Salvage Score: Baseboards

Happy Tuesday, folks! I hope you had a nice weekend. We spent ours in Kentucky for Ryan’s 10 year high school reunion. *cough*cough*someone is gettting old*cough*cough* It was fun, but a little exhausting to be honest!

If you swung by our party a few weeks ago, you may have noticed a few things that haven’t popped up on the blog yet. One big thing is BASEBOARDS! There is no longer a gap around the edge of our living and dining room, woot woot!

We scored these from Southern Accents a while back. What is really cool is that we actually got the see the house the baseboards were going to be pulled from before we bought them. Ryan and I were rummaging through the back warehouse of Southern Accents when Garlan (the owner) remembered a salvage job they had coming up. He gave us instructions on where to find the house, a set keys, and off we went. SO COOL! A few minutes later we were pulling up to this beauty.


This is the Hays House in Cullman, Alabama. The house was built in 1901 by Dr. Luther Hays and his wife. A few years ago the house was acquired by the Cullman County Preservation Society with hopes that the house would become their new head quarters, but it suffered serious damage from the tornadoes in April 2011. The society attempted to sell the house, but there were no takers. You can read more about the home and salvage mission here on Southern Accents blog.

We took one look at the base boards and promptly said SOLD! Since they weren’t going to start salvaging the house for another week or so, we made a second trip back two weeks later to pick them up.


The base boards are HUGE! We ended up having to trim off 2″ so it wasn’t taller than the plinth blocks downstairs, bringing the height to 9 1/2″ tall. These things are BEEFY for sure.


Before installing the base board, we spent a lovely afternoon pulling nails. So. Much. Fun. Not.


Actually, I am pretty sure it was two or three afternoons, but it was well worth it. The base boards were a combination of painted and stained. We used the stained base board in the powder room and the rest (combo of painted and stained) through out living room and dining room.

Baseboard-in-powder baseboard_powder-bath

We plan on leaving them stained in the powder room and painting everything in the living and dining room. One day. If anyone has a hankering for priming and painted base board, come on over!

So, what do you think? Have you had any salvage scores lately? Who hasn’t been to Southern Accents? Anyone want to come prime and paint?!?!?!?!

Have a good week!



2 thoughts on “Salvage Score: Baseboards

  1. Hi! Just found your blog a couple of weeks ago! My husband and I are from Alabama also! We just bought a house in a mill village south of where you are from. It needs some MAJOR updating too. Anyways, what paint color is that in your bathroom? I love it!

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