Around the house lately

Happy Monday, folks! Sorry for the silence last week. We spent the weekend in Kentucky visiting Ryan’s family and the week just got away from me. Happens to the best of us, right? We are also slowly but surely learning how to rest again. I have spent the last few weeks reading through The Joy of Cooking…


and Ryan has picked up his guitar again.


Ryan and I are SLOWLY priming trim. Just priming. Paint might not happen until 2015 at the rate we are going. Priming and painting trim is painful! *insert hand cramp and soft cries here*

Trim_entry trim_diningroom

We still have half of the windows and doors downstairs to finish. I will just use my paint brush to wipe my tears. At least I find comfort in knowing I am not alone. Young House Love has been painting trim as well.

trim_livingroomnotdone July_livingroom

I also managed to knock out grouting the kitchen tile AND painting window trim in the kitchen over the holiday weekend. Boom! You can see my tile-ninja skills up close and personal here.


Painting the window above the sink made such a huge difference! I love the contrast of the dark trim against the white subway tile and white cabinets. Happy. Happy. Happy.


I still have one more window and one more window grill to paint, but I am actually eager to paint it unlike the living room trim. Eager to paint trim? Can that actually happen?


Side note – Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my island, guys? Like, I pet it when I walk by and feel the need to clean it constantly, which is very rare. Just ask my mother.


Let’s jump to the living room. We did get some work done on the living room ceiling a few weeks ago! We needed a way to cover up a seam where an old wall used to be, so we came up with this solution. Here we are before we started: bead board in all of its wallpaper free glory!



And here we are now: Bead board glorify amplified!

livingroom_afterbeams2 livingroom_afterbeams

We kept some of the old 2 x 4s from our house to use as wood “beams” in the entry and living room. Originally, we planned on doing a grid, but after putting up the “beams” in one direction, we decided to stop there. ¬†I will be back with a more detailed post on the ceiling, and hopefully some better after pictures. I took these on my Iphone like 30 minutes ago. Bad blogger.

Lastly, Ryan and I hosted our first real dinner guest last week: my family.


Paprika chicken with strawberry-spinach salad, fresh summer veggies and home-made bread. Dad even ate his vegetables. Winning!!! It was so nice being able to cook a meal for them in a clean, almost-finished home. We even had my grandma over while she was in town.

What have you guys been up to lately? Any summer projects going on? Anyone just really passionate about painting trim? If so, you are welcome here! ūüôā




June’s Progress

Hello there. A few things have changed around the house since we moved in. We have slowly worked through the piles and piles of boxes. Furniture is slowly finding permanent (and temporary) spots. Some boxes have been moved upstairs to the I-will-get-there-when-I-get-there area. They will probably be there for a while ūüôā

We decided to take June pretty slow. We have just focused on unpacking and working on little things to make the house feel more like home. We have also been eating dinner at an almost normal time, and we have been doing this thing called sitting? Like you sit on a couch or chair in front of the TV and watch it or something like that?

Ryan was able to get all of the window and door casing put up in the bedroom, living room, and dining room.


Remember when we dropped off a truck load to Southern Accents to have paint stripped off? This is it! We have enough original molding to finish the majority of downstairs doors and windows. You know what else? That stuff is a pain to paint! Good grief. In about 30 minutes I was able to prime the casing on TWO doors. TWO!


It might just take all summer just to prime and paint trim. No joke.

We have successfully primed and painted the trim in the bedroom downstairs, and we put up blinds.

more-money_blinds more-homey_bedroom-blinds

Hurray for no more neighbors right out side of our window every morning! Not that our neighbors are creepy. We LOVE all of our neighbors. I just don’t enjoy them being able to see right into their yard every morning.

We even got REALLY crazy and put up curtains.

more-money_bedroom-curtains More-homey_bedroom-curtains

We even DIY-ed and saved a few bucks with the curtain rods. I will be back to share more about that later. Both the curtains and blinds (see here) came from IKEA (I can’t find the curtains online, but they are called Ransby). We actually snatched those up back in March when we made a pit spot at the IKEA in Atlanta, Georgia, and I have been anxious to put them up since we moved in! It just feels so much more homey now.

