PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: We get to live in our house!

Howdy Strangers! Long time, no type. Please forgive the lack of updates the past two weeks. Things have been a little crazy with scrambling to get final inspections passed, packing, moving, living on a mattress on the floor for a week, and staying with my parents for a few days.

We can officially say that most of the chaos is over (hopefully)!!! If you follow me on Facebook, you probably already know that we passed our FINAL building inspection last Thursday! What we didn’t know is that the City of Huntsville Engineers also had to come sign off on the property and lot as well. Their job is to make sure the property is not hazardous and building debris is cleaned up, so we scrambled Thursday night and cleaned up crap from the yard and decluttered the porch best we could. Thankfully, the engineers were found of our quick clean up and have their stamp of approval on Friday. Yay!!

I was beginning to think their was no actual CERTIFICATE with your certificate of occupancy. Major bummer, right?!?! Imagine me stomping my foot like a four year old crying,” I want a certificate, dang it!” 🙂

Well, our lovely piece of paper came yesterday!


We have spent all of this week waiting for Huntsville utilities to come turn on the power. As of this afternoon we are fully powered, complete with a working HVAC unit. Seeing that turned on for the first time was pretty freaking exciting! Electricity has never looked so good!!


Currently, our house is kind of a disaster zone, but we are so excited to be sleeping in our home tonight.




Thanks for all of the encouragement over the past year! You guys ROCK!


P.S. this post is coming from my iPhone. Please forgive typos and spelling errors 🙂


5 thoughts on “PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: We get to live in our house!

  1. Oh, “B”, I am so happy for you and Ryan!!! I cannot imagine how many hours you have worked. You are making your dreams come true.

    I cannot wait to see it. Enoy it. I know you are not done, but please enjoy what you have accomplished.



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