Husband Bragging: bookcase and bar stools edition

Ryan well deserves a little bragging on right now. Check out his most recent weekend project below.


Isn’t that snazzy built-in?!?! Didn’t he do GREAT?! *Insert applause here*

Let’s look at the entry before the built-in so we can appreciate it in its entirety. Here we are on move in day.


And this one from just a few weeks ago when we were staining the deck (and junking up the foyer).


The built in really helps define the space and create more of a feeling of an actual foyer. Originally, the front door opened into one of the two living rooms. Now, it opens into just one large space so it’s nice to create some definition.


Obviously it still needs to be painted (that’s where I come in), but it still looks pretty awesome as is. The plan is to paint it white and paint the back behind the shelves a bright, fun color. I am leaning towards an apple green at the moment, similar to the green in the pillow below, made by yours truly.

September 002

Moving on to the second Ryan-deserves-props item: bar stools.

I visit the Goodwill close to my office at least once a week during my lunch break. This thrift store usually has a pretty decent selection of furniture and linens, so you never know what kind of gem you will find. A few weeks ago I posted a picture of these bar stools I found on Facebook.


I actually posted it so another Huntsvillian could snatch them up. They were priced $35 FOR ALL FOUR!! I totally would have bought them immediately, but they are too tall for our bar area at the island. *insert sad face* My natural assumption was “Bar stools too tall + killer bargain + made of aluminum or metal = Not happening for me.” 

I go home that night and tell Ryan about the awesome deal someone is going to get on those bar stools. “You didn’t buy them?” – Ryan. “Well, no. I told you they were too tall.” – Me. “So? I can fix that.” – Ryan. Apparently my natural assumption was wrong! So, the next day during lunch I went back to Goodwill (thankfully the bar stools were still there) and took a picture of the legs and sent them to Ryan just to be COMPLETELY SURE he could trim the legs down.


After confirmation from Ryan that he could trim them down, I snatched them up and happily took them home.


Apparently hollow aluminum can be cut with a simple hand saw. I came home today to find Ryan set up on the porch sawing away.


To make them the correct height, he had to trim 6″ off each leg.


He was able to trim all of the chairs down in less than an hour. Not to bad, huh??

Here is the trimmed down chair compared to the original height.


I was a little worried the chairs would wobble after being cut down (no offense babe), but I haven’t noticed any wobbling at all! Good job Ryan!!


Isn’t he awesome? While he was working on sawing the legs down, I even noticed the chairs still had stickers on them.


Brittney and Ryan for the win! I am beginning to wonder if anyone actually used them? Perhaps they were just really lazy and didn’t remove the stickers? I’d say we got a pretty darn good deal. Crate and Barrel sells a similar stool (here) for about $150 per stool and Overstock has a slight cheaper version (here) at $260 a pair.

Last reason Ryan is awesome and I will hush for the night – He will gladly pull over to the side of the road when I wave my arms frantically and scream, “PALLET!!”


I see a porch swing in this pallet’s future. I actually used a pallet the other day for another outside project, so you can’t call me a hoarder. I will share that soon! Hope you are having a good week!



12 thoughts on “Husband Bragging: bookcase and bar stools edition

  1. Beautiful work on the built-in. Definitely brag worthy and then some. It will look so great painted white. Also the chairs are fantastic. They are very similar to our bar stools. The original aluminum Emeco chairs were designed for the navy in 1944 when the government wanted chairs that were light weight, strong, water, and salt resistant. They have been making copies every since! So these are so perfect for a kitchen. I have them all over my house and they are practically indestructible. FABULOUS find! Passing those up would have been hard. Smart thinking to cut them down. 🙂

  2. You two are awesome. I love everything you have done. Your vision to see something you can use from nothing is remarkable. I know your home is beautiful and I am so happy for the two of you. Keep posting. Love you Brittany and Ryan. Momma Rose

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