Story of the Shrinking Salvage Pile

You guys know I have a hoarding problem when it comes to salvage goods.

House_masterbedroom2 House_linen

Good news! My stash of beloved salvaged material is slowly starting to shrink. You guys no longer have to call the hoards TV show.

A very surreal thing happened for me a few weeks a ago. I was searching around on Southern Accents (an architectural salvage store in Cullman, Alabama – AKA my FAVORITE store) new arrivals page when I saw these….


Look familiar? Perhaps this will freshen your memory.

October blog 002 Front-porch-gone

Then I found this.


And these.


Crazy town?!?!? Of course I knew they might pop up there, but it was still a little weird. What is also crazy is that the doors are almost cure in the picture above. How is that possible? Some of them are down right offensive in person! A few weeks ago, Ryan and I were to the point where we knew we were going to have a lot of extra salvaged material. Well, we have known that for a while, but we are now to the point where we have a good idea of what we need and what we don’t. With that said, instead of throwing away the things we don’t need, I decided to contact Southern Accents to see if they would be interested in purchasing things like old windows and doors.

When my parents built there new “old” house a few years ago, we spent many Saturdays shopping around the Southern Accents store. I think my love for old things started there. I remember digging through piles and piles of old door knobs and walking through aisles full of claw foot tubs. Even during college, I would sometimes make a pit stop on my way home just to wander through the store.

southern accents

So, to see some of the stuff from MY HOUSE for sale in THEIR STORE kind of blows my mind and makes me really giddy. I may or may not have squealed and texted Ryan and my mom when I saw the items posted. The most exciting part of the whole thing was that the owner of Southern Accents Garlan Gudger, Jr. came to MY HOUSE (which he loved by the way). Garlan coming to my house was fulfilling this crazy little dream I didn’t even know I had. Does that make any sense at all?!?! Dreams you didn’t know you had. Maybe that doesn’t make sense but that is EXACTLY what this was.

Anyways, we were very happy to give Garlan some of our extra doors, most of the old windows, some of the bead board and most of the porch columns. I by no means gave him as much as he wanted, but he was pretty happy with his loot. In exchange for all of those items, I am getting a pretty sweet claw foot tub.

master-clawfoot-tub2 Master-claw-foot-tub


What makes this tub super awesome is the fact that is has a center drain and the fixtures also mount in the center. It is really rare to find an American tub made this way. Garlan said for every 100 claw foot tubs he find, only one has a center drain like mine. Um, SWEET! I love being special! Most American tubs were made with a drain at one end, not the center. Hopefully Garlan wasn’t just telling me that so I would feel all warm and fuzzy inside (and if he was it totally worked).

Not only did we trade some of our old goodies with Southern Accents, we have also been pulling material out of the piles and putting it back on the wall. Wahoo!!

The stairs are every more colorful now with the old doorway patched in!



More color is exactly what our stairway needed, right? 😉


We finished patching up the master bedroom this week, too. I have a plan up my sleeve for the large section of wall that will ONE day be behind the bed. Stay tuned. Ryan might kill me before we finish that one!

master-bedroom-patching-2 Master-bedroom-patching


This weekend we are back to work on the kitchen ceiling, also known as the story that will never end.

Have any of you locals been to Southern Accents before? I know my mom loves the store. Dad really enjoys shopping at Southern Accents when we are shopping with my money and not his! 🙂 Even if you aren’t local, you should still check out their website! Lots of beautiful stuff there.



One thought on “Story of the Shrinking Salvage Pile

  1. Garlan will love you for the advertising!! Seriously, Southern Accents is such a great place. They treat us like family now. I love the stories behind the treasures I find there and Garlan knows the history of his treasures. It is such an awesome place and what a great way to recycle!! Check out Southern Accents!! I was so jealous that Garlan visited your house! 🙂

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