Things I am NOT doing this Fall

Let me start by saying that I LOVE this time of year! This is not a “I hate sweater weather” post because I LOOOOVVVVEEEEE sweater weather. I am actually still highly anticipating sweater weather here in Alabama, haha! For the love, can I please wear flannel, boots and cardigans?!? This is also not me scolding anyone who has already done some of these things. This is me, a person who says yes to almost everything, practicing no.

With that said, I just wanted to share a few things I am NOT doing this Fall in case another mom needs to hear that it is OKAY to not do everything. In fact, you CANNOT do everything! I don’t know about you guys, but Fall and the Holiday season is the time of year where I really struggle to say no to the ALL the pinterest ideas/lists/inspiration/expectations. Let’s take this list for example.


Number seventy-five really makes me laugh. How in the world do you have time to actually enjoy this ridiculously long list?!?! Who has time to do ALL of these things?!?! ESPECIALLY people with small children?!?! FOR THE LOVE. Now, I know most people don’t have children 15 months apart like I do, but still. Come. On.

So here is the my list of things I am saying no to this year. Hopefully it will encourage you to say no to a few things, too, leaving you time to sleep and just be!

  1. Fall Family Photos – we are skipping these for two reasons. First is because it isn’t in the budget. I know some families like to have professional photos done every season, but that’s not something we can accommodate in our budget currently. If you can save for retirement, save more money aside for “rainy day/crap happens,” save money for your children’s college/pay off your own student debt, pay all your bills, and still have money left for quarterly photos, by all means don’t let me stop you! I would gently encourage you to reconsider spending money on them if you can’t meet that list though 🙂 Another reasons is time. Wrangling a 2 1/2 year old and 1 year old to a photo shoot praying they stay CLEAN, in cute coordinating clothing, while also making myself look presentable upon said mini shoot arrival is an EVENT. Then, you have the actual PHOTO SHOOT! Half a day gone with two whiny toddlers in hopes for the perfect Christmas card photo. Yeahhhh….I am going to pass. Our Christmas cards (if I even do them this year) will have a photo from our Spring photo session, and I highly doubt anyone will actually be offended or even care that it’s the wrong season. saffell-0077
  2. Home made matching pumpkin shirts – this was a hard one to let go guys!! I made Reagan a cute little pillowcase dress last year with a pumpkin applique, so the mom guilt said I need to do it again for both children to keep things fair (mom guilt logic at its best). Because my one year old little boy is OBVIOUSLY going to be utterly devastated his entire life that I didn’t make him a pumpkin applique shirt. Totally. *Insert eye roll here* I know the only way these would get done is if I gave us some precious sleep, and I know in the long run me being grumpy for three to five days because I didn’t sleep isn’t worth it. Just buy them you say? Please see part of one of Family Photos. The word is budget. In eighteen years, my children will thank me that I said no to monogrammed, Holiday outfits and put money back for college instead. 20151003_1117100
  3. Pumpkin Carving – In no way shape or form is pumpkin carving a family affair with two young toddlers. It’s more like a family death strap, so we are skipping this entire event. I am sorry dear trick or treaters that we will not have a delightful carved pumpkin for you. Maybe in three to five years. Or ten. Maybe. I did however buy pumpkins and gourds for our dining room, and they are adorable. No carving required!!! 20161006_151611
  4. DIY new fall wreath – Nope. I love crafting and creating things, but it’s a matter of prioritizing my time and right now crafting is not a top priority. Family + friends + working + commitments > crafts. I did, however, budget for a new fall wreath. Hobby Lobby and $30 did not fail me!
  5. Family Halloween costumes – Ryan and I will not be dressing up this year. This was another hard thing to let go. I just came to terms with the fact that I didn’t have time to make them, and spending money on something that will be worn once was not money well spent. Our children will have costumes, and that in itself is a victory! Parents, feel free to rid yourself of the pressure of coordinating family costumes! I can hardly remember my parents EVER dressing up when I a kid. Shame on you Pinterest for making all parents feel as though they must all be wearing coordinating outfits every Halloween!! We managed last year, but this year I am letting it go.

We are also saying no to a group Pumpkin Patch outing, two Halloween-ish parties, a corn maze, and a slew of other Fall events. We would be running ourselves (and our children) ragged trying to do everything. Also, sometimes you just HAVE TO DO LAUNDRY. YOU JUST HAVE TO. If you can afford to just buy new clothes, power to ya!

Moms, feel free to LET SOMETHING GO! You deserve sleep. Your family deserves a mother with sleep. You deserve time with friends. You deserve a date with your husband. You deserve time to just sit. Enjoy the pumpkin patch. Letting go of these few trivial things has already helped me enjoy the things we are making a priority to do! You have permission to do enjoy that, too.




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