Labor Day Laboring

Howdy! I hope you all had a nice Labor Day weekend, whether it was spent leisurely soaking in the last days of summer or if you were “laboring” like we were. I am also glad you enjoyed the shutter story so much. 

Our Labor Day Weekend agenda = Staining the front and back porch. Here’s how it went down.


Step 1. Clean off the Porch. Dump all things into the yard or foyer. Try not to trip or call over the massive amount of stuff. Yes, that is a hunk of oak hanging out in my foyer.

porch_clear-off-foyer Porch_clear-off porch_clearing-off

Step 2. Clean Decks. Try not to spray the supervisors (Tori and Bella) with the power-washer. They don’t like water in any way, shape or form. It stirs terrible memories of…gasp…BATHS. According to Bella baths are evil and should be avoided at all costs.



*You may even need to clean and scrub the decks with a deck cleaner*

Step 3. Let the decks dry. No pictures because it was very boring. We decided that watching football was much more fun than watching decks dry. Roll Tide.

Step 4. Select and test out your stain color. He opted for something that would match the color of dirt – the color was called Chocolate. Gather other staining supplies as well.



1. Paint pan 2. Roller with correct nap size (read instructions on your paint or stain) 3. Deck brush 4. Stir sticks 5. Rags to clean up rogue stain.

Step 5. Sweep one more time, unless you like the look of hair and leaves on your porch. Personal preference.

Step 6. Start the fun. Staining. I rolled on stain while Ryan brushed close to the house. I also went back with a brush to try and push the stain between the boards.




Step 7. Let it dry for one hour (or whatever your directions tell you) and start coat 2.

Step 8. Apply coat 2. Don’t stain yourself in to a corner like I did. I blame the heat, lack of water, and snack deprivation.

Step 9. Don’t walk on the deck. Tell your friends and neighbors to not walk on the deck.

Step 10. Wait for deck to cure according to instructions. Our was 72 hours. Then, admire your handy work!


I have a couple projects up my sleeve this week to help “pretty-up” the porch before the Open House Party in a few weeks! What are you guys up to this weekend? Do you have any plans to treat your deck or porch before the weather changes? We heard this was a good time to do it. We are helping so friends move today and can hopefully tackle a few little things around the house. Have a good weekend!




2 thoughts on “Labor Day Laboring

  1. Beautiful!! No, I do not think I will stain deck or porch. Your instructions were very explicit. Sorry, you stained yourself into a corner. Haha

    Love you, GrandMOM

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