The Master: Progress so far

Hello? Hello? Anyone still there? Blogging has been sporadic at best the past few months as we prepared for the arrival of Miss Reagan.  She is closing in on 2 months old (CRAZY?!?!?!) and I am *hoping* to get back into somewhat of a blogging rhythm in the next few weeks. Thanks for hanging in there while we adjust and love on our new addition. She is precious! 

We shared here that we made the big move to upstairs right before Reagan was born. Seeing that was a couple months ago, I thought it was about time I gave ya the tour! There is nothing on the walls yet and curtains aren’t hung, but we are still happy that all three of us sleep upstairs. Oh, but we did buy new windows and blinds. Blinds are kind of important 🙂 Let’s start with the bedroom. When you walk in, you see the bed and accent wall (still need to walk you through that, I know). Reagan is still sleeping in our room currently, obviously. Still working on that whole sleeping through the night thing.


 Sorry these photos turned out a little dark! Pretty sure it was cloudy and raining out that day. That has happened a good bit this summer! Ryan’s dresser and a club chair are opposite of the bed (that is the door into the bedroom) I am so happy to have that chair out of the foyer! It just kind of hung out awkwardly for…oh….a year or so…..seen here….

house-tour_entryYup. It hung out there. For a year. BUT now the chair has found its rightful hope upstairs! Yay! 

Master-bedroom-door Master-bedroom-dresser


 My dresser hangs out in front of the brick chimney adjacent to the bed. You can see Reagan’s bassinet in the photo. How Ryan ended up with the larger dresser when I moved in almost three years ago is still a puzzle. 


 The door without trim leads into the master bath. We will trim out that door. One day. One day, friends. 

What surprised me and Ryan so much was how LARGE the bedroom was when we moved our furniture in (thanks for the help Dad!). I mean, we knew it was a large bedroom – roughly 15 x 16 I believe. We just didn’t realize HOW large! Feel free to roll your eyes with our “Oh, our bedroom is just so big!” complaints! Life is rough, y’all. Big rugs are expensive. I don’t know what I was to do with all the wall space. Do I want a bench by the door? Sooo Haaarrrrddddd.*sigh* First world problems. 

Onto the bathroom! Here is the view from the door. 

master-bath-entry master-bath-sinks

Obviously tile is in progress. Other than that, the first thing you see is the beautiful vintage, claw foot tub (thanks Southern Accents!) that is not yet installed. Ryan and I are currently tag teaming the tile around the tub area, so we can get the tub installed. Installing the tub is currently our top house priority. Install the tub = get to REFINANCE! That will be a happy, happy day. Hello 15 year term! 

Anyways, back to the bathroom. We have two pedestal sinks (purchased from Lowe’s for under $100 each) with a Ikea Rast dresser in between for storage. For additional storage, we also have two very large, salvaged medicine cabinets (thanks Mom for stripping and sanding those!) from Southern Accents. They were shown in the plans for the master bath and just got a little clean up job and make over. 

 We also have a little bit of shelving by the door as well. We actually have more storage than we need right now. I think we are both kind of minimalist when it comes to our beauty products. Minimalist could also be seen as cheap. 🙂 


 The shower is done, and it is glorious! I finished grouting that shower at 38 weeks pregnant (with Ryan’s help). Boom! The shower is roughly 48″ x 48″ so it fit my very pregnant belly well! 


 The toilet and closet are tucked into the far corner. Door for the commode to come! The closet is the far door with a window. Window in the tiny room with a toilet might be awkward for the neighbors…


We did create a decorative wall behind the toilet. Ryan and I are TERRIBLE at patching sheet rock. I mean TERRIBLE! We had a large spot behind the toilet to patch, and as always, our patch job was awful so we opted to just cover it with something decorative. 

master bath toilet

 We used Jenny’s tutorial for DIY Planked Walls and it turned out great! Entire wall behind the toilet for less than $10, and it was SO easy! Don’t you love those projects? 

Reagan approves of our progress so far! 

Reagan Saffell

Next tour – Reagan’s room! 






3 thoughts on “The Master: Progress so far

  1. Wow! It looks great! A baby makes a big difference in what gets done or not. I’m just waiting on an on going column in a magazine or your own show on TV anytime now. I don’t know what you could call it. You could talk about new baby stuff, re-doing an old house, cooking with fresh ingredients,etc. You all seem to be in every local magazine I get. I always point out that I know you, the celebrity! Keep up the great work.

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