Our Old House Article

If you are friends with me or any of my family members on Facebook, you probably saw the announcement about our article on AL.com.


Surprise! Actually, it is only surprising for you guys. Ryan and I obviously knew it it was coming. It all started a few weeks ago, when this article on Merrimack & West Huntsville was published. I was very excited to see someone saying something positive about West Huntsville, so I sent an e-mail to the journalist saying thank you and that as a homeowner in the area I appreciated her article very much. I also told her that we were one of those homeowners in the process of renovating (complete with a dumpster in the yard) and that we would be happy to help with any future article about Merrimack.

Well, she accepted our offer and here we are a few weeks later! Not only did Pat Ammons do a wonderful job with the article, but the photographer Bob Gathany did an amazing job with photographs. Here’s a few of the photographs he took from our house.

Merrimack Renovation stairs Merrimack Village reno Merrimack Village Renovation

You can see his photo gallery here.  It is well worth your time to take a look!

We are very excited about this series (yep, there is more coming, not sure exactly what but I’ll let you know).  There is also a second article where we share some things we have learned during this entire process. I hope that others in Huntsville will be encouraged to consider renovating in Merrimack! We love this community and want others to join in!



4 thoughts on “Our Old House Article

  1. A friend of mine actually shared it on fb with me, saying “is this neighborhood near you?” I thought that was pretty funny. Your mom brought us some bulbs and I am going to try to plant them this weekend. Have to google “how to plant things” first!

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