June’s Progress

Hello there. A few things have changed around the house since we moved in. We have slowly worked through the piles and piles of boxes. Furniture is slowly finding permanent (and temporary) spots. Some boxes have been moved upstairs to the I-will-get-there-when-I-get-there area. They will probably be there for a while šŸ™‚

We decided to take June pretty slow. We have just focused on unpacking and working on little things to make the house feel more like home. We have also been eating dinner at an almost normal time, and we have been doing this thing called sitting? Like you sit on a couch or chair in front of the TV and watch it or something like that?

Ryan was able to get all of the window and door casing put up in the bedroom, living room, and dining room.


Remember when we dropped off a truck load to Southern Accents to have paint stripped off? This is it! We have enough original molding to finish the majority of downstairs doors and windows. You know what else? That stuff is a pain to paint! Good grief. In about 30 minutes I was able to prime the casing on TWO doors. TWO!


It might just take all summer just to prime and paint trim. No joke.

We have successfully primed and painted the trim in the bedroom downstairs, and we put up blinds.

more-money_blinds more-homey_bedroom-blinds

Hurray for no more neighbors right out side of our window every morning! Not that our neighbors are creepy. We LOVE all of our neighbors. I just don’t enjoy them being able to see right into their yard every morning.

We even got REALLY crazy and put up curtains.

more-money_bedroom-curtains More-homey_bedroom-curtains

We even DIY-ed and saved a few bucks with the curtain rods. I will be back to share more about that later. Both the curtains and blinds (see here) came from IKEA (I can’t find the curtains online, but they are called Ransby). We actually snatched those up back in March when we made a pit spot at the IKEA in Atlanta, Georgia, and I have been anxious to put them up since we moved in! It just feels so much more homey now.

I have been working on finishing the tile back splash in the kitchen off and on all month. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you may have seen these pop up.

more-homey_kitchen-tile more-homey_kitchen-tile2

I am starting to feel pretty darn good about tile skills, you guys. I am thinking I have at least moved up to intermediate! This past Saturday, I finished up the last of the back-splash. I had saved the hardest spots for last. One of those areas being the top row of tile around the crown (seen above) and the other being the focal point behind the stove.


Whew. Too many 45 degree cuts make my brain hurt!! Ha. Actually, this was easier than the tile around the cabinet crown. I am thankful to be done! I still have to grout and all that jazz, but right now I am just enjoying my handy work.

Last update for tonight, and I doesn’t revolve around the house! I chopped my hair off and donated 11 inches to Locks of Love.


Thankfully, I still have hair left! Hope you all have a great week.




6 thoughts on “June’s Progress

  1. Hello,

    GrandMOM reporting in. WOW!!! It is looking beautiful and HOMEY. What a good job. Your bedroom looks very inviting. I do not envy the painting of the molding and Southern Accents did a super job.

    Love the haircut. It is you. Your gift will be so well received.

    LOL, Sweetie,


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