Reagan’s Nursery Reveal

Hello????? Anyone there???? Hi, nice to meet again!

First off, how people blog EVERY SINGLE DAY with a baby is beyond me. Literally, I do not understand how. Maybe they blog while nursing or just decide no sleep is better than little sleep. Maybe one day I can get back to blogging twice a month. 😉

Anyways, Reagan’s room is 97% done! One window valance left to make and two more frames to hang on the gallery wall, but it is done enough! Without further ado….

Reagans_room_reveal Reagans_room_bookshelf2 Reagans-room-reveal

We wanted to something different than the typical baby pink girls nursery, so we went with an aqua and coral color scheme with white and apple green accents. You can see our original plans here. The crib was purchased at a Yard Sale for $10 (thanks Mom!) and given a fresh coat of primer and grey spray paint. *FYI – painting a Jenny Lynn crib requires 5 cans of spray paint* We modified the crib, so the front no longer drops down. I made the bed skirt with fabric from Sir’s in Fayetteville and followed Young House Love’s tutorial.  The small child’s folding chair was a $25 find at a local antique store (Firehouse Antiques for you locals). Ryan built in the bookcases and the glider was a generous gift from my parents. The painting was actually a left over canvas from when we were staging our old house. I had planned on painting something for our dining room, but our house sold so quickly that I didn’t have time to finish it! Recycling for the win!



The changing table was a $20 Goodwill find that also received a coat of grey spray paint. All of her diapers, bath supplies, swaddle blankets and burp cloths are organized there. The baskets came from a variety of places such as Target, antique stores, and Hobby Lobby. The banner was a home made gift from my sister.



Aqua and coral nursery

Reagan’s nursery is the smallest bedroom in our house – roughly 9’6″ x 15″. We like that she has a lot of floor space right now, so instead of adding a closet door that swings into the room, we opted for a curtain (fabric also from Sir’s). One day when play space isn’t really needed, we will probably add a door.

The dresser was actually mine from college – probably my very first furniture purchase. The wooden table was actually mine from when I was little. My brother even left his mark by carving his name in the table! The pile of clothes on top are all the clothes Reagan has already out grown that need to be boxed up! The collage is a collection of things we already had with a few new additions, some handmade and some purchased. I still need to hang two more frames on the wall.

The roller shades are from Ikea. I just added some decorative trim at the bottom. I have coral fabric to make a valance for the window, and one of these days I will get around to making the darn thing. One day.

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed Reagan’s nursery tour. Ryan and I were very excited that we came in under our $500 budget – bead board, baseboard, chair rail, paint, furniture, fabric, built-ins, closet, window treatments, and decorations.

And just a general update on Reagan – the girl is growing like a weed! At her four month check up two weeks ago, she was 17 lbs 10 oz and 25 1/2″ tall! That puts her in the 97 percentile and the size of an average 14 month old. She is a big, healthy, happy baby – and bonus – a pretty good sleeper!

Peace. *Forgive spelling errors – no time to proof these days*



Updates from Upstairs

Hey there blog land. Sorry for the radio silence lately. Ryan and I have been working on LOTS of things upstairs over the past two or three months. There was a celebratory NO MORE WALLPAPER dance we did a while back, and we shared our plans for the nursery and our master bathroom. I am very happy to report we have made lots of progress in all three rooms! In fact, if you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know we MOVED UPSTAIRS! *You may need to pinch me*

Master bedroom painted

If you had told me last year when we moved in that we would be moving upstairs within the year, I would have chuckled and rolled my eyes. If you had told me we had even started the master bathroom upstairs I would have slapped you. If you had told me we would be welcoming a baby in the Spring AND actually have the nursery finished, I would have probably passed out on the floor. Okay, so truth be told the nursery is like 95% finished but close enough! Seriously, we have gotten way more done than I anticipated in the past year. I will admit that a baby coming was a pretty darn good motivator 🙂

