Master Bath Plans

Hey there strangers! Ryan and I have been making some steady progress around the house here lately. I mentioned here that we thoroughly enjoyed a few snow days and knocked out most of our to-do list for the nursery. I have a few more things to hang on the wall and then I will share more pictures. Promise!

We have been focusing most of our time and energy (and money) lately on the master bathroom. The master bedroom is currently a holding room for all the fixtures for the bathroom, as well as tools and everything else that comes with a renovation. It is quite lovely!

Master bedroom

Not exactly a relaxing master bedroom yet 🙂

Here is a peak at what we are planning on using in the bathroom as far as finishes go.

master bath design borad copy

Lots of white subway tile with our vintage tub and new pedestal sinks. As far as flooring choices, my beloved marble hexagon tile or marble basket weave was not in the budget. At all. Nor would it realistically EVER be in our bathroom budget. Twelve to twenty dollars a square foot is a LARGE chunk of change when you are looking at 200+ square feet. Darn you large bathroom! *first world problems* When it comes to bathrooms, I tend to be drawn to three main flooring types: Marble, white hexagon tile, and wood flooring. You may remember that we used the white hexagon tile in the other upstairs bathroom – you can see that here. While I love the look in that bathroom, even the hexagon tile was stretching the budget. Laying a mosaic tile is also pretty time consuming, so we pretty much scratched that option. That leaves us with hardwood. You probably already know, but hardwood + lots of water = not friends.

After doing a little research, we decided that vinyl plank that looked like hardwood would actually be the best option as far as durability and water was concerned. I will be honest and say I was skeptical of the vinyl tile in regards to looks. I will openly admit that I am a design snob. No same here. We also ordered the flooring online, so I didn’t get to see it in person before taking the plunge. That always makes me nervous! So, when the flooring came in I was pleasantly surprised by the color and “grain” variation. It is a lot prettier than I thought it would be!

Ryan and I were able to get the flooring installed over the course of a week and weekend. You may have seen this photo on Instagram or Facebook a few weeks ago.

Starting master bath vinyl flooring

Feet are gone Why yes, I can help lay vinyl flooring at 30 weeks pregnant! We opted for glue down vinyl over the floating since we were using it in a wet area. The glue down was also cheaper, so that didn’t hurt either! Ryan did the actually gluing part of the process and his words are “Easy, but not fun.” By not fun, he means he at one point said, “I will never do this again,” and “This is stupid. I would rather lay tile.” I kindly reminded him that he has never actually laid tile 🙂 We had a pretty good little system worked out. I would select and layout the flooring in the bedroom (kind of like dry fitting for tile) and then bring the pieces to Ryan. If anything needed to be cut or trimmed, I would do that while Ryan applied more glue to the subfloor. Yay teamwork!

Finished flooring in bathroom

Finished flooring

The flooring is complete and next up on the agenda….

Master bath shower

Shower!!! Tile!!! Toilet!!! Sinks!!!! Ya know, all that stuff that actually makes a bathroom a bathroom. No biggie 🙂

Since we came in under budget with the vinyl flooring, we were able to splurge a little on the tile for the shower floor. Meet my precious marble flooring!


Happy girl right here! Ryan will be installing all of the fixtures himself and I am taking care of most of the tile work. I am a self declared tile ninja remember? 😉

What have you guys been up to lately? Any experience with installed your own plumbing fixtures? Fingers crossed things go well this week! We could have a working toilet by the end of the week. Who knew that would be so exciting?!?!?! Have a good week!


Our (almost) Kitchen

Guys. Can you believe it is May? Seriously? Where is the time going? Do you want to know what is even crazier? We are moving in at the END OF  MONTH. Ahhh!!!! *Insert minor freak out here*

Actually, I am not quite in panic mode yet, just a little stressed when I think about what all we have left to do. The good news is that we are on track with our to-do list! We just have to stay that way for a few more weeks 🙂

If you are friends with me on Facebook or Instagram you already know last week was pretty darn exciting. First off, Ryan and Dad rocked out the kitchen flooring two Saturdays ago, and it looks awesome!

Kitchen-flooring Kitchen-flooring-2 Kitchen-flooring-3 kitchen-flooring-pantry

Here is a close up/glamour shot! I love the variety of light and dark grays!


Since the boys installed the floor, Mom and I were charge of cleaning….


