The Green Shutter story

Our front porch is slowly but surely starting to look a little more welcoming. You’re welcome neighbors. Let’s flash back to the beginning.


Front porch

Eeewwwwwww. You can say it, too. No hard feelings.

Now, let’s jump back to this summer. You may remember seeing this picture a while back with the screen door just propped against the porch.


Well, it stayed that way for at least a month. Maybe more like two, but whose counting?!?! Finally, ladies and gentleman, the screen door is no longer acting as porch art, but is now a semi functioning screen door – we still need a knob for the inside and a spring for it, therefore we will call in semi functioning. The door also made friends.



See? Functioning screen door with its new friends – aka the green shutters. So, there is a little story about the shutters. The green shutters were a surprise (Valentine’s day maybe?) from my parents purchased at Southern Accents. I saw the shutters pop up on their new arrivals page one day, and I immediately knew I loved them and I NEEDED to buy them because they were the perfect size and color for my front porch. You know the feeling when you think you might actually die if you don’t obtain something? That’s how I felt about these shutters.

How terrible would it be to have “Death by Shutters” on your tombstone?! Pretty darn terrible if you ask me.

Well, I showed Ryan these PERFECT shutters, and he was not impressed. At all. No way, shape or form impressed. He may have even said he didn’t like the idea of shutters by the front door, in which I promptly responded with a scowl and an eye glare.

Like any mature person does in this situation, I continued to ramble on and on about the shutters through out the week. Ryan held strong. I continued to ramble about the PERFECT GREEN SHUTTERS to my mother, and how they are so great and Ryan doesn’t like them and blah blah blah.

Well, I e-mailed Southern Accents a week later to see if they still had the shutters. I thought surely the perfect green shutters were now gone, but low and behold they still had them. FATE! I ask Ryan AGAIN if I can PLEASE BUY THE FREAKING SHUTTERS. I think I even offered to make them my birthday present. His response was still NO. The nerve of him.

A few days later Mom calls and says she has something to drop off and would like to stop by. In walk Mom and Dad and SURPRISE – they bought the shutters for me as a Valentine’s Day present, and Ryan was in on the whole thing. I think I cried (no, seriously, I did). Sneaky, sneaky. That dear friends is the green shutter story.

In case anyone is curious, the screen door actually came off my great -grandmother’s house and has been sitting in my Papa’s barn for several years. Mom and Dad again came to my rescue and rehabbed the screen door. Didn’t they do a great job? *Round of applause for Mom and Dad*

Let’s admire the combo again.


I am so glad to have a little color on the house, even if it is just the front porch. Anyone have a similar “Green Shutter story” to share? Are you a screen door fan? I have loved having it the past few weeks! We just leave the front door open and enjoy the breeze. It is absolutely crazy that the weather has been enjoyable in August!




7 thoughts on “The Green Shutter story

  1. Oh, Sweetie,

    I so enjoyed the Green Shutter story…..Death by Green Shutters…Haha I will remember that one for a long time. Aunt Linda will enjoy this one. Love you and look forward to seeing you Saturday for Steak and Baked potatoes, salad…blah, blah, blah….Haha


  2. Hola
    Funny stuff!
    Nice work, too!
    I love your blog name — I wonder if it would be amusing if I changed my to OLD + DOMESTIC!
    Man, why didn’t I think of that?
    Just joshing!
    Good luck!
    KAY @

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