Baby shower bump

Quick pregnancy update – I am 39 weeks tomorrow and the entire pregnancy has gone very smoothly, dare I even say it has been easy? *knock on wood* Little Saffell and myself have been healthy the entire time, and I have been able to remain active during my entire pregnancy. Last week I even helped Ryan grout the master shower. Pregnant woman for the win! I’ve had a lot of people ask how I am doing all this stuff (laying flooring, tiling a bathroom and shower, grouting, etc.) during my third trimester. Honestly, I feel a lot better being active and moving than sitting at a desk for 9 hours. I actually stopped working three weeks ago (about a month before our due date) and have been working on stuff around the house, and I feel SO MUCH BETTER doing a little, light manual labor than sitting at a desk all day. When I was working, by 10 AM my back and shoulders would be killing me, but my back and shoulder pain is pretty much non existent when I am up and moving most of the day. I also think my height helps make the third trimester more comfortable in general. Being 5’9 has all kinds of perks! I never thought about a more comfortable pregnancy being one of them. With that said, short ladies out there, I am so SO sorry.Being 5’2 and pregnant sounds terrible. You have my sympathies.

Anyways, back to updates on upstairs. So the master bedroom is now clean and painted from top to bottom! The accent wall turned out really cool and all of our furniture fit as planned, with even some room to spare.

Master bedroom accent wall

We also ordered replacement windows for 4 windows upstairs, including the one to the right of the bed. By the end of May, we should have those windows installed and we will have only 4 windows left in the whole house left. Yay! So far, those windows have not given us any issues what so ever. Fingers crossed that continues!

Master bedroom painted_window

The master bathroom is still a work in progress. We currently have both sinks installed, as well as the toilet and we are SOOO close to having the shower done.

master bath sink wall tile

master bath sink wall master bath tile progress

Proof you can tile when 8 months pregnant! 🙂

master bath toilet

Ryan is actually planning on finishing the shower up today. Ahh!!! WORKING BATHROOM! Pure luxury I tell you.

master bath shower progress

The nursery is by far the most complete room in the house! We even took the time to caulk and putty nail holes – unlike *ahem* the rest of the house. Even though little Miss Saffell won’t be really using her room for a few months, it feels good to have it done for when the day comes. I have a few small things to wrap up (hopefully this week) then I will share pictures!

Ryan and I were both hoping Miss Saffell would decide to come out before her due date (between May 6 and May 13th), but it is not looking that way at the moment. I told Ryan over the weekend that she is just being considerate and letting us finish the master shower 🙂 She is already considerate of others! How nice is that. One less thing for us to try and teach her, ha! It is nice to dream, right?

What have you guys been up to lately? Have you taken advantage of the Spring weather lately? We have tried to take full advantage of the flexibility we have now just to go and do things on a whim like a movie, last minute dinner with friends, late night ice cream runs (totally Ryan’s idea!). Have a good week!



Master Bath Plans

Hey there strangers! Ryan and I have been making some steady progress around the house here lately. I mentioned here that we thoroughly enjoyed a few snow days and knocked out most of our to-do list for the nursery. I have a few more things to hang on the wall and then I will share more pictures. Promise!

We have been focusing most of our time and energy (and money) lately on the master bathroom. The master bedroom is currently a holding room for all the fixtures for the bathroom, as well as tools and everything else that comes with a renovation. It is quite lovely!

Master bedroom

Not exactly a relaxing master bedroom yet 🙂

Here is a peak at what we are planning on using in the bathroom as far as finishes go.

master bath design borad copy

Lots of white subway tile with our vintage tub and new pedestal sinks. As far as flooring choices, my beloved marble hexagon tile or marble basket weave was not in the budget. At all. Nor would it realistically EVER be in our bathroom budget. Twelve to twenty dollars a square foot is a LARGE chunk of change when you are looking at 200+ square feet. Darn you large bathroom! *first world problems* When it comes to bathrooms, I tend to be drawn to three main flooring types: Marble, white hexagon tile, and wood flooring. You may remember that we used the white hexagon tile in the other upstairs bathroom – you can see that here. While I love the look in that bathroom, even the hexagon tile was stretching the budget. Laying a mosaic tile is also pretty time consuming, so we pretty much scratched that option. That leaves us with hardwood. You probably already know, but hardwood + lots of water = not friends.

After doing a little research, we decided that vinyl plank that looked like hardwood would actually be the best option as far as durability and water was concerned. I will be honest and say I was skeptical of the vinyl tile in regards to looks. I will openly admit that I am a design snob. No same here. We also ordered the flooring online, so I didn’t get to see it in person before taking the plunge. That always makes me nervous! So, when the flooring came in I was pleasantly surprised by the color and “grain” variation. It is a lot prettier than I thought it would be!

