Open House Party!

Well guys, we finally set a date for our open house party! Get excited!


I probably don’t have to tell you, but I will anyways. Our house will not be finished by then! Ha. We are hoping to have a few more things completed by the end of September, but we will not have even touched the two completely unfinished bathrooms and the master bedroom upstairs will still be a work shop.

We decided that waiting until we were completely finished would take way too long, and we would just throw a party anyways! So, I hope you will mark your calendars for September 28th and come visit us. I will share the time a little closer to the date. It will more than likely be a come and go type thing in the afternoon, but we’ll see. I am going to have to check the Alabama football schedule 🙂

Also, for anyone wondering, praying over your garden and seeds totally works. Ours are alive and well so far! We have tiny, tiny, tiny sprouts coming up.

garden_alive garden_growing

VICTORY! You should totally ask God to bless your seeds. Holy Water probably wouldn’t hurt either. Just Kidding.

I did whip up some easy and FREE garden-label-thing-ma-bobs.


I finally used some of the wine corks I have been hording the last few years. Only about 50 or so left in various drawers and containers I need to use…

Last bit of excitement for today! If you follow me on Instagram or are friends with me on Facebook, you may have seen this pop up yesterday. I was pretty pumped about it.


Boo-ya! You can SEE the back porch again! This was a pretty big tasks seeing the back porch looked like this only a few weeks ago.


A hobo could have been living on our back porch and we probably would not have noticed due to all the stuff! A lot of it went upstairs in the work shop and a couple of things we took to Habitat. I even managed to throw some stuff away. *pat myself on the back* We have a few things we might throw on Craig’s list this week to try to get rid of. Reclaimed hardwood flooring anyone? 3 1/2″ wide, 1″ thick.

July 2013 011

So, who is coming to our open house party? The answer should be ALL OF YOU! 🙂 Just for fun, let’s actually have a poll (blog first, guys).

Have a good week!


7 thoughts on “Open House Party!

  1. I have been so wanting to stop by and take a look around. We drive through there often going to the botanical gardens! But between the baby and the toddler finding the time has just been impossible! Thanks for sharing the journey here!!!

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