THEN we had cabinets installed in the kitchen, pantry, laundry area and had the built-in for the living room dropped off. Let’s start with the kitchen.

kitchen-cabinets kitchen-cabinets-island

I LOVE THEM! I work at a custom cabinetry shop (Huntsville American Cabinets for you locals), so I am pretty picky when it comes to cabinets. I knew exactly what I wanted. AND since I work at a cabinet shop and get a pretty sweet discount, I was actually able to afford my dream cabines. Brittney for the win!!!

Our cabinets are built out of maple in a shaker style (flush construction – which I LOVE!), with a painted exterior and stained interior. The color is Sherwin Williams Pure White – same color as the ceiling. We have a few bells and whistles I will share later once we get moved in.

Let’s move on to the laundry area (which is technically in the kitchen, too).

kitchen-cabinets-laundry2 kitchen-cabinets-laundry

The living room piece is actually just primed for paint. I am still not sure what color I am going to paint it.


Ryan and I will be adding shelving above at some point. Not this month!

And lastly the pantry. I can’t even tell you how excited I am about having a walk in pantry!!!!!


Feel free to scroll back up and look at the pictures again and admire my cabinets. I still walk by and admire them myself 🙂

You know what comes after cabinets? Counter tops!!!!

kitchen-counter-tops kitchen-countertops

On the back wall we went with butcher block counter tops from Ikea. We actually purchased them through Ikea Run Huntsville. If you are in Huntsville, I would highly recommend Ikea run. This is our third purchase with no troubles what so ever! Ryan and I decided to go with butcher block because it was something we could install ourselves, pretty inexpensive, and would allow us to still have an under mount sink. It’s pretty with white cabinets as well.


Now the island is actually laminate.


Do you remember me mentioning the faux marble here? Well we bought it, and it is pretty darn awesome. So pretty I pet it as I walk by. Just ask Ryan.

What is NOT awesome is laying tile.


I made the mistake of laying tile for two evenings (approx. 5 hours) without knee pads because “I’m twenty-four and I don’t need NO STICKIN’ knee pads-blah-blah-blah.” That was bad. Very very bad. Knee pads are awesome, and you should wear them when you are crawling on your knees for hours.

This week we are working on painting, grouting and finishing tile in the bathroom, customizing the bathroom vanity, and some other odds and end.

Does anyone else have butcher block in their kitchen? How is maintenance for it? Tips anyone? Does anyone else have “Dream Cabinets” or is that just me? 🙂



Hello Drywall My Old Friend.

Ryan and I spent our Saturday morning running around like chickens with our heads cut off knocking out the last of our pre-drywall list. We were able to finish framing the closet for the second upstairs bedroom (Note – Our children will not have walk in closets. Something tells me they will survive though. First world problems are so hard!).


We FINALLY removed the LAST window unit! I won’t miss that eye sore anymore.


When we removed the window unit and took down the bead board under neath, we found this lovely treat.


A bird’s nest! What every homeowner wants hidden underneath their window sill, right? 🙂 Kidding. I wasn’t really excited about it either, but I just cleaned up the mess and moved on to something else. In the crooked room, we also finally got around to moving this giant, metal, storage thing. It his been there since we bought the house. It was too big to get down the stairs (with the original wall there) so the homeowner left it. And we avoided it.

For 8 months.


Turns out it is not nearly as heavy as I thought it was. You know what is nice about slightly-steeper-than-normal-stairs? You can slide things down very easily!! Things like giant metal objects. I see children attempting to slide down stairs on their mattress in our future.

Dear Future Children. I am already onto your mattress slide scheming, and I will probably join you. Don’t tell your father. The End. 

Peace out metal foreign object.

Ryan and I wrapped up everything on our list Saturday morning and then spent the afternoon driving to Shoals (about an hour and a half one way) to check out some heart pine flooring I found on Craig’s list. I have yet to be burned by Craig’s list, but I know it happens, so I still get a little nervous about Craig’s list finds. I get even more nervous when it involves a chunk of time and a chunk of money.

When we pulled up the wood was loaded on the back of a trailer….


AND IT WAS AWESOME! It was just what I had hoped it would be, maybe even better! We borrowed a friend’s trailer (thanks John!) and carried home 500 square feet of heart pine for the kitchen (at $1 per square foot, also awesome!). I am so excited about it! Here is a close up.


I love it!!!! The only bad part about Saturday was the fact that it was cold. and snowing. and cold. AND SNOWING.


SNOW. IN ALABAMA! The day I have to load, haul, and unload 500 square feet of wood flooring, of course it snows.

