So long stairs!

We have T-minus 20 days and counting until we move in to our house! AHH! So we are just chugging right along with our CO to-do list. *I think I can, I think I can*

The big project for last Saturday was to demo and rebuild the stairs. Remember these beauties?

Merrimack Renovation stairs

Saturday it was so long stairs! Fair well. You are gross and yucky, and I will not miss your soggy, spongy treads!

stairs_beginning Stairs_demo

All I had to do was bring in the muscle!


Ryan and my Dad tear things down at such different speeds it is almost hilarious. Ryan is very methodical and moves forward slowly. You can tell he is thinking as he goes (engineer). Dad on the other hand, just goes. “Oh you want that torn down? Done!” Boom. Dad is done. I think Dad took down 3/4 of the stairs in the time it took Ryan to do 1/4. It’s just funny to watch the different personalities at work!

Dad and I ripped down the stair treads on the table saw while Ryan rebuilt the bottom platform. Since we kept the original stair runner, they are narrower than stairs you would find in a newer home. With that said, every stair tread had to be cut down to the correct size. As far as the platform at the bottom,  we decided to go with a platform that was similar to the one existing, hoping our building inspector won’t notice or question it as much (Sooo SHHHH!! Don’t tell Claire). Also, the stair runner actually sits on the platform, so made things extra fun for Ryan.

Stiars_platform stairs_ryan

The platform and building the first step was all Ryan’s doing. I have no idea what all he did to make that work. I just cut treads as I was told and carried oak treads back and forth. FYI – Oak treads are pretty darn, heavy y’all.


The project took most of the day, but by 7 pm Saturday evening, we had new stair treads!


Hurray! Safe stairs. Still steep, but no more sagging or hole in the middle. Mom did her fair share of work, too. She got the privilege of cleaning the toilets that have been hanging out in the yard. Not just one, but two toilets!



One is from the original bathroom and one is actually from a friend. Yay free toilets! He thought I was kidding when I said, “Yes, I will take the toilet.” You know what the original toilet was filled with?

Take a guess.

Really. Guess.

It’s really gross.

So gross I don’t have pictures.

Keep in mind the toilet was in the yard for 9 months or more.

SLUGS! The toilet was full of slugs. BLAH!!!!!!!!

So full of slugs is a slight exaggeration, but there were some slugs on the bottom side of the toilet, along with grass and mud. GROSS!!!

With a good pair of gloves and a little elbow grease they are good as new.


Some other updates – I finished grouting tile last week…


We also got the living room and powder room painted. I love the living room color! SW Riverway for anyone wondering. It doesn’t show well in these photos, but it is really pretty.

paint_living-room2 paint_living-room


My Dad also wanted me to show of some of his handy work (other than demolition). Check out our home audio stuff….


And our tech closet. I don’t really know what to call it, but it is all thanks to Dad.


Ooooohhhh. Ahhhhh.

I also got started on the bathroom vanity for upstairs. More updates soon! I can tell you that I love the vanity and the plumber did NOT threaten to kill me when he saw it yesterday. Victory!!

Vanity-sneak-peekWhew. That’s where we are. What have you been up to? Anyone have free time and want to come over? I won’t stop you!

Peace. Have a good week!



8 thoughts on “So long stairs!

  1. I am so impressed by the speed at which you are able to get major projects done at your house. Everything is looking so good and I especially love that paint color. Move in day is just 3 weeks away – you can do it!

    • Thanks, Gillian! We are so ready to move at a slower pace!!! Right now we work 3+ hours a night and about 12 hours on the weekend, and it is OLD! We just have to keep on chugging until we get our CO 🙂

  2. Hello Sweetie,

    It looks absolutely marvelous!!!!!!!! I am so very proud of all the accomplishments. You will do it, You can do it and It will be done. Determination and grit with an insight beyond my imagination!!!

    I can not wait to see it. Are your flowers living in the front? Mom shared that your azalea bloomed. That is really something with it being moved.

    Love you and take a minute and take in all the work you have done.



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