The New Addition

Tap. Tap. Tap.

*Clears throat* Anyone still there? It has been a good…uh… I don’t know….6 months or more since my last blog post. I honestly do not know where 2015 has gone. I swear it was just Christmas, like day before yesterday, which also happens to be the last it I blogged! Ha!

In the past several months we have made a few changes around the house. All of those changes revolved around one key person.

Everett Lee Saffell

Meet Everett Lee Saffell.

Everett Lee Saffell

Yep. Another Saffling. And yes, Reagan is less than 18 months old and again, yes, we do know where babies come from 🙂


Everett was due September 6th, but he graced us with his presence a week early on August 30th. Thankfully, I had another easy labor and this time a drug-free delivery. I will now answer to the title of Wonder Woman to anyone who feels lead. Now that I think about it, I am still waiting on my push present from Ryan. For the love, I birthed a human in 2015 without any pain medication! Surely that deserves a small gift, right? This is where Ryan would say something obnoxious like, “The baby is your gift…blah…blah…” and I am over here saying, “Um, no, that $#!t hurt, and the baby will keep me up at night for the next 6 months. I deserve jewelry. Please see refer to my Etsy Favorites, mk?”


In all seriousness, Everett is a huge blessing and a delightful baby (when he isn’t gassy, gassy Everett is kind of a jerk). When we found out we were expecting again, we were slightly surprised, very excited, and a little terrified. I did what probably every pregnant woman does and wrote a gigantic and completely unrealistic pre-baby to-do list. I even went as far as breaking it down week by week to keep us on track. I am going to blame the nesting hormones even though you and I both know that is a lie.

Since Everett’s arrival, the question I get most often is, “How is Reagan doing?” I can confidently say she LOVES her brother. She was just shy of 16 months when he was born, so Ryan and I weren’t sure how aware she was really going to be. We are now ten weeks in, and she is still doing great. Everett is not deprived of affection in the least bit. She is constantly giving him hugs, kisses and head pats. She also makes sure he has his paci and blanket at ALL times.  It is pretty much the most adorable thing ever!

Reagan and Everett

I will be sharing more about the age gap soon. Apparently, the age gap officially makes us “Baby Bunchers.” More on that soon 🙂




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