Priming Party: Success!

Hey strangers! Long time, no talk (type? read? I’m not really sure?). I hope you had a nice weekend. I spent mine in Auburn, Alabama celebrating my childhood friend’s wedding. It was strange to not work on the house for three days straight!

You may remember my priming party announcement from two weeks ago. I can tell you that our priming party on Saturday was a success! We were able to put a coat of primer on over 90% of the dry wall. We owe a big THANK YOU to our family, friends, and neighbors for pitching in. I wasn’t lying when I said my grandpa was coming!


My cousin Tyler also came and pitched in. Tall people are so handy!


Now, award goes to my cousin Liz for longest distance traveled to come help. She came over from the Atlanta area to pitch in!


Poor woman got put on cleaned duty. WARNING – if you offer to help I will accept it, and I cannot promise it will be fun!!!!!

My Mom and Dad also came and pitched in because they are awesome!



Mom is going to love that one! 🙂 Here is a quick tour of the fabulous first floor all primed and pretty. Here we are looking into the living room (future mantle, built-ins, and door into downstairs bedroom).


Here we are looking from the living room towards the front door (future study nook/desk area)


Here we are looking from the living room into the dining room. Primer_diining-room

I know. You’re jealous. My primed drywall is soooo preeeettttttyyyy. I just stare at it. I almost dusted it the other day, but I controlled myself.

Ryan and I spent part of last week starting to patch in bead board around the stairs and the dining room ceiling. That also means I had to break out the steamer and scrape wallpaper again. *Sigh*


I can tell you that scraping wallpaper is MUCH easier on the ground that above your head. Everything is more difficult when you have to do it on a ladder and above your head. Here is a reminder about what our dining room ceiling looks like as of last week.


After a few evenings of working on it, the dining room now has an entire ceiling and kind of looks like a rainbow.



We were even talented enough to put the board back in the correct order, based on the patch of missing paint. I wish I could say we planned that, but it was a happy accident. Now I just have to clean, sand, and prime that sucker. Fun…

Ryan and I are working on prepping and priming bead board and tongue and grove walls for paint this week. I will have more details on that later. That’s one the big things to do before the electricians can come. What are you guys up to this week? Anyone have paint tips for bead board or wood planks? Drywall? Do you have a favorite type of paint?




5 thoughts on “Priming Party: Success!

  1. The biggest problem you are going to have with painting tongue and groove is the joints between the boards. If you paint with a brush you will either have gaps where the paint didn’t reach or blobs where the paint sticks in the gap. The best way to paint it for an even finish is with a sprayer, however you need someone with a certain amount of experience with a sprayer for a professional look. If you do paint with brushes, paint the gaps with a small fine brush first for good coverage and then come back and do the surface with a larger brush. The first time I painted t&g I just did everything with a big brush, big mistake! I had many, many gaps and globs that I had to go back and touch up.
    The other thing to remember is that t&g expands and contracts with the moisture in the air. So you want to paint it when it is on the drier side and the gaps have opened up so you don’t end up with colorful stripes on a dry summer day.

    You’re doing a great job, keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for all of the tips! We have borrowed a small paint sprayer and are going to test it out. I just need to find a spot that I won’t be devastated if I mess up! 🙂

      I will definitely keep in mind using a small brush On groves. Thanks again.

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