Country Heat Review – week 1

Thank you for all of the positive feedback about the things we are not doing this fall. One thing I am continuing this fall is to keep chugging along with my fitness journey. A lot of you who know me in “real life” know that I have successfully lost weight this year (almost 25 lbs now). After my son was born, I spent a few months extremely frustrated that the weight wasn’t magically going away like it had with my first child. Counting calories was exhausting, even with an app, and trying to take two children under two to a gym (with childcare) was an all morning event. Not to mention, my children were sick every other week!

All of my frustration lead me to try a program called 21 Day Fix. It actually took me four months to FINALLY pull the trigger and order it, but within only three weeks (7 lbs and 10 inches gone) I was SOLD forever on these products. I love the simplicity of the meal plan and the ability to get a great workout in from the comfort of my home without dragging my children to the gym or needing a ton of equipment or space.

Over the course of this year I have completed several rounds of 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, as well as 22 Minute Hard Corps. I grew up an athlete, primarily playing basketball; however, I did have a VERY brief gymnastic phase in which my goals of being an Olympic gymnast were crushed at the early age of seven because I was already the height of an Olympian. *womp womp* Thankfully my sweet parents encouraged me to consider options where my height could be used to my advantage! I have always enjoyed “traditional exercise” and have never been interested in dance type workouts like Zumba or Cize, mostly out of fear of just looking dumb.

So when Country Heat was announced earlier this year, my first thought was, “This must be a PRANK.” Not. Even. Joking. I thought it was the dumbest thing I had EVER heard. Line dancing? To country music? As cardio? For real?! Nope. Nope. Nope.


Well, it wasn’t a prank lol I was the stuck up fitness snob who thought “real” cardio and traditional strength training was the only to see REAL results!! I am so happy to say that I was WRONG!!

This is one of my friends and accountability group buddies who just finished Country Heat. In three weeks, she lost 6.6 lbs and 4 INCHES OFF HER WAIST!! BY DANCING and watching her nutrition.

Coming off of a tough program, I was worried Country Heat might not help me continue towards my goals, but again I was WRONG. My abs and back are sore in places I didn’t know I had lol Seeing my friend make progress (and all the fun she had with her kiddos) gave me the courage to give it a try.

I am one week into Country Heat, and I am pleasantly surprised at how much fun I am having! It’s a nice little break from the weight lifting, HIIT (high intensity interval training) and cardio. The first week you alternate between two different routines, Country Swing and Giddy Up. I thought doing only two routines in a week would get boring, but that has not been the case yet. It was actually more fun the second and third time because I was more comfortable with the moves! The first time through I had to watch Autumn’s (instructor and creator) moves REALLY closely lol

Another great thing about this that is different from other dance programs is you don’t have to memorize an entire routine. It is broken down to two moves at a time. You complete those two moves and move on to two more. Nothing super long or complicated!

All the moves are low impact and there is a modifier if you need to make the moves even lower impact for joints. I had to follow the modifier twice just because I have two left feet, haha! Hopefully by the end I will have mastered all of the “fancy” *cough cough not fancy* footwork. This would really be a great program for anyone with knee or back issues or anyone who is just intimidated by the thought of exercise! ANYONE can do this program! I am actually going to recommend it to my grandma  who has been curious about my weight loss:)

My nutrition hasn’t been 100% on point because we had some family in town Monday and Tuesday and two church events on Sunday, but I did stick to the meal plan well during the rest of the week. Even with an iffy start food wise, I still lost 1/2 lb. this first week. I already have a better plan for this week, and I am looking forward to new routines!

Here are my Before Pictures for Country Heat. I won’t take pictures again until the end of the program 🙂 

I will be back next week with a review of week 2!  You can check out Country Heat here


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