New Year, New Happenings

If you are here from the article, welcome! Hope you will stay a while! You can see what the house first looked like when we bought it on the Home Tour page at the top. Enjoy!

Happy New Year copy

Happy New Year y’all! In honor of the new year, I decided to give the blog a little freshen up. What do you think? I am hoping to make a few other changes in the coming weeks to make browsing around easier. *Fingers crossed*

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. Ryan and I announced some pretty exciting news to our friends and family Christmas Day. Maybe you can guess based on what we are wearing?

Christmas 2013

In case the pink doesn’t give it away, we will be welcoming a little girl into our family this Spring! Bring on the dresses and hair bows! And sewing machine. It is time for this lady to master some sewing skills because cute dresses are EXPENSIVE!

Baby Prep_girl

We have made a few small purchases, even a few things for the nursery, but nothing too crazy yet. We have also had a few friends graciously give us a few things. Free maternity clothes = awesome. My friends rock! I did pick up some sample chips for the nursery this week, so that was pretty exciting! You could probably guess,  we won’t be doing the traditional pastel pink or blue nursery décor. Right now I thinking of a turquoise and coral color scheme, with black, white, and apple green accents. I am hoping to narrow the colors down this weekend and purchase a few samples!

Nursery paint colors

I will share more nursery plans soon!

Another new happening today – we were chosen by The Huntsville Times for their series Cool Spaces. It was also kind of a “where are they now?” article. You can find the first article here. Can you believe it has been 8  since the first article?!?! Crazy town. The article went live today and the photos are amazing! We even managed to not look completely stupid in our video interview! Yay! You can check out the article, photos, and video here.


So what is new with you guys this year? Anything exciting going on in your world? House projects? Baby News? Know any local news celebrities?? 😉




8 thoughts on “New Year, New Happenings

  1. Brittney,

    These stories and pictures are wonderful. I could not really understand what it looked like until now. It is fabulous. Great job!! You are definitely a winning team! Looking forward to the new team mate!! We have started buying pretty little girl things already!!

    We hot some bad news about Vernita’s cancer last week. She has 3 new tumors in her brain. One of them is very close to her brain stem and is causing her a lot of pain. We get the treatment plan next week, and hopefully they will be able to do something for the pain soon.


    Vernita and Pat

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