Drywall is done: You are invited to a priming party!

Howdy folks! It is an exciting week in the Saffell house. Drywall is DONE! D.O.N.E. Can I get a hallelujah? Anyone out there thinking we would NEVER have walls free of wallpaper?! I won’t be mad if you admit it. To be honest, I had my moments, too. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Here we are as you enter the front door.


Lovely new drywall on your left. Original bead board on your right. Then, we can peek into the dining room.


Here is a look from the back door in the living room.


Now let’s peek into the master bathroom upstairs. I won’t bore you with a picture of every wall. You are welcome.


At this point in time, I don’t know if there is anything prettier than unfinished dry wall. The house really feels like it is starting to take shape now that dry wall is up. I know we still have a lot of work left, but dry wall is just so exciting. WALLS PEOPLE, we have walls!

Ryan and I spent last week revisiting the wallpaper we have been ignoring.


One. More. Corner. I think I need a pep talk. I just want to pretend the wallpaper isn’t there and paint over it. Do you think people would notice??? It is only half an inch thick….

We spent last Saturday working on the kitchen ceiling. We decided to go with a bead board ceiling instead of dry wall, which means we are installing it. Also, we decided to cheat and use bead board sheets instead of individual boards. Once we are finished, I will share what we learned about working with bead board sheets.


Look! I am on a ladder. That doesn’t happen often!


The ceiling is taking longer than we expected (Imagine that?!?!). We hoped to knock most of it out last Saturday, but we ended up having to make plywood slats for the ceiling. We will attach the bead board to the slats instead of cutting the bead board to accommodate the width of the stud spacing. Cutting the bead board for each stud would have not only taken forever, but it would have created a lot of waste. Slats were not what we originally planned but in the long run it will be faster and less expensive. I’ll take it!

We also started putting bead board up in the pantry.


I am so excited about our walk in pantry I can’t even stand it. I kind of want to finish this room first because I am that excited! Sadly, our building inspector mentioned nothing about a finished pantry on our certificate of occupancy to-do list. *sigh*

Here is a funny from this week. Ryan pointed out to me that apparently he is almost too thin for manual labor.


Do you think that is what the manufacturer’s were implying when they made this tool belt?  Skinny people = not allowed to use power tools or perform manual labor. Ryan has his tool belt set on the second to smallest notch. I guess you need to have a waist of at least 31″ to do any work requiring a tool belt? Ryan barely passes with a waist of 32.” His wife should feed him more…gosh…. 😉

Anyways, my biggest announcement for today is that we are having a “work day” this Saturday. By work day I mean we are inviting friend and family to come join us! Since the dry wall crew finished today, we are ready to put coat of primer on EVERYTHING. Primer = electricians can come back and finish! Wahoo! If you are in the area and available, we would love to have your help Saturday!

House help invitation copy

Even my grandpa is coming. If my grandpa with a fractured foot can come paint, so can you!!! *Insert major guilt trip here*

Kidding. Kind of. In all seriousness, my grandpa is coming, and he does have a fractured foot. He’s just hard-core like that. If you have been following our blog and want to see it in real life (I am talking to you locals!) feel free to stop by. Bring your painting supplies.  This whole paying a mortgage and paying rent/HOA fees/porta potty/storage unit is getting old and our pocket-book definitely won’t be able to handle it if Ryan is one of the lucky government employees who gets furloughed. The faster we can get into our house the better, and you can help make that happen this Saturday! Putting on a coat of primer sounds small, but I promise it is a huge help. All I ask is that you let me know you are coming so I can have enough supplies ready!

Have a great rest of the week! Peace.


9 thoughts on “Drywall is done: You are invited to a priming party!

  1. Your dad, Trey and I will be there Saturday for the party!! 🙂 I could really do a guilt trip by mentioning I am going to be there after beating breast cancer last year!!

  2. Very funny about Ryan’s waist.
    Here’s your pep talk about the wallpaper, taken from Robert DeNiro’s portrayal of Al Capone in “The Untouchables”:
    I want it DEAD!
    I want its family DEAD!
    I want all wallpaper manufacturers burned to the GROUND! (Paraphrasing here.)

    Having foot surgery tomorrow. Your Grandpa has more mettle than me!


  3. I think we’re going to be putting polyurethane on our floor tomorrow so I might stop by in between coats, I have some supplies for painting if there’s anything specific needed. And I know you guys have a shower already but if you don’t have a working toilet you’re welcome to send people over to use our bathrooms! They are incredibly ugly but they work.

    • Thanks, Lindsey. Maybe we will see you today! Nothing specific as far as supplies. Just bring a roller or brush when you come 🙂

      Thank you for offering your bathroom. You might just have takers! Some people aren’t a fan of the porta-potty!

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