Now…for what you have all been waiting for….


Drywall was delivered Monday! Have you ever seen drywall being delivered by that really awesome crane thing?! Um. It’s awesome and scary all at the same time.



There was so much drywall! 100 sheets of drywall! They even started hanging it the day it was delivered. WE. HAVE. WALLS. YO.

It freaks me out a little guys. Freaks me out. Have you ever watched drywall be delivered? Am I the only person who finds  a bird’s nest in their exterior walls? What about the flooring we picked up, what do you think??



Brain Dump: December updates

Stuff is happening around the Saffell house. You know what is the best part? I am not the person doing it!!! Hurray for plumbers and electricians. Well, technically we are still working, but just at a slower pace right now. I even took an evening off and joined my mom for a 5K through The Galaxy of Lights.


Fun, right?!?!( Answer is yes) So much fun! If you live in the Huntsville Area, the Galaxy of Lights 5K is worth doing, even if you just want to walk it!

Anyways, back to house update. First, the stuff Ryan and I have actually completed ourselves: one is taking up the rest of the hardwood flooring in the back part of the living room.


Removing the hardwood just requires some time, some muscle, a hammer, and a crowbar. Preferably a buddy and some music, then taking up hardwood is almost not terrible. Masks are also encouraged if your house is as dirty as ours!

After about three or four evenings after work, we had all the hardwood taken up. We were able salvage about 80% and plan on laying it downstairs in the bedroom. Removing the hardwood revealed…..



More hardwood! Boom. Our entire living room, entry, and dining area are now the same level. Saffells for the win!


I also finally removed the last little section of vinyl flooring in the dining room. There is still a section of wallpaper I am ignoring, but we are not going to talk about that today.


Of course, Bella had to inspect my work.


Thankfully I passed. Bella also inspected the plumber’s supplies while she was at it. Also passed.


Ryan and I also started prepping for our new windows and vinyl.


Step 1. Remove the temporary plastic coverings and begin removing window flashing.



Under flashing we found the original window trim…which is really just rotten wood. Ew.


We also found that the original exterior is still intact.


In case you forget, or we forget, that our house is 112 years old, here is proof.


House wrap. Insulation. Plywood sheeting. Ha. That’s for sissies!

Okay, kidding. It is not for sissies, just houses that are not as old as ours. Anyways, back to windows. We put up plywood and house wrap for our new window sizes.


After the windows are in place we will patch the vinyl and put up new vinyl, flashing and trim. For now, this works! We should have windows in two weeks. New windows will be pretty glorious!

Now, let’s get to the exciting stuff….the stuff Ryan and I are not actually doing…ELECTRICAL WORK.


The Electricians started last week and to be perfectly honest, it was a little slow at first. I was a little cranky that it took almost three days just to put up boxes.


However, once the boxes were in place, and they started pulling wire, BAM! Wire, wire, everywhere!

electrical-update-switches Electrical-update-entry

There is wire everywhere. There is wire hanging down from the ceiling where light fixtures will go. There is wire outside where we are adding exterior lights and outlets. There are outlet boxes in convenient locations. Best of all, this electrical wiring won’t cause our house to go up in flames like the old stuff would have. Again, Saffells for the win!

Ryan also spent last Saturday digging a trench so our electricians could run the service in the ground from the street to the house. Just ask Ryan how much he loves digging trenches next time you see him! I think he has a new favorite hobby….*insert sarcasm*

So there you have it, Saffell house updates. What have you been up to lately? Have you had a positive experience with electricians before? I am really digging this coming-over-at-lunch-and-work-got-done-thing. Very cool!



31 Days: Break for progress

Since we are about halfway through the series, I decided to continue with Friday’s theme and take a break (rest) from the series to give you some updates. Guess what? I have more than wallpaper to update you on. Woot woot!!!

Mom and Dad came out last weekend to give us a hand. Ryan put Dad on electrical duty, which consisted of pulling all of the old knob and tube wiring.

Dad even agreed to go under the house and pull the wiring there. Ryan was very excited Dad was willing to go under the house! Some spots of the crawl space are pretty spacious and easy to move around; however, some spots are pretty tiny, like “I am in no way shape or form going under the house unless someone is chasing me with a knife” kind of tiny.  Dad hopped through the hole in the porch creating A LOT of confusion for Bella and Tori.

Bella kept running back and forth between the living room (right above Dad) and the hole in porch. Dad caught on  and decided to ag it on. It was pretty hilarious! Poor confused puppy!

