Trick or Treat, Happy Thanksgiving, and Merry Christmas!

Duuuuudddeeeee. Where did the last of 2014 go? Seriously? Time is just whizzing by these days. So, lets catch up, shall we?

Happy Halloween!


The original plan was for the three of us to dress up in a Peter Pan theme. Ryan would be Peter Pan, I would be Peter Pan’s shadow and Reagan would be Tinkerbell. Well, Ryan got sick right at Halloween, so I decided that I would look really silly as a shadow with no Peter Pan, so I took on Ryan’s role as Peter Pan and took Reagan to our Sunday School costume party to show off her Tinkerbell outfit. Thank you Disney Outlet!


Next up, Thanksgiving!

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We spent Thanksgiving with my family this year. Most of my family is close by, so it’s not too crazy of a day for us. We have one Thanksgiving meal for lunch and another for dinner, both in 30 minutes of each other (yay!).

Merry Christmas!

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Reagan’s first Christmas was so fun! She loved eating wrapping paper and playing with tissue paper more than most gifts, but she has come to enjoy a few new toys as well. Thankfully, we were not overwhelmed with toys. She was also in a great mood all day!! Mood is always questionable with an infant when his/her┬áschedule is out of rhythm. Overall, we are blessed with a happy, even tempered little girl. She is so good sometimes it is weird. Our second child will either be the Devil himself or Reagan will turn against us as a teenager, mark my words.

Well, now that we are kind of caught up, what is new with you guys? I am hoping to get back in the a blogging rhythm, but I have been saying that for months and here we are ­čÖé I am also hoping Reagan will start taking longer naps soon which will help! Fingers crossed!

Lastly, believe it or not but we have made some progress around the house with a few things! I will do a quick recap next time on things around the house.

Happy New Year and Roll Tide!


Quick Festive Fun

When I saw Layla’s quick little Halloween craft (you can see it here) a few weeks ago, I got inspired to whip up this little mason jar craft!



Quick + Easy + Almost Free = CRAFT GOLD!

Here are the supplies you need: Mason jar (or a clean empty can would work, too), gauze, hot glue, googly eyes, and a candle of some sort.


So, all you do is wrap the gauze around the jar to your desire, tuck the ends of the gauze in and add a dab of hot glue if need be. Next, create a spot for eyes and attach with hot glue. TA-DA! You are done! One not-really-spooky-mummy-or-ghost-Halloween-decor.




There is another new addition to our porch as well. Meet Cat.




I think she just likes sleeping on a pretty porch. And my mom feeds her. It is probably the latter.

October 024

Has anyone else whipped up some quick Halloween crafts lately? You can see A TON over on The Lettered Cottage’s fall craft link up from a few weeks ago. Anyone working on a really sweet Halloween Costume? I would love to hear!







Happy Love Day!

Check out what this lucky lady got at work yesterday.

Aren’t they lovely? (yes they are)

Ryan and I are staying in tonight, BUT Ryan is fixing dinner (that doesn’t happen much people). Last night he asked if I would just sit in the kitchen and supervise because he didn’t want to ruin it. Ha! I promised to┬ástay within┬áear shot ­čÖé

If you still need something for your sweetie, check out these quick crafts.

Valentine’s Subway Art – just print and put into a frame you already have!

February Subway Art

Image from Dollar Store Crafts

Vintage Style Printables – I love the vintage flair of these printable cards!

┬áValentine’s Day Paper Chain – For the crafter at heart.

Are you doing anything special for your sweetie? for your friends? coworkers?

Happy Valentine’s Day!