Hello Drywall My Old Friend.

Ryan and I spent our Saturday morning running around like chickens with our heads cut off knocking out the last of our pre-drywall list. We were able to finish framing the closet for the second upstairs bedroom (Note – Our children will not have walk in closets. Something tells me they will survive though. First world problems are so hard!).


We FINALLY removed the LAST window unit! I won’t miss that eye sore anymore.


When we removed the window unit and took down the bead board under neath, we found this lovely treat.


A bird’s nest! What every homeowner wants hidden underneath their window sill, right? 🙂 Kidding. I wasn’t really excited about it either, but I just cleaned up the mess and moved on to something else. In the crooked room, we also finally got around to moving this giant, metal, storage thing. It his been there since we bought the house. It was too big to get down the stairs (with the original wall there) so the homeowner left it. And we avoided it.

For 8 months.


Turns out it is not nearly as heavy as I thought it was. You know what is nice about slightly-steeper-than-normal-stairs? You can slide things down very easily!! Things like giant metal objects. I see children attempting to slide down stairs on their mattress in our future.

Dear Future Children. I am already onto your mattress slide scheming, and I will probably join you. Don’t tell your father. The End. 

Peace out metal foreign object.

Ryan and I wrapped up everything on our list Saturday morning and then spent the afternoon driving to Shoals (about an hour and a half one way) to check out some heart pine flooring I found on Craig’s list. I have yet to be burned by Craig’s list, but I know it happens, so I still get a little nervous about Craig’s list finds. I get even more nervous when it involves a chunk of time and a chunk of money.

When we pulled up the wood was loaded on the back of a trailer….


AND IT WAS AWESOME! It was just what I had hoped it would be, maybe even better! We borrowed a friend’s trailer (thanks John!) and carried home 500 square feet of heart pine for the kitchen (at $1 per square foot, also awesome!). I am so excited about it! Here is a close up.


I love it!!!! The only bad part about Saturday was the fact that it was cold. and snowing. and cold. AND SNOWING.


SNOW. IN ALABAMA! The day I have to load, haul, and unload 500 square feet of wood flooring, of course it snows.

Now…for what you have all been waiting for….


Drywall was delivered Monday! Have you ever seen drywall being delivered by that really awesome crane thing?! Um. It’s awesome and scary all at the same time.



There was so much drywall! 100 sheets of drywall! They even started hanging it the day it was delivered. WE. HAVE. WALLS. YO.

It freaks me out a little guys. Freaks me out. Have you ever watched drywall be delivered? Am I the only person who finds  a bird’s nest in their exterior walls? What about the flooring we picked up, what do you think??



9 thoughts on “Hello Drywall My Old Friend.

  1. You are hilarious! Yes, of course… bird nests, and RAT nests. ewwwwwwwww! That one just about sent me screaming down the street. The thought of little critters living in my home (and not paying rent) really does a number on me. HA HA! You remained very calm like an experienced homeowner/renovator should. Classy, girl!

    That’s great — sliding cabinets down the stairs and drywall through the window. Goodbye to the YUCK hello to the beginning of a home you can be so proud of. Seeing that sheetrock makes me so excited for you. I can’t wait for your next update. Congrats on the flooring, too. (see… you might just come under that budget!) Heart pine is gorgeous, and hard to find. Good score!

  2. Love, love the pine flooring!! It will be amazing and what a deal!! I do hope the nest was empty and so glad it was not a rat’s nest. I am with Stacey on that one. To date, I think I am the only who has found a mouse and it was literally petrified with tail attached. I still think it was in the insulation. Better me than Grandma because she would have been gone, never to return. Hooray for drywall!!

  3. If you guys still have it I’ll totally come get it. I was admiring it during Ryan’s house tour last week. I need some extra closet space in our laundry room, I think it’d be good. I’ll stop by next time I see you guys 🙂

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  5. I found a contractor in Boston using one of your photographs on his Facebook page saying it is a project of his own. Email me at atlanticart@yahoo.com and I can give you more information about the page and how to file a complaint for copyright violation with Facebook. Almost every project on his page is fake and we’d like to see him stopped. David

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