Our (almost) Kitchen

Guys. Can you believe it is May? Seriously? Where is the time going? Do you want to know what is even crazier? We are moving in at the END OF  MONTH. Ahhh!!!! *Insert minor freak out here*

Actually, I am not quite in panic mode yet, just a little stressed when I think about what all we have left to do. The good news is that we are on track with our to-do list! We just have to stay that way for a few more weeks 🙂

If you are friends with me on Facebook or Instagram you already know last week was pretty darn exciting. First off, Ryan and Dad rocked out the kitchen flooring two Saturdays ago, and it looks awesome!

Kitchen-flooring Kitchen-flooring-2 Kitchen-flooring-3 kitchen-flooring-pantry

Here is a close up/glamour shot! I love the variety of light and dark grays!


Since the boys installed the floor, Mom and I were charge of cleaning….


THEN we had cabinets installed in the kitchen, pantry, laundry area and had the built-in for the living room dropped off. Let’s start with the kitchen.

kitchen-cabinets kitchen-cabinets-island

I LOVE THEM! I work at a custom cabinetry shop (Huntsville American Cabinets for you locals), so I am pretty picky when it comes to cabinets. I knew exactly what I wanted. AND since I work at a cabinet shop and get a pretty sweet discount, I was actually able to afford my dream cabines. Brittney for the win!!!

Our cabinets are built out of maple in a shaker style (flush construction – which I LOVE!), with a painted exterior and stained interior. The color is Sherwin Williams Pure White – same color as the ceiling. We have a few bells and whistles I will share later once we get moved in.

Let’s move on to the laundry area (which is technically in the kitchen, too).

kitchen-cabinets-laundry2 kitchen-cabinets-laundry

The living room piece is actually just primed for paint. I am still not sure what color I am going to paint it.


Ryan and I will be adding shelving above at some point. Not this month!

And lastly the pantry. I can’t even tell you how excited I am about having a walk in pantry!!!!!


Feel free to scroll back up and look at the pictures again and admire my cabinets. I still walk by and admire them myself 🙂

You know what comes after cabinets? Counter tops!!!!

kitchen-counter-tops kitchen-countertops

On the back wall we went with butcher block counter tops from Ikea. We actually purchased them through Ikea Run Huntsville. If you are in Huntsville, I would highly recommend Ikea run. This is our third purchase with no troubles what so ever! Ryan and I decided to go with butcher block because it was something we could install ourselves, pretty inexpensive, and would allow us to still have an under mount sink. It’s pretty with white cabinets as well.


Now the island is actually laminate.


Do you remember me mentioning the faux marble here? Well we bought it, and it is pretty darn awesome. So pretty I pet it as I walk by. Just ask Ryan.

What is NOT awesome is laying tile.


I made the mistake of laying tile for two evenings (approx. 5 hours) without knee pads because “I’m twenty-four and I don’t need NO STICKIN’ knee pads-blah-blah-blah.” That was bad. Very very bad. Knee pads are awesome, and you should wear them when you are crawling on your knees for hours.

This week we are working on painting, grouting and finishing tile in the bathroom, customizing the bathroom vanity, and some other odds and end.

Does anyone else have butcher block in their kitchen? How is maintenance for it? Tips anyone? Does anyone else have “Dream Cabinets” or is that just me? 🙂




17 thoughts on “Our (almost) Kitchen

  1. Ahh! Love everything! SOO pretty and something VERY similar to what I will be doing when we renovate our kitchen (in 5 years hahaha). and so very exciting that you will be moving in soon!

  2. Didn’t your very kind Dad by you guys TWO SETS of knee pads? I guess the wisdom of two sets has sunk in now. 🙂 Love You… Hard hard! :-). It’s looking awesome and we’re so excited for, and proud of, you both. See you Saturday to work. Can’t wait to help you move in FOUR WEEKS from now! Love you both, Dad.

  3. We put butcher block in our last house and I loved it! We got ours from southeastern salvage in Nashville and stained it. I love watching your progress!

  4. OMG! The floors, the cabinets, the beautiful paint color… it’s amazing. You have to be squealing with delight every time you walk through this space. Seriously beautiful!
    Love the hex tiles although I know it’s NOT fun to lay tile… but it is fun to be finished and have it look wonderful. (red knees and all!) Great update, Brittney!!!!

  5. SO excited for you! Everything looks so wonderful! It’s happening — all of your work is turning into a lovely home! 🙂 Yay!

  6. Yes I’d love to try the heat gun! I’m loving the kitchen you’re assembling, I will come by to compliment it in person soon! And to thank your mom again for the plants, I have to buy a shovel so I can plant things.

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