Paint the Town White

Hey there! Hope you are all having a good week. I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who had something nice to say about the article, whether that was in person or on social media! We are excited to help draw GOOD publicity to West Huntsville. We LOVE Merrimack! I have thought about making a sign for my yard that says, “Hello! Won’t you be my neighbor? I bake cookies!” Haha. Would that make you want to move in? Brownies perhaps? Perhaps I just take the porta-potty out of the front yard? 🙂

Anyways, we have been working on painting the town house red white this past week! Some of that being actual paint and some being a coat of primer. I spent all of last week working on priming and painting the kitchen ceiling *insert shoulder groans here* while Ryan worked on getting the living room ceiling ready for PRIMER!

I was able to prime the whole kitchen ceiling with a 3″ brush two Saturdays ago. Last week I moved on to actual paint!


For the ceiling and the cabinets we are going with Sherwin Williams Pure White. It is PRETTY, and very, very white, with almost a blue/gray undertone. It works really well with the flooring we will be putting down. You can see that here.

Since the ceiling is bead board, a brush works better than a roller. A paint sprayer would work well too, but the only paint sprayer we had at the time was a gravity feed and it didn’t work so well above my head. Stupid gravity! That left me with brushing the entire coat of primer and paint by hand.


After another couple of two-hour shifts (and a shoulder rub from Ryan), I had the entire ceiling painted. I cannot tell you how nice it is to have something WHITE and bright and clean in the house!


While I was climbing up and down a ladder 1,3i3,592 times, Ryan tackled the last of the wallpaper in the living room.


Did you catch that key word there? LAST!!! Wahoo!!

Then, he started sanding the ceilings. *Insert happy dancer*


So this tool we borrowed from a friend is AWESOME! Thank you Stephanie and Eric for saving my shoulders a week’s worth of sanding. I think it is actually designed to be used for finishing drywall, but it worked perfect for sanding the last of the glue and gunk off of the ceiling. Ryan was able to sand the entire living room area in less than an hour and a half, AND the sander attaches to a shop vac so you don’t have tons of dust anywhere. Woot woot!!


The ceilings looked so CLEAN with all of the gunk gone. While the sander worked well on the ceiling, the walls are a different story. I had to sand those suckers by hand. Say hello to thing 1 and thing 2.



I used a course sanding block and a fine sanding block to prep the walls for paint. My goal was not to remove the paint, but remove the rest of the glue and gunk and dirt. If you ever want an arm work out, just sand walls by hand. Works like a charm!


With the ceilings and walls gunk free, time for primer! Again, we have awesome friends with awesome tools. We borrowed a serious paint sprayer from a friend and immediately fell in love with it.


About an hour later, Ryan had the entire room (walls and ceilings) complete.


Dude. The walls are no longer seven colors!

Can I get a virtual high five please??



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