood.


Yay for scrap piles! You should see our front porch right now. I think we could open a lumber yard, no problem. In all seriousness, if anyone local is in need of scraps, feel free to stop by and dig through the stash. I hate to throw good materials away!

Anyways, back to the shower. Since the shower is under the stairs, we decided that a custom tile shower would be our best bet. I will share more about our selections for that bathroom soon!

I do have a funny story from this week to share. Like most funny stories, it involves Ryan hitting his head on something. Are you seeing a pattern?? 🙂 We were working on one of the last pieces of cement board when Ryan accidentally hit his head on the plumbing for the shower head. Like most people, he yelled “Ouch” or something. Well, Bella heard him and came running into the bathroom to check on him. She then proceeded to try and climb up the step stool to get closer to him.


It was the cutest thing ever!! Complete proof she is Ryan’s dog. She didn’t leave the room until Ryan came off the step stool. It was hilarious! Of course, while she was waiting on Ryan to come off the stool, she went ahead and checked out our work.



I think we passed her inspection. She was a little annoyed the seat wasn’t at her height though….

We are having dry wall delivered MONDAY! We will have it installed the following week. Crazy! What have you guys been up to? Any funny stories from you guys this week?




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