ANNOUNCEMENT: We are wallpaper free!

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCMENT: There is officially ZERO wallpaper left in the Saffell Residence. ZERO! NOTTA! DONE. FOREVER! I have to refrain from telling strangers in the street that we are done scraping wallpaper.

Do you remember ALL the wallpaper? 6 Rooms with walls and ceilings covered in 4 to 5 layers of dirty, coal dust filled wallpaper. Let’s freshen our memories just for fun.

Dining-room-wallpaper-2 Bradley House laundry Bradley House laundry 2 copy IMG_0594 IMG_0592 IMG_0724 IMG_0730 Before termites

The last and only room left with wallpaper when we moved in last Summer was the master bedroom. For over six months, the room served us well as a storage and workshop space. With the addition of little Saffell coming in May, we knew it was time to stop ignoring the wallpaper, along with piles of sawdust and 100 years of dirt and grime, and turn the room into an actual master bedroom. You can read about some of our other baby prep here.IMG_3668

IMG_3667After about a month of scraping wallpaper off and on, most of which was Ryan (I clean & cook dinner, he scrapes wallpaper), the wallpaper is GONE! He was able to finish it up Monday, and it was glorious! Well, the wallpaper being gone was glorious, but the bright blue walls, trim, and ceiling were not.

Master bedroom_wallpaper free master bedroom ceiling_wallpaper free

Lovely, right? The poor lighting and grainy photos actually help masks the horrible paint color! The color may not be so bad if it wasn’t EVERYWHERE. Oh, and you may notice my little collage, accent wall going on in the photo above. More on that soon!

While I was in Birmingham yesterday for a baby shower, my Dad came and helped Ryan knock out priming the master bedroom. Kilz Original Primer = not for pregnant lady.

master-bedroom-primed-for-paint master-bedroom-primed master-bedroom-bead-board-primed

Boom! Blue Gone! Now I have to get to work on nailing down paint colors for the master bedroom. Hopefully I can make some decisions and pick up some samples this week!

What were you guys up to this weekend? Priming party? Not scraping wallpaper? Enjoying the artic blast we are experiencing in Alabama? It was 40 degrees yesterday, and I left the house without a coat. It felt like spring compared to recent temperatures!



7 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT: We are wallpaper free!

  1. Way to go Brittney! Surprisingly, we did have a “priming party” at our house this weekend! We just got a new stainless wall oven (on the cheap) and we’ve had to do some cabinet modifications to get the new unit to fit, which has required some priming. While we had the paint supplies out, we primed our attic access as well, which we had installed several months ago. Being bare wood before, it was so nice to see it bright white! Even if it was only primer!

    Can’t wait to see what you do next in this room! ~Paige

  2. Wow, what a transformation! I’ll bet you are glad to see all that horrid paper gone and even with the walls just primed, the space looks a lot bigger. We have wallpaper left in 3/8 living areas and I am looking forward to the (faraway) day when we can have our own PSA 🙂

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