Today: MOVING (kind of)

Quick post! Forgive spelling errors and run on sentences please 🙂

I’ve been saying for the past two months or so that Memorial Day weekend was the goal (goal = do it or die trying). Well, it’s happening…


Kind of. We have busted our butts the past two weeks getting stuff done. Honestly, mine and Ryan’s to do list went pretty well.

We finished up the final sanding on the floors and then cleaned. and cleaned. and CLEANED.

hardwood_sandedThen came stain! We decided to go with the first color we tested – Dark Walnut by Minwax.


It’s just a nice, dark, rich brown color, and we LOVE it. Ryan really wanted a dark, almost black floor, but then I reminded him that he didn’t do the sweeping/swiffering. I do that, and we are NOT having black floors. All I would see is Bella’s hair and dirt. Um, no thank you! So we settled on a dark brown.


I will do a post in more detail about how the finishing floors process went for us. I can say that sanding is the hardest part. Second is just being patient and letting it dry. More on that later though!!


Dad helped create my vision for the mantle! I just gave instructions, and he did the work while Ryan and I worked on insulating the attic.

Here’s the mantle before he got started. Just a weird bump out in the dry wall.


By the end of last Saturday our mantle was starting to look pretty snazzy. You may have seen it on Facebook or Instagram.


I have had lots of people ask about leaving the colors at the top. Right now my plan is to paint it white or gray. I really just want the mantle to be the focal point, and I think all of the bright colors distract from it. Who knows what I will do. We will just have to wait and see!

We rented a insulation blower from Lowe’s last Saturday and knocked out insulating the attic. Ryan suited up for the occasion.


Doesn’t he look spiffy? 😉

insulation_Ryan-in-atticI stayed downstairs and speed-dumped 60 bags of insulation.



It took a little longer than we planned largely because we ended up having to go buy more insulation. The little chart of the packages of the insulation was a little off. Or maybe we just have more insulation than we needed to pass code (not a bad thing, hello lower energy bills). Speaking of energy bills….


Thermostat! Boom! Our house now has two, woot woot! We have two seperate units for the house, one for upstairs and one for downstairs. Our house is right at 2,500 square feet so it is a little too big for one unit to heat and cool efficiently.

Sadly, the HVAC unit isn’t on yet. Here is what did not go well the past two weeks.

One, getting our plumber to show up and JUST FINISH IT!


Ryan and our plumber officially hate this sink by the way. I LOVE it and will probably need to tell Ryan everyday for a good three months how much I love it because installing it was a pain. I think it looks great in our powder room!

Another issue was getting the gas looked up and the gas meter installed. It took FOUR weeks to get the gas guy back out to hook up the stove and water heater. FOUR WEEKS! We also weren’t able to get the gas meter installed until yesterday. So, we were not able to pass our gas and HVAC inspection in time for the weekend.

No gas/HVAC inspection = no building inspector = no Certificate of Occupancy. 

Womp. Womp. So, we are moving 98% of our belongings into the house this weekend and camping out at the condo for a few more days while we wait to get the final inspections done. Hopefully by next Friday we will be sleeping in our house!!

Well, I am off to finish up the last of the packing and clean! Have a great weekend.


3 thoughts on “Today: MOVING (kind of)

  1. How did the floors turn out after this? And how are they holding up now with the minwax polycrylic?? My husband and I stained our floors with the Minwax Dark Walnut as well and also used the polycrylic, then we read it wasn’t recommend for floors. So I frantically was searching if it was okay and I ran into your blog. I know this post is 3 years old but I was just wondering now how the floors are! Thanks!! 🙂

    • Hi Shelby! So far so good! I will say they floors with the polycrylic are not the rooms with the most traffic. We just used the polycrylic in our pantry and powder on the white wash wood. One of these days we will put it in the kitchen as well! We used regular polyurethane on our dark walnut hardwood.

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