Operation: Certificate of Occupancy, Bathroom Edition

Hello there! I hope you all had a nice Easter weekend. We enjoyed getting to spend a relaxing day with family. Do you guys even remember what we look like when we are showered and clean? You probably don’t so here is a refresher for you.


“Hey look! No dirt!”

Ryan and I spent Saturday working in the kitchen. I spent most of my day priming the ceiling, and Ryan spent most of his day putting up cement board. Nothing that exciting, so I will just show you a sneak peek of our progress and move on to other fun things, like bathtubs and toilets! *insert sarcasm*

Kitchen-cement-board Kitchen-priming-ceiling

A few weeks ago I talked about our certificate of occupancy to do list. One of the big items is having a working bathroom. Well, our plan from the beginning was to finish the downstairs bathroom right off the bedroom. Here is our floor plan, just to freshen your memory.

Model Model

It made sense at the time that we would finish that bathroom first, since we would be living in the downstairs bedroom.  Finishing that bathroom requires tiling the floor, water proofing the shower, tiling the shower, purchasing a custom glass door that we can’t really afford right now, purchasing & installing plumbing fixtures and building a custom, wall mount vanity. Anyone tired from just reading that list?? (ME!) Finishing the bathroom is a pretty lengthy to-do list on its own, throw in everything else we have to do and it’s a full load for the next two months.

Well, last week I had a major “Duh?!” moment. Why not finish the upstairs bathroom instead? Here is our small upstairs bathroom in its current state. Here is the view from the doorway.


Upstairs-bath_vanity upstairs-bath_toilet

The most important things to notice is the fact it has a bathtub. Currently the tub serves as a storage area…

upstairs-bath_tub upstairs-bath_tile-tub

We also have a little nook for built-in shelves.


It already has a bathtub installed, and we have already bought the plumbing fixtures for the tub/shower combo. Why would we tile that entire shower downstairs and buy plumbing fixtures for it when we already have a bath tub upstairs?! Are we DUMB?! Sure, we will have to walk upstairs to shower, but finishing this bathroom will require less time and less money and right now that is more important. Insert a major “DUH?!” here please.

I’m not sure why it took us so long to come to this conclusion, and I honestly can’t remember what triggered my thought process. Whatever it was, we are both excited about saving time and money to finish this bathroom. As far as I know, walking up the stairs never killed anyone. *knock on wood*

Here is what I plan on using for materials in this bathroom. My goal is that you walk into all of our bathrooms and they don’t scream, “Hey, I’m a new bathroom!!!!” While I want the bathroom to obviously feel new and clean, I do want to use materials that would have been found in an older bath room, like subway tile, hexagon tile, and vintage inspired light fixtures.


I am still debating about a paint color. I am leaning towards green right now. We will also be building a vanity out of our old kitchen table (sewing machine table). I am pretty excited about reusing our table in a new way! Has anyone DIYed a bathroom vanity before? Any tips or ideas? Anyone just really REALLY love laying tile? If so, you are invited over! 🙂


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5 thoughts on “Operation: Certificate of Occupancy, Bathroom Edition

  1. You guys clean up nice! 🙂
    Everything is looking amazing. That section of primer on the ceiling is like a dream come true. OMG, Brittney…. it’s going to be breath taking. You seriously had a vision and now it’s happening right before our eyes. YOU GO GIRL! And yes, you can hike up those stairs for a “potty” break. Makes perfect sense to me. The inspiration board looks fab! Love the hex tiles.

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