Every Light in the House is On

I started walking through our house singing “Every Light in the House is On”, and Ryan had NO IDEA what the heck I referencing. I am not an avid country music fan by any means, but even I know that song. What you should take from this little story is that 1) Ryan is not a country music fan and 2) we have power at the house! Lights are on!


I mentioned the other day that the electricians were back (you can read that here). Well, not only did they install fixtures and such, but they were able to hook us up with temporary power.

The past 6 months or so we have been working with temporary power from the utility pole. We had two very long extension cords plugged into the temporary power and ran into the house. From there we had splitters and more extension cords. It was a constant game of extension cord shuffle between tools and construction lamps. NOW we have the electrical panel hooked up to the temporary power! No more shuffle!

Electrical_panel Electrical_Brittney-with-pa

Let’s note just how large this panel is. Keep in mind this is in our dining room. Hiding that sucker will be an interesting challenge to say the least!

Want to see what our house looks like with power?! Of course you do!

Lighting_entry Electrical_southern-accents

POWER! No more construction lamps! No more extension cord shuffle! Wahoo!!!

Not every light and outlet is working right now, but it is a lot more than what we had, so we are pretty pumped about it. We will still have to get the temporary power converted to permanent power, but I think that is all done at the electricity pole. I could be wrong there, so don’t quote me on that.

I am pretty excited about some of our light fixtures! The living room chandelier for example. Love LOVE love!


It is from Southern Accents in Cullman, Alabama. It is had a dark bronze finish to it and looks pretty cool with the Edison bulbs!

Electrical_living-room2 electrical_light-living-roo

If you are thinking about using Edison bulbs, let me warn you that they give off a very yellow tinted light. Just FYI!

I showed you this one last week, but it is a favorite, too. It is upstairs in the bathroom, and IT. IS. CUTE.


The fixture is a cheap one from Lowe’s (the one’s you buy without the shades) and the shades are from School House Electric. I also really like the lanterns in the dining room. I am so glad I decided to go with two instead of just one!


It is going to look awesome above our future farmhouse table.

Now, we also have some pretty darn ugly light fixtures as well.


Yea. U-G-L-Y! Some of them came from thrift stores and some are the absolute cheapest light fixtures I could find. Most of the ugly light fixtures are upstairs. One ugly fixture did end up in the pantry, but hopefully it won’t be there too terribly long. Ryan and I decided we would rather spend the money on light fixtures we really liked in the rooms we are finishing first and worry about the others later. Upgrading light fixtures is an easy fix down the road and saves us a good chunk of money right now.

Moving on to another subject, we have lots of exciting things going on in the kitchen right now! Ryan and I started putting hardwood down in the kitchen Friday night….


Ryan and my Dad knocked it out on Saturday! They are troopers! I will have pictures of the finished floor later this week. It is still pretty dirty right now. Cleaning the floor is on my agenda for Monday night. MORE exciting news is that we are getting KITCHEN CABINETS & COUNTER TOPS this week! Wahoo! Tile for the upstairs bathroom also came in on Friday! Yay for pretty things!


Lots of excitement this week! Kitchen pictures coming soon 🙂

Have a good week!



9 thoughts on “Every Light in the House is On

  1. I put the same tile in my master bath! It’s perfect to keep some of the original features of our century home 🙂 it’s coming along great. Thanks for the tip on the Edison bulbs!

  2. Yeah for lights!! It looks so pretty at night with the lights on!! Also love the Edison bulbs. Remember the story, one of your brother’s favorites, The Little Engine That Could!! I think I can, I think I can!!

  3. It is really coming together. Let me know if you need any more help. I have recovered from the last. I will be sure to bring Steve next time. He needs to see. He will be so amazed. Love to you both.

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