House Tour: Move In Day

Hey there strangers!! The Saffell House FINALLY has internet which means HOUSE TOUR TIME. Why it took over two weeks for us to get internet set up is a story for another day πŸ™‚ *hint – it involved SIX appointments with Comcast where NO ONE showed up*

These pictures were taken the day after we moved out of the condo, so the pictures are full of real life moving fun, like lots of boxes and junk everywhere. It also gives you a pretty good idea of all the things that are not done. I have had several people ask if we were completely done when we moved in, and the answer is HECK NO! We finished enough to pass our final inspections and feel like semi-normal people.

Enough chitter-chatter. Let’s begin! Here we are outside by the main walk way.


Welcome to our home!


We still need to hang the screen door. It is still sitting there as we speak.


The living room in all of its I-just-moved-in-glory.



From the living room you can peak into the powder room and bedroom. Here is the powder room, complete with no mirror but I think we did have toilet paper in there by this point.


From the living room also enter the downstairs bedroom where we are currently living.


The floor is my favorite in here! We also now have blinds and curtains, woot woot!!

house-tour_bedroom-floor house-tour_bedroom-Tori


What you can’t see is that we have room for our other large dresser on the wall opposite of the brick fireplace. We also have a bathroom attached to this bedroom…


and we haven’t even touched it. One day folks, one day.

Let’s move back out into the living room. Here is the view from when you are actually standing in the living room looking forwards the front door.


Everyone has extra furniture and a shop vac in the foyer right? πŸ˜‰ Let’s move into the dining room.



You walk through the dining room into the kitchen.



In the kitchen area is also the laundry nook.


When you walk into the kitchen, the door to the pantry is on your left.



Walk in pantries are awesome. End of story. Now let’s head upstairs.


At the top of the stairs we have a linen closet on the right (now complete with shelves).


On your right is also the master bedroom/work shop.


There is also a lovely empty room that will one day be the master bathroom.



One day there will even be a closet up there! Crazy talk.


Upstairs there are two other bedrooms. Here is the smaller of the two bedrooms.



I know you are jealous right now. Between the two (unfinished) bedrooms is our “finished” bathroom.

house-tour_upstairs-finishe house-tour_upstairs-bath-va House-tour_upstairs-bath

The large upstairs bedroom is currently being used as our main storage area. It pretty much still looks just like what you see here.

house-tour_storage-room-ups House-tour_storage-room

Our other storage area is the back porch. It is a little ridiculous right now.


Over the past two weeks we have slowly been getting settled in, unpacking boxes, and clearing out the storage unit. As of Sunday, the storage unit is officially EMPTY!! There is another $100+ back in our pocket every month. Woot woot!

Sorry it has taken so long to share pictures with you guys! Not having internet really puts a damper on the whole blogging thing πŸ™‚

What have you guys been up to? Am I the only one that after moving realizes there are fives boxes full of stuff to take to Goodwill? Why didn’t I do that BEFORE I moved all of that stuff three times?!?!?!




9 thoughts on “House Tour: Move In Day

  1. Hi there, Loved the storage areas! One thing about it, you know the needed item is in one of those boxes in one of those rooms. Haha You do not have to run back to the Condo to get it.   You have learned a very valuable lesson concerning what to keep and what not to keep. You have moved some of those items 3 times. All you have to do now if undecided, you ask yourself this “one little question”. Do I want to keep this to move it? If the answer is NO, move it the last time now. It is easier not to allow it to accumulate.   I am just so very happy for you. I know the puppies are glad you are there. Blueberries are in. Such be really picking by next week.   LOL, GrandMOM 

  2. Congrats on moving in! Even with all of the stuff everywhere your house looks amazing. I’m so impressed with how much you were able to get done in such a short amount of time. Looking forward to following your progress. P.S. I also have to make a Goodwill run (belated spring cleaning)!

  3. Things are really looking good. We have moved every year for the last 4 and I know you are glad to get settled in. Love you both. Good Job.

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