Reagan’s Nursery Reveal

Hello????? Anyone there???? Hi, nice to meet again!

First off, how people blog EVERY SINGLE DAY with a baby is beyond me. Literally, I do not understand how. Maybe they blog while nursing or just decide no sleep is better than little sleep. Maybe one day I can get back to blogging twice a month. 😉

Anyways, Reagan’s room is 97% done! One window valance left to make and two more frames to hang on the gallery wall, but it is done enough! Without further ado….

Reagans_room_reveal Reagans_room_bookshelf2 Reagans-room-reveal

We wanted to something different than the typical baby pink girls nursery, so we went with an aqua and coral color scheme with white and apple green accents. You can see our original plans here. The crib was purchased at a Yard Sale for $10 (thanks Mom!) and given a fresh coat of primer and grey spray paint. *FYI – painting a Jenny Lynn crib requires 5 cans of spray paint* We modified the crib, so the front no longer drops down. I made the bed skirt with fabric from Sir’s in Fayetteville and followed Young House Love’s tutorial.  The small child’s folding chair was a $25 find at a local antique store (Firehouse Antiques for you locals). Ryan built in the bookcases and the glider was a generous gift from my parents. The painting was actually a left over canvas from when we were staging our old house. I had planned on painting something for our dining room, but our house sold so quickly that I didn’t have time to finish it! Recycling for the win!



The changing table was a $20 Goodwill find that also received a coat of grey spray paint. All of her diapers, bath supplies, swaddle blankets and burp cloths are organized there. The baskets came from a variety of places such as Target, antique stores, and Hobby Lobby. The banner was a home made gift from my sister.



Aqua and coral nursery

Reagan’s nursery is the smallest bedroom in our house – roughly 9’6″ x 15″. We like that she has a lot of floor space right now, so instead of adding a closet door that swings into the room, we opted for a curtain (fabric also from Sir’s). One day when play space isn’t really needed, we will probably add a door.

The dresser was actually mine from college – probably my very first furniture purchase. The wooden table was actually mine from when I was little. My brother even left his mark by carving his name in the table! The pile of clothes on top are all the clothes Reagan has already out grown that need to be boxed up! The collage is a collection of things we already had with a few new additions, some handmade and some purchased. I still need to hang two more frames on the wall.

The roller shades are from Ikea. I just added some decorative trim at the bottom. I have coral fabric to make a valance for the window, and one of these days I will get around to making the darn thing. One day.

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed Reagan’s nursery tour. Ryan and I were very excited that we came in under our $500 budget – bead board, baseboard, chair rail, paint, furniture, fabric, built-ins, closet, window treatments, and decorations.

And just a general update on Reagan – the girl is growing like a weed! At her four month check up two weeks ago, she was 17 lbs 10 oz and 25 1/2″ tall! That puts her in the 97 percentile and the size of an average 14 month old. She is a big, healthy, happy baby – and bonus – a pretty good sleeper!

Peace. *Forgive spelling errors – no time to proof these days*



FAQ: So, when are you going to be finished?

THE Most frequently asked question of all time (in my little world anyways): So, when are you going to be finished?

*Sigh* I have no clue, guys. There is a very good chance the house will never be done. I figure that by the time we have finished one thing it will be time to replace another and the vicious cycle will just continue on and on. I also think that homes should always be changing and adapting. I don’t mean changing as in redecorating with each Home and Garden magazine or every Pinterest trend, but as in that our needs as a person/family are always changing; therefore, our homes should keep changing with us. What one needs at 24 is most likely different than 44 and 64. What Ryan and I need now as twenty somethings with the two of us and the giant puppies will be very different than what we need ten years from now with us, three to four children (yea, you read right – FOUR), and dogs (hopefully the same ones). Homes should change as you need them to. My philosophy is if it does not serve a purpose well or you do not absolutely love it, it shouldn’t be in your house. End of story. When I am out shopping, whether that is a boutique, Target or thrift store, I usually ask myself, “What purpose will this serve? Does this make me happy by just looking at it? If the answer is NO to both questions I don’t buy it.