A little while later Dad reappeared from underneath the house looking a little dirty…

Ok, a lot dirty 🙂 Isn’t my Dad awesome?

With Dad on electrical duty, Ryan started working on sistering all of the joists in the kitchen. One joist had a good bit of water damage and the others were, well, OLD. Instead of being stiff and solid, they were more like trampolines.

Can you guess what I was doing?

Yea. Wallpaper. Only this is not like the other wallpaper on the ceiling. The dining room wallpaper came down pretty easy thanks to the steamer. This wallpaper you ask? Um. No. This wallpaper was made by the Devil himself to torment me. My guess is they painted one the of layers of wallpaper so the steam can’t penetrate the bottom two layers. In the time we scraped almost the entire dining room, we had only done an eight of the living room. *Womp womp*

Now, let’s fast forward to this weekend. Operation New Fence began!!

Step 1: Take down the chain-link fencing.

Step 2: Dig up posts.

Ryan and our friend John were able to take down all of the chain link fencing in about three hours. After lunch they started working on the posts. Ryan and John were able to muscle several of them out with just a few tugs. Some, however, required digging, muscle and even a tractor.

By 4 o’clock Saturday, all that was left was a few more posts.

In case you were wondering, the dogs were tied to their dog house and will be staying there during the fence project (except for at night when we take them home with us to the condo).

Please pray we and the dogs can survive without a fence for two weeks!!

While the boys were working on removing the fence, I started working on taking up some of the hardwood flooring in the back living room. We are hoping to re-install this flooring upstairs in one of the small bedrooms and refinish the hardwood underneath.

Well, what I hadn’t planned on doing was removing the small concrete pad in front of the fireplace….

I quickly realized the concrete was actually laying on a small portion of the wood, so when the wood came up, the concrete came up.

I tried to take up a few large pieces by myself, but quickly saw I was only butchering the wood while trying to pull it up by myself. It would have to wait until I had another set of hands…err…crowbar.

Ryan did get wood moved around for me so I could finish scraping the wallpaper in the back living room.

Scraping this was almost blissful after that demon wallpaper!! I was able to finish in about an hour.

I forgot to take a picture of the room COMPLETELY FREE OF WALLPAPER! Oops!

Last update – We got our building permit!

What did you guys do this weekend? Any takers on helping peel demon wallpaper??

Thanks for reading! Regular 31 day series will start back tomorrow! If you have advice to share for the series, I would love to hear it 🙂


Small Victories

There hasn’t been a lot going on at the house this week. With our carpenter being away due to an injury and our work/church/life schedule this week, progress has been pretty minor. We are still chipping away at the smaller, more tedious, but more time-consuming projects like scraping wall paper for example. Oh, the wall paper. Are you ready to start throwing tomatoes at me when I mention wall paper? Can you throw tomatoes in blog land? Hopefully I won’t be finding out anytime soon 🙂

Small victories in wallpaper removal

This picture was actually taken a few weeks ago before the half ton of lumber and new decking was plopped down in the living room.  While I am THRILLED to have two entire walls free of wallpaper, Bella was not as impressed. You cannot impress that girl dog.

I am continuing to use the same wallpaper removal spray I mentioned previously here.

I have even moved on to scrapping the ceilings!! If you think scrapping wall paper on the walls is fun, you should try scrapping it above your head. Whole new level of fun!!! Advice: wear goggles because it sucks to dig it out of your eye….not that I would know about that…totally all Ryan…cough cough….

Look at that beautiful bead board!! Now imagine it clean and painted a crisp white. Sigh. One day it will look like this….

House of Smiths blog

Ten June blog

One day. Until then, I will just keep scraping wallpaper gunk.

Right now, I have about 65% of the living room ceiling done. I have been having to make my way around the giant pile of wood and decking in the middle of the floor. Remember when I posted this picture?

While the pile of stuff has gotten smaller, it is still pretty darn large and this girl is not moving all that decking just to scrape wall paper. I have plenty of other stuff to do until the decking is where it should be: on our porches!

My life has not only revolved around scrapping wall paper. We just keep-on-keepin’ on with scraping vinyl as well. All of the living room vinyl is up, and we have made our way into the dining room. Can I get a woop woop?!

Just like the living room, there is a large pile of wood laying in the floor. Vinyl scraping is officially “DONE” for now. Or until that pile of wood moves. Mentally, it is a small victory for the Saffells.

