Saturday Happenings: Fall Garden and a cherry tree

Happy Tuesday folks! I hope you had a nice weekend and that Monday wasn’t too painful. Ryan and I had a nice productive and fun weekend! We spent Saturday morning gathering supplies for a late-summer/fall garden. SUPER PUMPED! I have been pestering Ryan for weeks about getting the ball rolling with the garden. I have also been telling Ryan that when I grow up I want to be a hippy and grow my own food and make my own soap and wear tie-dye everyday just because I can. Step 1 to becoming a hippy when I grow up: Growing vegetables.


Why is it that dirt looks so much bigger IN THE BAG?! Anyone else feel that way? Anyways, for the vegetable garden, we decided to use two parts top soil and one part vegetable/flower gardening mix, so it wasn’t too expensive. We actually have really great dirt in our area, but since we have fur babies (who love all things dirt) we opted to build a raised bed instead of tilling up part of the yard. Let’s all cross our fingers that they keep out!

We did take advantage of a small section of our yard that was already tilled up thanks to our awesome neighbor. He moved an entire stack of bricks one day just because and tilled up the dirt where the bricks used to be. It is also in the corner of the yard that the dogs seem to show no interest in. Of course, after Ryan and I pulled weeds and mixed in the gardening soil, the dogs started to take notice of the never-been-napped-in-dirt-pile.


Seriously, Bella?! SERIOUSLY?!?! Thankfully once Bella approved of the garden’s softness and napping capabilities, she moved back to the more exciting part of the yard, you know, with squirrels and people on bicycles.


A few weeks ago Ryan built our 4′ x 12′ raised bed out of cedar fence pickets and our fence scraps, similar to this bed here. Originally we planned on using a gardening fabric on the bottom to help block weeds, but a friend of ours (Hey Courtney!) recommended using a tarp instead. Seeing that her garden looks pretty awesome and we already had an extra, already dirty tarp, we went with that method.


We just used a utility knife to cut the tarp to size and used the portion of the tarp we cut off to cover the rest of the bed.


With the tarp in place, it was dirt time! About forty bags of soil later….


TA-DA! Raised garden bed! We decided to plant vegetables that require less room in the raised bed and save the larger vegetable plants (SQUASH) in the other bed. Our raised bed features sugar snap peas, kale, spinach, broccoli, and cauliflower. The other bed has butternut squash (YUM! My favorite) and zucchini. Let’s hope we can end my black thumb of death streak this year! I may or may not have prayed over the vegetable seeds…

Thn, we spent the afternoon in Cullman, Alabama with my parents. Of course, we had to visit my favorite store Southern Accents!ย  Part of our visit to Cullman was to my grandparents (Hey Grandma!) farm and pick up this awesome stuff:

Cherry_dining-room-tableCHERRY! It is wood for the top of our dining room table! Years ago my grandpa had to cut down a wild cherry tree on his land. When he cut it down, he had all of the wood milled, and then it sat in the barn for over ten years collecting dust. ย Until last Saturday that is! We took five 12″ wide, between 10′ and 12′ long wild cherry planks home with us to use for a new dining room table. I love getting to use family stuff! I am sappy, but I think it just makes things extra special when there is a story to it.

Before heading back to Huntsville, we swung by Southern Accents Alley Party. There was live music and good food all in a fun, funky atmosphere! Who does’t like free fun? You can check out their facebook page for more pictures!



Anyone working on a fall garden? Any tips for the gardening newbie? I will gladly take any advice. Most of my family has farmed or gardened is some form or fashion so I SHOULD have the capabilities to do this. What did you guys do this weekend? I would love to hear.


11 thoughts on “Saturday Happenings: Fall Garden and a cherry tree

  1. You need to have an open house so everyone can come and see the house and gardens! Where do you get all that energy? I really need some.

  2. That cherry tree must have been ginormous, wow! Can’t wait to see how the table turns out. I just want to be a happy hippy too… Maybe one day.

  3. You simply amaze me, dear one. Live your dreams. How deep did you put the soil? You did really well by mixing the two. You will still need some fertilzer. Sparkie (Tyler’s mule) does great wonders with that. Your Papa uses triple 13 most of the time, but I still use some Miracle Grow as a booster. It keeps the production going later on..

    Cannot wait to see the table. If it the table turns out as well as your Mom’s mantle, it will be beautiful. The other part of the story of the cherry is this. When we had the tree milled into the lumber, we had plans to have GrandFather clocks made for the children and one for us. Alas, the money never materialized for that and you get a table. That is still a beautiful thought. It will be enjoyed for years to come.

    Your Mom has the milk can, Shelly has the old wall telephone and Randy has the Aladdin Lamp that Riley restored. I am like you. I like those things with a story.

    Pray you are sleeping well.

    LOL, GrandMOM

  4. Love the story of the wood behind the table. My father-in-law collects wood too and they want to have one made from some of their favorite pieces. What a great heirloom with a great story you will be able to pass down generation to generation. Best gardening wishes!

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