Ryan and I were able to get the flooring installed over the course of a week and weekend. You may have seen this photo on Instagram or Facebook a few weeks ago.

Starting master bath vinyl flooring

Feet are gone Why yes, I can help lay vinyl flooring at 30 weeks pregnant! We opted for glue down vinyl over the floating since we were using it in a wet area. The glue down was also cheaper, so that didn’t hurt either! Ryan did the actually gluing part of the process and his words are “Easy, but not fun.” By not fun, he means he at one point said, “I will never do this again,” and “This is stupid. I would rather lay tile.” I kindly reminded him that he has never actually laid tile 🙂 We had a pretty good little system worked out. I would select and layout the flooring in the bedroom (kind of like dry fitting for tile) and then bring the pieces to Ryan. If anything needed to be cut or trimmed, I would do that while Ryan applied more glue to the subfloor. Yay teamwork!

Finished flooring in bathroom

Finished flooring

The flooring is complete and next up on the agenda….

Master bath shower

Shower!!! Tile!!! Toilet!!! Sinks!!!! Ya know, all that stuff that actually makes a bathroom a bathroom. No biggie 🙂

Since we came in under budget with the vinyl flooring, we were able to splurge a little on the tile for the shower floor. Meet my precious marble flooring!


Happy girl right here! Ryan will be installing all of the fixtures himself and I am taking care of most of the tile work. I am a self declared tile ninja remember? 😉

What have you guys been up to lately? Any experience with installed your own plumbing fixtures? Fingers crossed things go well this week! We could have a working toilet by the end of the week. Who knew that would be so exciting?!?!?! Have a good week!

Husband Bragging: bookcase and bar stools edition

Ryan well deserves a little bragging on right now. Check out his most recent weekend project below.


Isn’t that snazzy built-in?!?! Didn’t he do GREAT?! *Insert applause here*

Let’s look at the entry before the built-in so we can appreciate it in its entirety. Here we are on move in day.


And this one from just a few weeks ago when we were staining the deck (and junking up the foyer).


The built in really helps define the space and create more of a feeling of an actual foyer. Originally, the front door opened into one of the two living rooms. Now, it opens into just one large space so it’s nice to create some definition.


Obviously it still needs to be painted (that’s where I come in), but it still looks pretty awesome as is. The plan is to paint it white and paint the back behind the shelves a bright, fun color. I am leaning towards an apple green at the moment, similar to the green in the pillow below, made by yours truly.

September 002

Moving on to the second Ryan-deserves-props item: bar stools.

I visit the Goodwill close to my office at least once a week during my lunch break. This thrift store usually has a pretty decent selection of furniture and linens, so you never know what kind of gem you will find. A few weeks ago I posted a picture of these bar stools I found on Facebook.


I actually posted it so another Huntsvillian could snatch them up. They were priced $35 FOR ALL FOUR!! I totally would have bought them immediately, but they are too tall for our bar area at the island. *insert sad face* My natural assumption was “Bar stools too tall + killer bargain + made of aluminum or metal = Not happening for me.” 

I go home that night and tell Ryan about the awesome deal someone is going to get on those bar stools. “You didn’t buy them?” – Ryan. “Well, no. I told you they were too tall.” – Me. “So? I can fix that.” – Ryan. Apparently my natural assumption was wrong! So, the next day during lunch I went back to Goodwill (thankfully the bar stools were still there) and took a picture of the legs and sent them to Ryan just to be COMPLETELY SURE he could trim the legs down.


After confirmation from Ryan that he could trim them down, I snatched them up and happily took them home.


Apparently hollow aluminum can be cut with a simple hand saw. I came home today to find Ryan set up on the porch sawing away.


To make them the correct height, he had to trim 6″ off each leg.


He was able to trim all of the chairs down in less than an hour. Not to bad, huh??

Here is the trimmed down chair compared to the original height.


I was a little worried the chairs would wobble after being cut down (no offense babe), but I haven’t noticed any wobbling at all! Good job Ryan!!