Saffells:1 Vinyl: 0

If you ever find yourself in a vinyl scraping situation (I pray you don’t, but it happens), I find cutting the vinyl into strips about 10-12″ wide and 16-18″ deep with a box cutter or all-purpose knife helpful. It gives you an edge to work to, and I think it speeds up the process. I am able to pull up much larger sections when I cut into smaller portions. I have been using a 2″ and 6″ putty knife. For vinyl that is really ornery – if you can call vinyl ornery – I use the 2″, but for sections where the vinyl is more forgiving and a little looser, I use the 6″.

We have also made small progress with the bank. We have another appraiser coming out next week. HOPEFULLY this is the last step to getting our greedy little hands on the construction loan. Hopefully is key! I am almost to the point where I am going to introduce myself as, “Hi, my name is Brittney, and I hate banks.” We did find out that the first appraisal was much lower than what we want and need, like make me cry for days kind of low. Fingers crossed the next will be better!

Do you guys have any plans for the long weekend? I see some wall paper scraping and Alabama football in my future! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

The Floor & Chimney Showdown

The chimney demo finally happened folks! We actually have to rewind a little to before framing started. I am trying to really hard to keep this blog in “real-time” as in how things are happening, so you see a post from something that happened the week of (give or take a few days), but the past two weeks have been a little busier for various reasons. Therefore, I am behind. Bad blogger!! Forgive me.

With that said, let’s move on. Two weeks ago we had two big tasks that had to happen in order for the carpenter to get started.

Task 1 – Remove the kitchen chimney. You can see here where we found the third chimney  we didn’t know we had. I wouldn’t put that into the “fun surprises” category; however, seeing to go was fun!

I actually was out of commission for this project. I was in a wedding that day and left the chimney demo to Ryan and Muscle (aka Dad).  I was expecting there to be a lot of sledge hammers, sore backs and coal dust. Ryan and Dad were expecting there to be a lot of sledge hammers, sore backs and coal dust. I think everyone who reads this blog was probably expecting a lot of sledge hammers, sore backs, and coal dust.

Um, wrong. I think it went something like one hammer, two hammer, take-all-of-the-bricks-down-one-by-one-with-your-hand, no sweating required. It was WAY easier and WAY faster than anyone expected. Dad and Ryan were done in an hour. Hurray for a pleasant surprise!!

This leads us to Task 2 – Removing the hardwood floors upstairs in the future master bathroom.

Like most of the demo jobs in the house, the only tools required were a hammer, crow bar, and a little muscle. Since it only required a little muscle, Ryan and I tackled it ourselves., slowly, plank by plank, in hopes we could reuse it downstairs in the termite bedroom.

We were both pleasantly surprised how well we were able to take them up. By well, I mean  we could take each wood plank up with the tongue and grove in tact. We took our time and will probably be able to reuse about 95% of the hardwood. Score for the Saffells!

This room is about 15′ x 12′ and we were able to get all of the hardwood up in two afternoons of work, so about 5 hours. Not shabby (by our standards)!

One funny moment from the floor demo – a lesson on how to fill holes in a hardwood floor.

Apparently a plastic bag will do the trick! Who knew?? 🙂

Once we had all the flooring up, we had to bring Bella in for quality control.

Luckily, she approved of our work. She even went as far as WALKING on the bead board ceiling. Um, I about had a heart attack. For one, I thought she was going to fall through the ceiling, and two, if she had fallen through the ceiling I would have cried. Not just because Bella fell, but because she messed up my beautiful bead board ceiling. True story. Thankfully, the bead board held her weight long enough for us to grab her off of it.

While I wouldn’t call this project hard, there was some labor involved. We both definitely woke up Monday morning with sore backs and knees. Even at twenty something, we are too old for this! Ha. Okay, perhaps it isn’t age, just our bodies not being used to manual labor. Whatever reason, it made for a rough Monday morning.

I am very excited about he possibility of reusing this floor downstairs. The only issue is we may not have enough, so I need to do the math (yuck) and figure that out. We also have to take the up the hardwoods where the second upstairs bathroom will be. I think between the two rooms, we will have just enough. Ryan disagrees, but we all know what happened last time Ryan was in charge of square footage….

Progress is still going on with the framing, slowly but surely it is all getting done. Also, no updates on the construction loan. BOO! We were supposed to close on Friday, but no luck. What do you guys have going on this week? Ryan and I had a nice date last night to celebrate my 24th birthday. Thank you to those of you who wished a Happy Birthday in person, over the phone or via Facebook. All were appreciated 🙂 Have a great rest of the week!

