Around the house lately

Happy Monday, folks! Sorry for the silence last week. We spent the weekend in Kentucky visiting Ryan’s family and the week just got away from me. Happens to the best of us, right? We are also slowly but surely learning how to rest again. I have spent the last few weeks reading through The Joy of Cooking…


and Ryan has picked up his guitar again.


Ryan and I are SLOWLY priming trim. Just priming. Paint might not happen until 2015 at the rate we are going. Priming and painting trim is painful! *insert hand cramp and soft cries here*

Trim_entry trim_diningroom

We still have half of the windows and doors downstairs to finish. I will just use my paint brush to wipe my tears. At least I find comfort in knowing I am not alone. Young House Love has been painting trim as well.

trim_livingroomnotdone July_livingroom

I also managed to knock out grouting the kitchen tile AND painting window trim in the kitchen over the holiday weekend. Boom! You can see my tile-ninja skills up close and personal here.


Painting the window above the sink made such a huge difference! I love the contrast of the dark trim against the white subway tile and white cabinets. Happy. Happy. Happy.


I still have one more window and one more window grill to paint, but I am actually eager to paint it unlike the living room trim. Eager to paint trim? Can that actually happen?


Side note – Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my island, guys? Like, I pet it when I walk by and feel the need to clean it constantly, which is very rare. Just ask my mother.


Let’s jump to the living room. We did get some work done on the living room ceiling a few weeks ago! We needed a way to cover up a seam where an old wall used to be, so we came up with this solution. Here we are before we started: bead board in all of its wallpaper free glory!



And here we are now: Bead board glorify amplified!

livingroom_afterbeams2 livingroom_afterbeams

We kept some of the old 2 x 4s from our house to use as wood “beams” in the entry and living room. Originally, we planned on doing a grid, but after putting up the “beams” in one direction, we decided to stop there. Β I will be back with a more detailed post on the ceiling, and hopefully some better after pictures. I took these on my Iphone like 30 minutes ago. Bad blogger.

Lastly, Ryan and I hosted our first real dinner guest last week: my family.


Paprika chicken with strawberry-spinach salad, fresh summer veggies and home-made bread. Dad even ate his vegetables. Winning!!! It was so nice being able to cook a meal for them in a clean, almost-finished home. We even had my grandma over while she was in town.

What have you guys been up to lately? Any summer projects going on? Anyone just really passionate about painting trim? If so, you are welcome here! πŸ™‚



6 thoughts on “Around the house lately

  1. Oh, man…trim painting can seriously be the worst! Especially in historic homes when the trim is super wide and has lots of crevices. I feel your pain. Love the beam solution and your thrifted fireplace surround looks so good! As always, amazed by the work you are getting done!

  2. ugh… trim. Did I say ugh. Yes, one more time UGH! Oh goodness painting a house is a full-time job and all those little details will just drive you crazy. You and I both know they totally pay off in the end and since you’re all moved in, enjoy the process (okay, just try to) and enjoy each other. Richie plays guitar too and after days and days of work I’ll see him grab it and lay in front of the TV to play and it warms my heart. I’m sure it did yours too. Lovely family meal! πŸ™‚

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