I have been working on finishing the tile back splash in the kitchen off and on all month. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you may have seen these pop up.

more-homey_kitchen-tile more-homey_kitchen-tile2

I am starting to feel pretty darn good about tile skills, you guys. I am thinking I have at least moved up to intermediate! This past Saturday, I finished up the last of the back-splash. I had saved the hardest spots for last. One of those areas being the top row of tile around the crown (seen above) and the other being the focal point behind the stove.


Whew. Too many 45 degree cuts make my brain hurt!! Ha. Actually, this was easier than the tile around the cabinet crown. I am thankful to be done! I still have to grout and all that jazz, but right now I am just enjoying my handy work.

Last update for tonight, and I doesn’t revolve around the house! I chopped my hair off and donated 11 inches to Locks of Love.


Thankfully, I still have hair left! Hope you all have a great week.



Our (almost) Kitchen

Guys. Can you believe it is May? Seriously? Where is the time going? Do you want to know what is even crazier? We are moving in at the END OF  MONTH. Ahhh!!!! *Insert minor freak out here*

Actually, I am not quite in panic mode yet, just a little stressed when I think about what all we have left to do. The good news is that we are on track with our to-do list! We just have to stay that way for a few more weeks ūüôā

If you are friends with me on Facebook or Instagram you already know last week was pretty darn exciting. First off, Ryan and Dad rocked out the kitchen flooring two Saturdays ago, and it looks awesome!

Kitchen-flooring Kitchen-flooring-2 Kitchen-flooring-3 kitchen-flooring-pantry

Here is a close up/glamour shot! I love the variety of light and dark grays!


Since the boys installed the floor, Mom and I were charge of cleaning….


THEN we had cabinets installed in the kitchen, pantry, laundry area and had the built-in for the living room dropped off. Let’s start with the kitchen.

kitchen-cabinets kitchen-cabinets-island

I LOVE THEM! I work at a custom cabinetry shop (Huntsville American Cabinets for you locals), so I am pretty picky when it comes to cabinets. I knew exactly what I wanted. AND since I work at a cabinet shop and get a pretty sweet discount, I was actually able to afford my dream cabines. Brittney for the win!!!

Our cabinets are built out of maple in a shaker style (flush construction – which I LOVE!), with a painted exterior and stained interior. The color is Sherwin Williams Pure White – same color as the ceiling. We have a few bells and whistles I will share later once we get moved in.

Let’s move on to the laundry area (which is technically in the kitchen, too).

kitchen-cabinets-laundry2 kitchen-cabinets-laundry

The living room piece is actually just primed for paint. I am still not sure what color I am going to paint it.


Ryan and I will be adding shelving above at some point. Not this month!

And lastly the pantry. I can’t even tell you how excited I am about having a walk in pantry!!!!!


Feel free to scroll back up and look at the pictures again and admire my cabinets. I still walk by and admire them myself ūüôā

You know what comes after cabinets? Counter tops!!!!

kitchen-counter-tops kitchen-countertops

On the back wall we went with butcher block counter tops from Ikea. We actually purchased them through Ikea Run Huntsville. If you are in Huntsville, I would highly recommend Ikea run. This is our third purchase with no troubles what so ever! Ryan and I decided to go with butcher block because it was something we could install ourselves, pretty inexpensive, and would allow us to still have an under mount sink. It’s pretty with white cabinets as well.


Now the island is actually laminate.


Do you remember me mentioning the faux marble here? Well we bought it, and it is pretty darn awesome. So pretty I pet it as I walk by. Just ask Ryan.

What is NOT awesome is laying tile.


I made the mistake of laying tile for two evenings (approx. 5 hours) without knee pads because “I’m twenty-four and I don’t need NO STICKIN’ knee pads-blah-blah-blah.” That was bad. Very very bad. Knee pads are awesome, and you should wear them when you are crawling on your knees for hours.

This week we are working on painting, grouting and finishing tile in the bathroom, customizing the bathroom vanity, and some other odds and end.

