Baby Prepping

Hey there strangers! I am back from my pregnant-must-go-to-bed-at-8pm-blogging-break 🙂 I can now successfully go to bed at 9:30 or 10 pm without wanting to kill anyone the following day. Victory! It is nice to feel normal again!

While the blogging break was much needed, I have missed getting to document and share our house progress. Blogging about our progress is a really easy way to stay motivated and see that we HAVE made progress. When working on a long term renovation, it is really easy to get a in rut and feel like you aren’t making progress. Being able to look back at just a few months ago and actually SEE what you accomplished is much needed, at least for us!

Anyways, Ryan and I have been working on getting ready for little Saffell as far as the house and our finances. Our first focus was actually on getting our finances in order for life on one income. I will be leaving the work force in April (woot woot!), and my new job will be Lead Domestic & Childcare Coordinator at the Saffell residence (aka stay at home wife and mom). We are very thankful that we have the option to do make one income work! It is something that we have planned for since before we even got married. It was a big reason we decided to buy a fixer-upper. We wanted a house big enough for a family of 5 or 6, still be able to afford it on Ryan’s income alone, AND pay it off in 20 years instead of 30.  Some might say we had lofty goals!!

Even though we have been planning for life on one income, we still had a few changes to make. One was ditching one of our car payments, so we sold Ryan’s beloved truck.


We were able to sell the truck, pay off the small remaining balance and purchase a new-to-us SUV with cash. Hurray!!! The SUV has the same amount of miles on it as the truck did, so we made a pretty equal trade as far as longevity is concerned (so we hope). We have a few more changes to make to the budget like cellphone plans and probably ditching cable, but getting rid of the truck was a big one!

Now, onto the house baby prep. Our two biggest goals are getting the nursery and the master bedroom done. Any progress we can make to the master bath is just a bonus!

Our nursery still pretty much looks like this, with the exception of a crib (yard-sale purchase) and small changing table (Goodwill).


The master bedroom is definitely the bigger task. Do you remember what it looked like? Let’s freshen your memory.


Yikes. Salvaged goods stashed in every corner. Wallpaper on the walls and ceiling. Massive amounts of saw dust. Tools everywhere. 27 paint cans. Dirt. Lots and lots of dirt.

Well, we have made some progress and the room now looks like this.

IMG_3668 IMG_3667 IMG_3666 IMG_3665 IMG_3664

EMPTY! This room has not been empty since we bought the house!! It’s like there is another half a house upstairs 🙂

We have even started tackling the wallpaper. By we I mean my brother. Isn’t he a trooper?


I believe removing wallpaper is mine and Ryan’s main agenda for today. Fun!! Hopefully I will have some progress to share in that department after the Holidays!

Another update we will be sharing next week is the GENDER OF LITTLE SAFFELL! We go to the doctor Monday, and will make the big announcement Christmas day! Merry Christmas to us 🙂




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