Cool Craig’s List Find

Happy Tuesday guys! Ryan and I are celebrating our second anniversary today! Crazy how time flies.

143__Brittney 138__Brittney 639__Brittney

Two years and no died – VICTORY! *just kidding*

I  just wanted to pop on real quick and share some cool Craig’s list items I found Sunday night. Have I told you guys how much I LOVE Craig’s list? Since we have moved in to the house, we have been slowly purging things we just don’t have a spot for and Craig’s list has been a huge help in that department. Here’s a couple cool things I found that I just don’t have a place for or I would totally snatch them up!


This chandelier originally from Crate and Barrel (see ad here). How cool would this be with some candle Edison bulbs?? It would be great in a rustic living room or dining room.


This handmade Persian Klim rug is a steal at $250 (see ad here)! Handmade! It’s like art, only it is okay to walk and sit on it.


Who doesn’t love Pottery Barn bedding? (see ad here) You can pick up this KING size quilt with two never used shams for $100. While that is still a chunk of change for bedding, this would easily be close to $300 in the store.

craigslist_kate spade china


Kate Spade China anyone? There are six sets of this pattern available (see ad here).


Um, how stinking cute is that???? While the price is a little steep for my taste, I can’t deny the fact that the dog houses are adorable (see ad here).

Well, I am off for the day! Just wanted to share some of the Craig’s list finds from the weekend. Maybe one of you can snatch them up! Are any of you Craig’s list fans? What is your best Craig’s list score? I would love to hear!



3 thoughts on “Cool Craig’s List Find

  1. Happy Anniversary to you both!! I hope to furnish our entire house through Craigslist and all the great estate sales we have here in Huntsville… if only I could luck up on some Stickley on Craigslist, haha 🙂

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