Isn’t he awesome? While he was working on sawing the legs down, I even noticed the chairs still had stickers on them.


Brittney and Ryan for the win! I am beginning to wonder if anyone actually used them? Perhaps they were just really lazy and didn’t remove the stickers? I’d say we got a pretty darn good deal. Crate and Barrel sells a similar stool (here) for about $150 per stool and Overstock has a slight cheaper version (here) at $260 a pair.

Last reason Ryan is awesome and I will hush for the night – He will gladly pull over to the side of the road when I wave my arms frantically and scream, “PALLET!!”


I see a porch swing in this pallet’s future. I actually used a pallet the other day for another outside project, so you can’t call me a hoarder. I will share that soon! Hope you are having a good week!



Farmhouse Table: In Progress

Pssst! Family & Friends – Don’t forget to mark your calendars for our Open House party!

Happy Sunday guys! I hope you are having an enjoyable weekend so far. Ryan and I have had a pretty balanced work-rest-play weekend and for that I am very grateful. Slowly, but surely we are figure out how this “normal” life things works 🙂

If you are friends with me on Facebook and Instagram, you may already know we have started working on a new dining room table! I mentioned a few weeks ago (here) that we picked up some cherry wood from my grandparents in Cullman. Well, the wood spent the first few weeks just hanging out by the front door.


Just a normal scene at the Saffell house. Last weekend, we sold our dining room set on Craig’s list so we could get started on the new farmhouse table. We decided to use an Ana White plan to build the farmhouse table, only instead of using new material we reused old 2x4s studs (from our house of course) and the cherry wood.  You can see the plan for the table here.

With the dining room empty, we laid out the boards to get a feel for the size. We had envisioned from the get-go that the table would be roughly 4 feet wide and 8 feet long, large enough to comfortably seat 8 to 10 people.


We opted to keep the table 8 feet long, but adjusted the width to 42″ wide instead of 48″ for a few reasons. The first reason is to help trim off part of the wood that has some serious cupping and warping issues. The wood has been sitting in my Papa’s barn for a good long while, so it is not perfect by any means. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE IT, but it’s just not perfect. Anyways, the second reasons is to create a more comfortable walk way on both sides of the table. You would be surprised what a difference 6 inches makes!

I have to say that pretty much all the work has been done by Ryan, so he gets the credit for this one! Be sure to pat him on the back next time you seen him. Part of his “Furlough Fridays” have been spent working on this little project! He started by building the X-frame bases per the instructions.


Ryan assembled this part of the base upstairs in our workshop/master bedroom, and we assembled the rest of the base downstairs in the dining room. I am not going to even try to break down building it step by step because Ana White does it for you! And better than I would.

This is the only part I have actually helped with thus far: Connecting the two bases together!


Next, we cut a piece of 3/4″ plywood the same size as the finished top (42″ x 96″) and assembled the cherry pieces on top. Side note – we sanded the cherry before this step! We used an 80 grit sandpaper with our hand held sander as the first round. We are going to come back again with a finer grit later.


The picture above was during our sitting-height-table-test. Slightly taller chairs would be more comfortable, so I am currently bargain hunting for those.

We secured the cherry to the plywood using 1 5/8″ wood screws from underneath the table. This also helped pullout some of the minor cupping and twisting. On the top, we decided to add some decorative wrought iron nails. We decided on these from House of Antique Hardware because we loved the look and the price was right.

Can you image having to actually forge your own nails?!?!?! I am so thankful I can just buy these because I think they look awesome!!


I love the contrast of the black iron with the cherry wood. Next up is a little more sanding, wrapping the edges in some sort of trim, and putting a finish on the wood. We are leaning towards just using Boiled Linseed Oil with lacquer, but not positive.

Another exciting thing this week – FABRIC SAMPLES!


A little Happy Birthday to me – I have ordered fabric to make Roman Shades! Something similar to this DIY version here or here. So Pumped!

Has anyone ever tried an Ana White plan before? This is our first attempt. So far so good! What did you guys do this weekend? Any fabric samples happy dances? No? Just me. Oh okay…. *fabric dork*

Peace. Brittney

The Cover Up: DIY Exposed Beams

Do you guys remember one of the first projects Mom and I tackled? It was removing this guy.