Does anyone else have butcher block in their kitchen? How is¬†maintenance¬†for it? Tips anyone? Does anyone else have “Dream Cabinets” or is that just me? ūüôā



A week in photos (too tired to type)

Hey folks. Operation move in Memorial Weekend is under way, and we are working on the house as much as possible in order to make that happen. That means I spend all my time doing stuff and am too tired to blog about all of the progress! So you will have to forgive me and just enjoy progress through pictures. Let’s begin!

Ryan and I spent last Saturday putting up reclaimed wood on the accent wall in the kitchen.



It required a little bit of cleaning…..


Then Ryan trimmed out the kitchen wall and ceiling. I say Ryan because it was all him. I had nothing to contribute other than I wanted to use the reclaimed material.




Last week we finally had the Cook’s contractor come back and put the downstairs bedroom back together.



Ryan and my Dad put down hardwood in the bedroom last Saturday while I painted and touched up trim. Fun Fun. My mom and grandma worked on some landscaping.


The most exciting news is the electricians were back this week installing light fixtures and finishing up their work.

Living-room_light-fixtures light-fixtures_kitchen Light-fixtures_bathroom Light-fixture_bathroom

Ryan and I also spent Monday night finishing up sanding, priming and painting the ceilings. I think you will approve!


The ceiling is Sherwin William’s Copian Blue and it is BEAUTIFUL. Well worth every hour of scraping wallpaper! The bead board still had plenty of character and looks 113 years old, but now it is clean and fresh! Exactly what I hoped it would look like. Brittney for the win!

Electricians are still working at the house and we are getting ready for CABINETS next week! EEKK!!!



Paint the Town White

Hey there! Hope you are all having a good week. I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who had something nice to say about the article, whether that was in person or on social media! We are excited to help draw GOOD publicity to West Huntsville. We LOVE Merrimack! I have thought about making a sign for my yard that says, “Hello! Won’t you be my neighbor? I bake cookies!” Haha. Would that make you want to move in? Brownies perhaps? Perhaps I just take the porta-potty out of the front yard? ūüôā

Anyways, we have been working on painting the town house red white this past week! Some of that being actual paint and some being a coat of primer. I spent all of last week working on priming and painting the kitchen ceiling *insert shoulder groans here* while Ryan worked on getting the living room ceiling ready for PRIMER!

I was able to prime the whole kitchen ceiling with a 3″ brush two Saturdays ago. Last week I moved on to actual paint!


For the ceiling and the cabinets we are going with Sherwin Williams Pure White. It is PRETTY, and very, very white, with almost a blue/gray undertone. It works really well with the flooring we will be putting down. You can see that here.

Since the ceiling is bead board, a brush works better than a roller. A paint sprayer would work well too, but the only paint sprayer we had at the time was a gravity feed and it didn’t work so well above my head. Stupid gravity! That left me with brushing the entire coat of primer and paint by hand.


After another couple of two-hour shifts (and a shoulder rub from Ryan), I had the entire ceiling painted. I cannot tell you how nice it is to have something WHITE and bright and clean in the house!


While I was climbing up and down a ladder 1,3i3,592 times, Ryan tackled the last of the wallpaper in the living room.


Did you catch that key word there? LAST!!! Wahoo!!

Then, he started sanding the ceilings. *Insert happy dancer*


So this tool we borrowed from a friend is AWESOME! Thank you Stephanie and Eric for saving my shoulders a week’s worth of sanding. I think it is actually designed to be used for finishing drywall, but it worked perfect for sanding the last of the glue and gunk off of the ceiling. Ryan was able to sand the entire living room area in less than an hour and a half,¬†AND the sander attaches to a shop vac so you don’t have tons of dust anywhere. Woot woot!!


The ceilings looked so CLEAN with all of the gunk gone. While the sander worked well on the ceiling, the walls are a different story. I had to sand those suckers by hand. Say hello to thing 1 and thing 2.



I used a course sanding block and a fine sanding block to prep the walls for paint. My goal was not to remove the paint, but remove the rest of the glue and gunk and dirt. If you ever want an arm work out, just sand walls by hand. Works like a charm!


With the ceilings and walls gunk free, time for primer! Again, we have awesome friends with awesome tools. We borrowed a serious paint sprayer from a friend and immediately fell in love with it.