Tangent Over. Sorry.

Back to the question: When are we going to be finished?

Honestly, probably three to five years before we can call the house (not outside or future workshop) finished. The goal for this summer is to finish trimming out all of the doors and windows on the first floor and paint all of the doors and trim. Right now, all of the trim has a coat of primer on it.


We also have a few small projects we would LIKE to get done before the open house, but we won’t kill ourselves to make those happen. Anything that doesn’t cost us money is a possibility between now and October! Thank you furlough for that.

Come October (or whenever furlough is over), we are going to start on the upstairs master bathroom. Right now it is a complete blank slate.

House-tour_master-shower house-tour_master-bath

We have lots of work to do in there obviously. We will be chipping away at the master bathroom as budget allows, but I am guessing that it will take about four to six months to get it done. We will also be working on making the master bedroom space livable as well. There are lots of “no-money-required” tasks to complete in there like scraping the it-who-shall-not-be-named.


Once that is complete, we will either start working on decking some of the attic so we can clear out the storage room (future craft room for now) or start working on the future nursery. Babies probably prefer a room with actual flooring in it and windows that aren’t held in with duct tape. Just a thought. What we start next will probably depends on the state of my uterus at that time.

The downstairs bathroom will be the last room. We have lived here over a month and climbing the stairs to shower doesn’t bother us a bit, so we would rather focus our time, money, and energy into finishing the permanent master bedroom and bathroom. When we do decide to start a family I want for us AND the baby to sleep upstairs. This girl is not walking up the stairs in the middle of the night to change diapers and feed. You have seen my stairs. Can you say DEATH TRAP?!? I have always said I would like to be done having children by 30, but holy-smokes-batman, 30 sure doesn’t feel all that far a way at the moment. I will be the “big quarter of a century” this month! *Fingers crossed my car insurance drops*

With all of the said, the downstairs bathroom will be the most neglected for now. It will probably be finished during future children nap times several years down the road.

In about five years, we would like to build a nice workshop where our current small storage shed is now. We will see how life and funds looks in a few years before we bite off that project.

So there is the very long answer to the simple questions: When are you going to be finished?

Short answer: “Whenever I get done.”



P.S. This is crazy – a year ago we were dealing with Termites for the third or fourth time! Can’t believe it has been a year!

Operation: Certificate of Occupancy, Bathroom Edition

Hello there! I hope you all had a nice Easter weekend. We enjoyed getting to spend a relaxing day with family. Do you guys even remember what we look like when we are showered and clean? You probably don’t so here is a refresher for you.


“Hey look! No dirt!”

Ryan and I spent Saturday working in the kitchen. I spent most of my day priming the ceiling, and Ryan spent most of his day putting up cement board. Nothing that exciting, so I will just show you a sneak peek of our progress and move on to other fun things, like bathtubs and toilets! *insert sarcasm*

Kitchen-cement-board Kitchen-priming-ceiling

A few weeks ago I talked about our certificate of occupancy to do list. One of the big items is having a working bathroom. Well, our plan from the beginning was to finish the downstairs bathroom right off the bedroom. Here is our floor plan, just to freshen your memory.

Model Model

It made sense at the time that we would finish that bathroom first, since we would be living in the downstairs bedroom.  Finishing that bathroom requires tiling the floor, water proofing the shower, tiling the shower, purchasing a custom glass door that we can’t really afford right now, purchasing & installing plumbing fixtures and building a custom, wall mount vanity. Anyone tired from just reading that list?? (ME!) Finishing the bathroom is a pretty lengthy to-do list on its own, throw in everything else we have to do and it’s a full load for the next two months.

Well, last week I had a major “Duh?!” moment. Why not finish the upstairs bathroom instead? Here is our small upstairs bathroom in its current state. Here is the view from the doorway.