Wall Down

Is it just me or does this feel like yesterday and forever ago all at the same time? Crazy-town. Anyways, when we took the wall down we were left with a not so lovely gap and seam in the bead board ceiling. You can see it in the picture below.


Seam + gaps in ceiling where the studs used to be = NOT CUTE!

As you may have noticed from our house tour the other day,  I kind of have a hoarding problem. Poor back porch never saw it coming.


HOARDER. Party of 1.

We have been holding on to old 2x4s (from the original walls) to use in the living room for a while, like over nine months. A few weeks ago, we FINALLY dug them out of our my giant must-save-all-the-things -pile and put them to use.

Originally, we were wanting to create a grid pattern with the old 2x4s, similar to coffered ceiling only more rustic. You can see an example here. We ended up changing our minds about the pattern mid process, but here is how we got started.

We started by ripping all of the 2x4s down in half so they became 1x4s. These pictures below probably make more sense. Here is the cut side (thank you table saw):


Here is the side we used as the “exposed beam.”


First, we figured out how much material we were going to need. Our living room and entry area is roughly 16′ x 32′ and most of the salvaged material was between 7 and 8 feet in length. With a little quick math, we figured out the perimeter of the room + 5 beams across  = 176 feet. We started by cutting 11 boards in half, creating 22 pieces of “beam.”

Then, Ryan and I started by working our way around the perimeter of the living room and entry area with the freshly cut pieces. Not only we were trying to cover up the seam between the two original rooms, but there were pretty significant gaps between the wall and ceiling in some areas as well.


The gap has been hidden by wallpaper for 40+ years I guess! Thankfully the 1 x 4 material covered all of those gaps. Hurray!! We worked our way around the room covering the gaps with the old (now 1×4) lumber. To secure the material to the bead board ceiling, we used a 16 gauge nail gun, securing it with a nail every three to four inches. If your ceiling is finished with drywall, I would encourage you to find a stud to secure the “beam” to. This is an easy two person task and the material isn’t heavy (always something to think about when hoisting it above your head). Easy DIY project!

Ladies, you can totally rock this project out!! No massive amount of muscle required 🙂


We did have to play with the material some. Seeing that the material we were using consisted of 100+ old 2x4s, some of them were just a LITTLE wonky (meaning it looked like the big dipper).  With that said, we did have to do a little bit of finagling with the material, so some 180 degree turning and puzzle piecing of material had to take place, but over all the task was pretty easy. I would hold up one and and Ryan would hold up the other. If the 1×4 was flush with the wall, we would nail it in place and move on to the next piece, cutting lengths if need be.

Once we completed the perimeter, we moved in to the perpendicular beams. We used the seam between the two rooms as the starting point for our measurements.


Boom! Seam and gaps covered. Yay!! With a little quick math, we were able to figure out the spacing for each beam. Thankfully each room was the same size. Whew! Be sure to measure, guys. You can never trust 100 year old houses. Ever. Trust me. I have learned this the hard way more than once, like 574 times.

We opted to to create three rectangles per room, with 42″ being our center mark for each beam.

Bead board with exposed beams

Instead of trying to actually lay it out on the ceiling, we just kept the tape measure on the floor and eye balled it. The eye ball method worked just fine for us!


We worked our way from the front of room to the back. Overall, the project took about 3 to 4 hours, so it is an easy afternoon project if you are just working on one room.

Once we finished all the beams in one direction, we decided to call it quiets just because we loved the look! We really love the way the ceiling turned out, both the bead board and the more rustic -almost-exposed-beams. I also like knowing that we re-used something original! Another big bonus is the fact this entire project was FREE! All of the material and supplies we already owned. Re-purposing for the win!

This look could easily be created using other old or new material. You could even stain new 2x4s to coordinate with your room. Maybe even just them painted white or a really fun color? I would love to hear your ideas, too! Ceilings are one of the places that are often over looked when designing space, but they add so much depth and texture to a room. Don’t ignore your ceilings! Consider this my brief Support Ceiling Rights campaign!! Ha. Ceilings deserve some love, too.




We are still trying to figure out what kind of ceiling treatment to do in the dining room. It is a little tricky trying to tie in dining room, kitchen and bottom of the staircase. Still on the planning deck with that one. We have some other ideas for our 2×4 lumber, so we’ll see what happens next!