Termites: The dreaded fourth story

Termite issues are turning into a terrible fourth movie. Like Indiana Jones. The Land Before Time. Fast and Furious. Rocky. I could go on, but I won’t.

Well, when we were working on taking up the multiple layers of flooring in the kitchen, we found more damage in the floor. I am serious you guys. We. Found. More!

It was most obvious in the first player of hardwood, so under a layer of vinyl, particle board, vinyl and hardwood. While it wasn’t nearly as damaged at the floor in the downstairs bedroom, it was very noticeable. Once we saw the damage, we immediately stopped working and called Cooks. I sent photos to the contractor so he would believe me. I then made the comment to Ryan,”Maybe we can get a free kitchen sub-floor out of this! Wouldn’t that be awesome?!” Ha. Ryan wasn’t sure if they would even take my call or listen to my voice mail. He thinks we are going to be on their black list or something. If Cooks has a black list, I am sure we must be getting close to making it.

If you are new here, you can see stories on our previous rounds of termite damage here, here and here.

Thankfully Cooks did take my call and came by this past Wednesday to check out the damage and confirm it was indeed termites. *sigh*

They will be coming out next week to finish taking up all of the hardwood and sub-floor and will come back when we are ready for them to lay down the new sub-floor. Pretty awesome, right? That is one less thing we have to do and one less thing to pay for *insert awkward-white-girl-happy dance!!

Speaking of paying for things, we are SO close to wrapping up the construction loan! We met with our banker last Friday and our loan has been approved, meaning we qualify for the amount we would like to borrow (which we were not really worried about), but we still have to meet with the appraiser this coming week, so he/she can appraise the “after” value of all the work. Fingers crossed that goes well!

We are off to get some work done! What are you doing this weekend? Has anyone removed a chimney before? That is coming up on our to-do list very soon!

Have a great weekend!

Bringing in the muscle: Removing 5 layers of kitchen flooring

When it comes to projects that require (or would at least be faster) some extra muscle, I call in the destroyer: My Dad.

Beginning to demo the kitchen floor definitely qualifies as one of those projects where some extra muscle comes in handy. Thankfully Dad was free and willing to help! He is totally in the lead for Dad of the Year 2012.

The guys attacked the floor with a circular saw, sledge hammers, large crow bars, and some muscle power. The goal was to remove the top half of the flooring in the laundry room: One layer of vinyl, one layer of particle board subfloor, another layer of vinyl, and a layer of hardwood. Crazy, right?!?! All of the floors measure to about 3 inches of flooring. Insane.

We didn’t leave ALL of the hard work to Dad. Ryan got his fair share of fun, too.

My Dad wasn’t the only one to join the fun on Saturday. My Grandpa and cousin Tyler gave a hand as well. Tyler now has a new hatred for wallpaper.

Just kidding. Well, he may have a new hatred for it. I am not really sure. In all seriousness, he was a champ. He didn’t complain AT ALL! How many adults teenagers scrape wallpaper without complaining? Um. Like none. Major props for Tyler!

Grandpa pitched in with the kitchen floor demo and clean up.

I am not sure if Grandma knows Papa can use a broom. He has been hiding that skill for years. SECRET IS OUT PAPA! I have a picture to prove that you can pitch in with house hold cleaning 🙂

I spent my Saturday with this guy: Hello Shop Vac. I am glad we are friends.

I started vacuuming downstairs trying to remove the 100+ years of dirt and coal dust under the stairs and between the removed walls. It may not sound fun, but it was pretty rewarding watching all of the dust and dirt disappear. It gave me hope, hope that one day, in the not so distant future, this house will be clean.

After some quality time with the shop vac, Tyler and I had a nail pulling party. We went around the living room pulling nails from all of the studs that will be remaining, either as interior walls or exterior walls.

I threw in a little wallpaper scraping and vinyl scraping just for kicks, ya know, round out the day. By the end of the day, the “muscle” (Dad and Ryan) had removed the top layers of flooring in the laundry room, just like we hoped. Yay! Tori looked like this at the end of the day.

Tired puppies + tired Saffells = done for the day.

Fingers crossed we can stay on schedule the next few weeks before we bring in contractors and things REALLY get moving! Still no updates on the construction loan. It shouldn’t be too much longer though.

What have you been up to this weekend? Any floor demo? Clean up? Do you share a love for a shop vac? Thanks for stopping by!