Upstairs-bath_vanity upstairs-bath_toilet

The most important things to notice is the fact it has a bathtub. Currently the tub serves as a storage area…

upstairs-bath_tub upstairs-bath_tile-tub

We also have a little nook for built-in shelves.


It already has a bathtub installed, and we have already bought the plumbing fixtures for the tub/shower combo. Why would we tile that entire shower downstairs and buy plumbing fixtures for it when we already have a bath tub upstairs?! Are we DUMB?! Sure, we will have to walk upstairs to shower, but finishing this bathroom will require less time and less money and right now that is more important. Insert a major “DUH?!” here please.

I’m not sure why it took us so long to come to this conclusion, and I honestly can’t remember what triggered my thought process. Whatever it was, we are both excited about saving time and money to finish this bathroom. As far as I know, walking up the stairs never killed anyone. *knock on wood*

Here is what I plan on using for materials in this bathroom. My goal is that you walk into all of our bathrooms and they don’t scream, “Hey, I’m a new bathroom!!!!” While I want the bathroom to obviously feel new and clean, I do want to use materials that would have been found in an older bath room, like subway tile, hexagon tile, and vintage inspired light fixtures.


I am still debating about a paint color. I am leaning towards green right now. We will also be building a vanity out of our old kitchen table (sewing machine table). I am pretty excited about reusing our table in a new way! Has anyone DIYed a bathroom vanity before? Any tips or ideas? Anyone just really REALLY love laying tile? If so, you are invited over! 🙂


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Operation: Certificate of Occupancy (and I have $21,000 to make it happen)

When our building inspector was out a few weeks ago, one of the main questions Ryan had for her was what EXACTLY is required to receive a certificate of Occupancy (aka – the city approves that our home is now safe to live in- yay!). Believe it or not, you can actually be fined and eventually arrested for living in your own home without a certificate of occupancy. Crazy, right? Thankfully our whole house does not have to be pretty or finished to move in. Here are the basics for us to get our certificate and move in:

  • A finished and functioning bathroom with sink, toilet and bath/shower.
  • All walls must be finished (dry wall, paneling, etc).
  • All electrical outlets, junction boxes and receptacles must be covered.
  • All water areas (bathrooms and kitchen) must have water proof flooring.
  • There must be a food prep space.
  • There must be one bedroom.
  • Handrail on the stairs
  • Handrail on the front steps to the porch
  • Dead bolts on all exterior doors
  • Attic has to be insulated.
  • Stair treads must be replaced

That’s the bulk of what is required by the City of Huntsville.

We have a few other things on our own list. We want to have the hardwood flooring downstairs sanded & refinished, have the house cleaned and primed for paint, install window casing around first floor windows and doors, and finish the kitchen except for back splash. I think the house will still feel dirty even after we clean and a nice coat of white primer will make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. No MORE RAINBOWS!


Now here is the real kicker. We have $21,000 left in our construction loan to make it all happen. Yep. You read that. $21,000! Did you know the average major kitchen remodel (new flooring, cabinets, counter tops, appliances, and back splash) in 2012 cost close to $50,000. Um, yeah, not happening. We are going to finish a kitchen, a bathroom, living room, dining room and bedroom for $21,000.


Is it even possible? Yes. At least my spread sheet says it is. My spread sheet also says I have a lot of work to do! Ha. I promise to share the details as we go. Maybe you will be inspired to take on a budget friendly renovation of your own.

Without further ado, meet our budget plan.

Refinish hardwood
Living room fireplace
Drywall & labor
Molding & trim
Vinyl Work (just wrote that check!)
Plumbing labor
Plumbing Fixtures
Tile & Flooring
Counter tops
Grant Toal

This should be fun. Snug is the nicest word I have for it. Stay tuned! Hopefully we can make this work! Do you guys find it as absurd as I do that you can be ARRESTED for living in your own home? Do you guys have any experience in snug budgets? I would love any advice people have to give! Is there anything else we should add to our pre-move in list? Am I missing something completely obvious (and don’t say finish the whole house!)?