What are you guys up to this weekend? Ryan and I have spent the morning working in the yard and getting our fall vegetable garden going. We are super excited about taking a stab at a garden! Enjoy your weekend 🙂


Around the house lately

Happy Monday, folks! Sorry for the silence last week. We spent the weekend in Kentucky visiting Ryan’s family and the week just got away from me. Happens to the best of us, right? We are also slowly but surely learning how to rest again. I have spent the last few weeks reading through The Joy of Cooking…


and Ryan has picked up his guitar again.


Ryan and I are SLOWLY priming trim. Just priming. Paint might not happen until 2015 at the rate we are going. Priming and painting trim is painful! *insert hand cramp and soft cries here*

Trim_entry trim_diningroom

We still have half of the windows and doors downstairs to finish. I will just use my paint brush to wipe my tears. At least I find comfort in knowing I am not alone. Young House Love has been painting trim as well.

trim_livingroomnotdone July_livingroom

I also managed to knock out grouting the kitchen tile AND painting window trim in the kitchen over the holiday weekend. Boom! You can see my tile-ninja skills up close and personal here.


Painting the window above the sink made such a huge difference! I love the contrast of the dark trim against the white subway tile and white cabinets. Happy. Happy. Happy.


I still have one more window and one more window grill to paint, but I am actually eager to paint it unlike the living room trim. Eager to paint trim? Can that actually happen?


Side note – Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my island, guys? Like, I pet it when I walk by and feel the need to clean it constantly, which is very rare. Just ask my mother.


Let’s jump to the living room. We did get some work done on the living room ceiling a few weeks ago! We needed a way to cover up a seam where an old wall used to be, so we came up with this solution. Here we are before we started: bead board in all of its wallpaper free glory!



And here we are now: Bead board glorify amplified!

livingroom_afterbeams2 livingroom_afterbeams

We kept some of the old 2 x 4s from our house to use as wood “beams” in the entry and living room. Originally, we planned on doing a grid, but after putting up the “beams” in one direction, we decided to stop there.  I will be back with a more detailed post on the ceiling, and hopefully some better after pictures. I took these on my Iphone like 30 minutes ago. Bad blogger.

Lastly, Ryan and I hosted our first real dinner guest last week: my family.


Paprika chicken with strawberry-spinach salad, fresh summer veggies and home-made bread. Dad even ate his vegetables. Winning!!! It was so nice being able to cook a meal for them in a clean, almost-finished home. We even had my grandma over while she was in town.

What have you guys been up to lately? Any summer projects going on? Anyone just really passionate about painting trim? If so, you are welcome here! 🙂



DIY Curtain Rods: Plumbing Parts Edition

Happy Saturday, folks! I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July. Alabama is in the middle of some sort of monsoon, so our 4th involved my brother grilling in the rain, the entire family attempting to entertain my five year old and eighteen month old cousin, and a nap on my parents couch with the hubby. Still a great day with family, but the rain did put a damper on the usual pool and firework fun!

Anyways, let’s get back to today’s tutorial. When I gave you guys the house June update the other day, I gave you a speak peak at our bedroom curtains. I knew I wanted something with an industrial look for the bedroom. I also loved the look of curtain rods that wrap around the entire room, like this one below.

and here.

I think the curtains and curtain rods help make the space feel so more luxurious. Is that an actual thing? Luxurious curtain rods? Maybe. IF there is such a thing as a luxurious curtain rods I am pretty sure it would be the kind that wraps around the room. Generally speaking, if I REALLY like something it means it is probably expensive, and more than likely it is THE most expensive option. It’s a gift I have. A talent really. You can walk me into a store, rip off all the tags, and 9 times out of 10 I will pick out the most expensive item. Just ask Ryan 🙂

Well, luckily for Ryan I couldn’t actually find the curtain rods that wrap around the corner. *Womp womp* I did find several industrial curtain rods that I really liked. This one from Pottery Barn, this one from West Elm, and this one from Serena & Lily. What I did not like about these options was the price tag: $250-$300 FOR THREE WINDOWS! 

Not in the budget, y’all. We still have two whole bathrooms to finish and a bajillion other things to buy, so frugal is the name of the game right now.

