Quick Festive Fun

When I saw Layla’s quick little Halloween craft (you can see it here) a few weeks ago, I got inspired to whip up this little mason jar craft!



Quick + Easy + Almost Free = CRAFT GOLD!

Here are the supplies you need: Mason jar (or a clean empty can would work, too), gauze, hot glue, googly eyes, and a candle of some sort.


So, all you do is wrap the gauze around the jar to your desire, tuck the ends of the gauze in and add a dab of hot glue if need be. Next, create a spot for eyes and attach with hot glue. TA-DA! You are done! One not-really-spooky-mummy-or-ghost-Halloween-decor.




There is another new addition to our porch as well. Meet Cat.




I think she just likes sleeping on a pretty porch. And my mom feeds her. It is probably the latter.

October 024

Has anyone else whipped up some quick Halloween crafts lately? You can see A TON over on The Lettered Cottage’s fall craft link up from a few weeks ago. Anyone working on a really sweet Halloween Costume? I would love to hear!







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