FAQ: So, when are you going to be finished?

THE Most frequently asked question of all time (in my little world anyways): So, when are you going to be finished?

*Sigh* I have no clue, guys. There is a very good chance the house will never be done. I figure that by the time we have finished one thing it will be time to replace another and the vicious cycle will just continue on and on. I also think that homes should always be changing and adapting. I don’t mean changing as in redecorating with each Home and Garden magazine or every Pinterest trend, but as in that our needs as a person/family are always changing; therefore, our homes should keep changing with us. What one needs at 24 is most likely different than 44 and 64. What Ryan and I need now as twenty somethings with the two of us and the giant puppies will be very different than what we need ten years from now with us, three to four children (yea, you read right – FOUR), and dogs (hopefully the same ones). Homes should change as you need them to. My philosophy is if it does not serve a purpose well or you do not absolutely love it, it shouldn’t be in your house. End of story. When I am out shopping, whether that is a boutique, Target or thrift store, I usually ask myself, “What purpose will this serve? Does this make me happy by just looking at it? If the answer is NO to both questions I don’t buy it.

Tangent Over. Sorry.

Back to the question: When are we going to be finished?

Honestly, probably three to five years before we can call the house (not outside or future workshop) finished. The goal for this summer is to finish trimming out all of the doors and windows on the first floor and paint all of the doors and trim. Right now, all of the trim has a coat of primer on it.


We also have a few small projects we would LIKE to get done before the open house, but we won’t kill ourselves to make those happen. Anything that doesn’t cost us money is a possibility between now and October! Thank you furlough for that.

Come October (or whenever furlough is over), we are going to start on the upstairs master bathroom. Right now it is a complete blank slate.

House-tour_master-shower house-tour_master-bath

We have lots of work to do in there obviously. We will be chipping away at the master bathroom as budget allows, but I am guessing that it will take about four to six months to get it done. We will also be working on making the master bedroom space livable as well. There are lots of “no-money-required” tasks to complete in there like scraping the it-who-shall-not-be-named.


Once that is complete, we will either start working on decking some of the attic so we can clear out the storage room (future craft room for now) or start working on the future nursery. Babies probably prefer a room with actual flooring in it and windows that aren’t held in with duct tape. Just a thought. What we start next will probably depends on the state of my uterus at that time.

The downstairs bathroom will be the last room. We have lived here over a month and climbing the stairs to shower doesn’t bother us a bit, so we would rather focus our time, money, and energy into finishing the permanent master bedroom and bathroom. When we do decide to start a family I want for us AND the baby to sleep upstairs. This girl is not walking up the stairs in the middle of the night to change diapers and feed. You have seen my stairs. Can you say DEATH TRAP?!? I have always said I would like to be done having children by 30, but holy-smokes-batman, 30 sure doesn’t feel all that far a way at the moment. I will be the “big quarter of a century” this month! *Fingers crossed my car insurance drops*

With all of the said, the downstairs bathroom will be the most neglected for now. It will probably be finished during future children nap times several years down the road.

In about five years, we would like to build a nice workshop where our current small storage shed is now. We will see how life and funds looks in a few years before we bite off that project.

So there is the very long answer to the simple questions: When are you going to be finished?

Short answer: “Whenever I get done.”



P.S. This is crazy – a year ago we were dealing with Termites for the third or fourth time! Can’t believe it has been a year!


5 thoughts on “FAQ: So, when are you going to be finished?

  1. Girl, when you take on a project like this. It does seem there is always the “next” project. Give yourself a break every now and again. It looks great!

  2. Thank you for the update. YOU WILL FINISH WHEN YOU FINISH. You have already learned. Do as you can, when you can.



  3. Thanks for leaving a comment. A few friends were helping me do image searches on that Facebook page and notifying as many people as we could to let them know their photos were being used. It’s apparently common practice because one photo was found on six different contractors websites and can’t tell it the original photo belongs too. I’m going to start watermarking my photos but at three years into the blog, I can’t go back and do them all. Nice to meet you. Steve

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