A week in photos (too tired to type)

Hey folks. Operation move in Memorial Weekend is under way, and we are working on the house as much as possible in order to make that happen. That means I spend all my time doing stuff and am too tired to blog about all of the progress! So you will have to forgive me and just enjoy progress through pictures. Let’s begin!

Ryan and I spent last Saturday putting up reclaimed wood on the accent wall in the kitchen.



It required a little bit of cleaning…..


Then Ryan trimmed out the kitchen wall and ceiling. I say Ryan because it was all him. I had nothing to contribute other than I wanted to use the reclaimed material.




Last week we finally had the Cook’s contractor come back and put the downstairs bedroom back together.



Ryan and my Dad put down hardwood in the bedroom last Saturday while I painted and touched up trim. Fun Fun. My mom and grandma worked on some landscaping.


The most exciting news is the electricians were back this week installing light fixtures and finishing up their work.

Living-room_light-fixtures light-fixtures_kitchen Light-fixtures_bathroom Light-fixture_bathroom

Ryan and I also spent Monday night finishing up sanding, priming and painting the ceilings. I think you will approve!


The ceiling is Sherwin William’s Copian Blue and it is BEAUTIFUL. Well worth every hour of scraping wallpaper! The bead board still had plenty of character and looks 113 years old, but now it is clean and fresh! Exactly what I hoped it would look like. Brittney for the win!

Electricians are still working at the house and we are getting ready for CABINETS next week! EEKK!!!



5 thoughts on “A week in photos (too tired to type)

  1. You guys are simply amazing! We have enjoyed following your progress more than you’ll ever know. Sounds like you are are now at the ‘starting gate’ and ready for the ‘run for the Roses’! It is Derby time in Ky, you know, so you must wear a fun hat that Saturday:). Have fun! It all looks fabulous! Terri

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