Enter: DIY Curtain Rods. After some googling and Pinteresting (totally verbs), I settled on using plumbing parts. We decided to use 3/4″ galvanized pipe, which can be picked up from a hardware store like Lowe’s or Home Depot.


What is not shown in the picture above is the 3/4″ Nipple fitting. I’m not making that up. Not sure why someone thought nipple was a good name, but whatever. This is what it looks like.

diy curtain rods_nippe

We also picked up a can of Rust-oleum metallic spray paint.


I gave everything a coat of spray paint, except for the nipple fittings. I also tried to avoid getting paint inside any of the threading.


You will need to remove a couple stickers before spray painting – just fyi!


After two or three light coats of spray paint, all of the plumbing parts are ready to go.  I am  going to encourage you to do a test fitting of all the pieces while it is still on the ground, just to be sure everything works like it needs to.


You can see in the picture above, the pipe threads into the 90 degree elbow. The elbow and flange are connected with the nipple fitting. All you have to do is twist everything together. It’s that easy!!! Even a caveman could do it.

Once you have made sure all the parts are fitting well, time to grab your curtains and an extra set of hands! If you are using curtains with grommet holes, you need to put the curtains on before hanging the curtain rod. If you are using clip rings, you will need to put the rings on before putting up the curtain rod.


Getting the curtain rod on the wall is definitely a two person job. You will also need a drill, screws, and a step stool (unless you are a giant).

I have no photos of the actual going up process because it required all hands on deck! I held up one end of the rod while Ryan held up the other. He would attach his end to the wall, and then come attach mine. Then, repeat.


With all flanges attached, step back and admire your work!


Since we decided to create the look of one long curtain rod above the bed, we used a tee fitting in the center to connect the two pieces of pipe as well as attach it to the wall with a flange. You can see it right above the bed in the picture below.


There you have it! Industrial curtain rods. Here’s a quick review.

diy curtain rod tutorial copy

Here is our material list & cost break down:

  • 2 – 6′ 3/4″ galvanized pipe – $17 each
  • 1 – 5′ 3/4″ galvanized pipe – $17
  • 5 – 3/4″ galvanized floor flanges – $5.60 each
  • 4 – 3/4″ 90 degree elbow fitting – $1.90 each
  • 1 – 3/4″ Tee fitting – $2.90 each
  • 5 – 3/4″ Nipple fittings – $1.50 each

Total cost for all three windows was around $97. $30 a window is a lot better than $100 a window in my book!

Has anyone else DIY-ed curtain rods before? Any other ideas besides pipe material? Here are a couple other tutorials about industrial curtain rods – Here and here. How was your 4th of July holiday?


June’s Progress

Hello there. A few things have changed around the house since we moved in. We have slowly worked through the piles and piles of boxes. Furniture is slowly finding permanent (and temporary) spots. Some boxes have been moved upstairs to the I-will-get-there-when-I-get-there area. They will probably be there for a while 🙂

We decided to take June pretty slow. We have just focused on unpacking and working on little things to make the house feel more like home. We have also been eating dinner at an almost normal time, and we have been doing this thing called sitting? Like you sit on a couch or chair in front of the TV and watch it or something like that?

Ryan was able to get all of the window and door casing put up in the bedroom, living room, and dining room.


Remember when we dropped off a truck load to Southern Accents to have paint stripped off? This is it! We have enough original molding to finish the majority of downstairs doors and windows. You know what else? That stuff is a pain to paint! Good grief. In about 30 minutes I was able to prime the casing on TWO doors. TWO!


It might just take all summer just to prime and paint trim. No joke.

We have successfully primed and painted the trim in the bedroom downstairs, and we put up blinds.

more-money_blinds more-homey_bedroom-blinds

Hurray for no more neighbors right out side of our window every morning! Not that our neighbors are creepy. We LOVE all of our neighbors. I just don’t enjoy them being able to see right into their yard every morning.

We even got REALLY crazy and put up curtains.

more-money_bedroom-curtains More-homey_bedroom-curtains

We even DIY-ed and saved a few bucks with the curtain rods. I will be back to share more about that later. Both the curtains and blinds (see here) came from IKEA (I can’t find the curtains online, but they are called Ransby). We actually snatched those up back in March when we made a pit spot at the IKEA in Atlanta, Georgia, and I have been anxious to put them up since we moved in! It just feels so much more homey now.

