Country Heat – Wrap Up

That’s a wrap! Thirty days of Country Heat is in the books! Not only was it surprisingly fun, but I am happy to also report 3.5 lbs down and 4.5 more inches gone, 1.5 of those from my waist alone. I was pretty shocked about the change in my waist! NOT A SINGLE TRADITIONAL CRUNCH OR SIT UP IN THIRTY DAYS!!!! It was all from engaging my core while dancing. Seriously, how cool is that?!


A quick recap of week three and week four. Week three started with another new dance routine. Just as in the previous weeks, the dance is done two days in a row, and requires just a little more work than the last routine. The dances raise your heart rate a little more as the program progresses. I really enjoyed a little basketball flash back in this dance with a few jump shots 😉

The rest of week three is spent rotating through previous routines, and again has two days with extra dance conditioning. For the love, DANCE CONDITIONING IS HARD. It’s a nice mix of dancing, barre, and pilates. WHEW. BURNS SO GOOD.

I will confess that week three fell on Halloween, so my nutrition wasn’t super stellar. Honestly, it wasn’t Halloween itself. I totally planned on using one of my yellow containers as a treat and have a few pieces of fun size candy, which I totally did. It was the entire week after Halloween when my husband was working 12 hour days and there was a pile of chocolate in the house that caused some issues. Oops. 

Nutrition wise, I was back on track for week four. I actually timed doing this program really well because during week four, there were two NEW dances released on Beachbody on Demand, so instead of repeating previous routines, I gave those a try. I stuck to the pattern of doing each program two days in a row.

Now, these programs are called Country Heat ELITE for a reason!! I struggled a little with the footwork some and my quads and abs were on FIRE! And again, I was SUPER sweaty by the end. I DEFINITELY recommend not skipping the move break down because some are pretty tricky. Even though a few of the moves were tough for my two left feet to follow, I actually had a blast doing them. Just be ready to laugh at yourself a little, okay? 😉

Now, everyone loves a good before and after photo, right?! Well, here ya go!

My waist was the biggest change for sure! AND NO CRUNCHES! Take that husband for rolling your eyes at my “little dance workout.” Over all, I lost four and a half inches. I have no doubt if I hadn’t slacked off my nutrition Halloween week I could have seen even better results!

I would HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone who falls into the following categories:

  • Looking to get started on their health journey but is intimidated by the thought of “traditional” exercise.
  • Wants to exercise but has knee or back issues and needs something low impact.
  • Who is in shape, but needing a change in routine.
  • A recently postpartum mom who is looking for a gentle way to regain core strength.
  • Likes the idea of cardio that does not include running or burpees.

Country Heat is a FUN and low impact option cardio option that anyone can do! If you would like your own copy of Country Heat, you can get it here.




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