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I am a young, southern twenty-something trying to be part of a master plan that is far greater than my own. I am a wife to a very left-brained engineer. I am a creative, interior design loving fool, so it gets interesting around here! Together, we are going to figure out how this whole marriage thing works (stay tuned, should be interesting), slowly make our house into a home, and build a family that will one day include more than just us and our dogs (Bella and Tori). Our plan to “slowly” make our house into a home turned into taking on a full-blown Historic Home renovation. Sounds fun, right? Follow me here as I share about our adventures of the young and domestic.

Our life currently revolves around our home renovation.  We spend our nights and weekends trying to bring life back into a crazy, old house.  It’s like living a really, crazy dream, only with a sore back and tired hands! I hope this blog makes it easier to share those projects with our friends and family. I also see this blog as a digital journal/scrapbook for me and Ryan.  So be warned – not every blog post will probably be about our DIY/home adventures. Life will be included – the good, the bad, the ugly, and probably the funny (our dogs are CRAZY).

On a serious note, as a young twenty something, I have grown up hearing that I (a woman) can do anything, take any job, be better than any man, etc. While I agree that women can do anything, I think society is slowly losing appreciation for the art of home making.  Another reason I am here wrighting this blog. I know God put me on this Earth to be a homemaker. An awesome, butt-kicking homemaker. I want to share my adventures of being young and domestic with you. I hope to encourage others to embrace being domestic, too!  I hope you join us on the adventure!

About Brittney


7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. My close friend and I talk about the art of homemaking all the time. I truly believe that the feminist movement was to give women the choice to do what makes them happy and empowered, and if that is baking a kick-ass cherry pie and loving Wednesday laundry, then go for it. (Neither of those describe me; I do not even have a day designated to laundry-I need to be better organized.) Adorable house and great front porch!

  2. I hope you got my message! I would really would like to speak to you about your renovation. You perseverance and tenacity to get the job done is amazing. Hear from you soon. Thanks

  3. So excited for y’all! I just looked at a house for sale on Clopton (the yellow one!) today and loved it, so after Googling “Merrimac Historic District” etc., I found your blog. 🙂 Maybe 1) our Bham house will sell before the yellow one does and 2) my husband will be similarly impressed. Would love to hear more about the neighborhood if you have time to email!

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