I have been working on finishing the tile back splash in the kitchen off and on all month. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you may have seen these pop up.

more-homey_kitchen-tile more-homey_kitchen-tile2

I am starting to feel pretty darn good about tile skills, you guys. I am thinking I have at least moved up to intermediate! This past Saturday, I finished up the last of the back-splash. I had saved the hardest spots for last. One of those areas being the top row of tile around the crown (seen above) and the other being the focal point behind the stove.


Whew. Too many 45 degree cuts make my brain hurt!! Ha. Actually, this was easier than the tile around the cabinet crown. I am thankful to be done! I still have to grout and all that jazz, but right now I am just enjoying my handy work.

Last update for tonight, and I doesn’t revolve around the house! I chopped my hair off and donated 11 inches to Locks of Love.


Thankfully, I still have hair left! Hope you all have a great week.



So long stairs!

We have T-minus 20 days and counting until we move in to our house! AHH! So we are just chugging right along with our CO to-do list. *I think I can, I think I can*

The big project for last Saturday was to demo and rebuild the stairs. Remember these beauties?

Merrimack Renovation stairs

Saturday it was so long stairs! Fair well. You are gross and yucky, and I will not miss your soggy, spongy treads!

stairs_beginning Stairs_demo

All I had to do was bring in the muscle!


Ryan and my Dad tear things down at such different speeds it is almost hilarious. Ryan is very methodical and moves forward slowly. You can tell he is thinking as he goes (engineer). Dad on the other hand, just goes. “Oh you want that torn down? Done!” Boom. Dad is done. I think Dad took down 3/4 of the stairs in the time it took Ryan to do 1/4. It’s just funny to watch the different personalities at work!

Dad and I ripped down the stair treads on the table saw while Ryan rebuilt the bottom platform. Since we kept the original stair runner, they are narrower than stairs you would find in a newer home. With that said, every stair tread had to be cut down to the correct size. As far as the platform at the bottom,  we decided to go with a platform that was similar to the one existing, hoping our building inspector won’t notice or question it as much (Sooo SHHHH!! Don’t tell Claire). Also, the stair runner actually sits on the platform, so made things extra fun for Ryan.

Stiars_platform stairs_ryan

The platform and building the first step was all Ryan’s doing. I have no idea what all he did to make that work. I just cut treads as I was told and carried oak treads back and forth. FYI – Oak treads are pretty darn, heavy y’all.


The project took most of the day, but by 7 pm Saturday evening, we had new stair treads!


Hurray! Safe stairs. Still steep, but no more sagging or hole in the middle. Mom did her fair share of work, too. She got the privilege of cleaning the toilets that have been hanging out in the yard. Not just one, but two toilets!



One is from the original bathroom and one is actually from a friend. Yay free toilets! He thought I was kidding when I said, “Yes, I will take the toilet.” You know what the original toilet was filled with?

Take a guess.

Really. Guess.

It’s really gross.

So gross I don’t have pictures.

Keep in mind the toilet was in the yard for 9 months or more.

SLUGS! The toilet was full of slugs. BLAH!!!!!!!!

So full of slugs is a slight exaggeration, but there were some slugs on the bottom side of the toilet, along with grass and mud. GROSS!!!

With a good pair of gloves and a little elbow grease they are good as new.


Some other updates – I finished grouting tile last week…


We also got the living room and powder room painted. I love the living room color! SW Riverway for anyone wondering. It doesn’t show well in these photos, but it is really pretty.

paint_living-room2 paint_living-room


My Dad also wanted me to show of some of his handy work (other than demolition). Check out our home audio stuff….


And our tech closet. I don’t really know what to call it, but it is all thanks to Dad.


Ooooohhhh. Ahhhhh.

I also got started on the bathroom vanity for upstairs. More updates soon! I can tell you that I love the vanity and the plumber did NOT threaten to kill me when he saw it yesterday. Victory!!

Vanity-sneak-peekWhew. That’s where we are. What have you been up to? Anyone have free time and want to come over? I won’t stop you!

Peace. Have a good week!