About an hour later, Ryan had the entire room (walls and ceilings) complete.


Dude. The walls are no longer seven colors!

Can I get a virtual high five please??



Operation: Certificate of Occupancy, Bathroom Edition

Hello there! I hope you all had a nice Easter weekend. We enjoyed getting to spend a relaxing day with family. Do you guys even remember what we look like when we are showered and clean? You probably don’t so here is a refresher for you.


“Hey look! No dirt!”

Ryan and I spent Saturday working in the kitchen. I spent most of my day priming the ceiling, and Ryan spent most of his day putting up cement board. Nothing that exciting, so I will just show you a sneak peek of our progress and move on to other fun things, like bathtubs and toilets! *insert sarcasm*

Kitchen-cement-board Kitchen-priming-ceiling

A few weeks ago I talked about our certificate of occupancy to do list. One of the big items is having a working bathroom. Well, our plan from the beginning was to finish the downstairs bathroom right off the bedroom. Here is our floor plan, just to freshen your memory.

Model Model

It made sense at the time that we would finish that bathroom first, since we would be living in the downstairs bedroom. ¬†Finishing that bathroom requires tiling the floor, water proofing the shower, tiling the shower, purchasing a custom glass door that we can’t really afford right now, purchasing & installing plumbing fixtures and building a custom, wall mount vanity. Anyone tired from just reading that list?? (ME!) Finishing the bathroom is a pretty lengthy to-do list on its own, throw in everything else we have to do and it’s a full load for the next two months.

Well, last week I had a major “Duh?!” moment. Why not finish the upstairs bathroom instead? Here is our small upstairs bathroom in its current state. Here is the view from the doorway.


Upstairs-bath_vanity upstairs-bath_toilet

The most important things to notice is the fact it has a bathtub. Currently the tub serves as a storage area…

upstairs-bath_tub upstairs-bath_tile-tub

We also have a little nook for built-in shelves.


It already has a bathtub installed, and we have already bought the plumbing fixtures for the tub/shower combo. Why would we tile that entire shower downstairs and buy plumbing fixtures for it when we already have a bath tub upstairs?! Are we DUMB?! Sure, we will have to walk upstairs to shower, but finishing this bathroom will require less time and less money and right now that is more important. Insert a major “DUH?!” here please.

I’m not sure why it took us so long to come to this conclusion, and I honestly can’t remember what triggered my thought process. Whatever it was, we are both excited about saving time and money to finish this bathroom. As far as I know, walking up the stairs never killed anyone. *knock on wood*

Here is what I plan on using for materials in this bathroom. My goal is that you walk into all of our bathrooms and they don’t scream, “Hey, I’m a new bathroom!!!!” While I want the bathroom to obviously feel new and clean, I do want to use materials that would have been found in an older bath room, like subway tile, hexagon tile, and vintage inspired light fixtures.


I am still debating about a paint color. I am leaning towards green right now. We will also be building a vanity out of our old kitchen table (sewing machine table). I am pretty excited about reusing our table in a new way! Has anyone DIYed a bathroom vanity before? Any tips or ideas? Anyone just really REALLY love laying tile? If so, you are invited over! ūüôā


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Drywall is done: You are invited to a priming party!

Howdy folks! It is an exciting week in the Saffell house. Drywall is DONE! D.O.N.E. Can I get a¬†hallelujah? Anyone out there thinking we would NEVER have walls free of wallpaper?! I won’t be mad if you admit it. To be honest, I had my moments, too. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Here we are as you enter the front door.


Lovely new drywall on your left. Original bead board on your right. Then, we can peek into the dining room.


Here is a look from the back door in the living room.


Now let’s peek into the master bathroom upstairs. I won’t bore you with a picture of every wall. You are welcome.


At this point in time, I don’t know if there is anything prettier than unfinished dry wall. The house really feels like it is starting to take shape now that dry wall is up. I know we still have a lot of work left, but dry wall is just so exciting. WALLS PEOPLE, we have walls!

Ryan and I spent last week revisiting the wallpaper we have been ignoring.


One. More. Corner. I think I need a pep talk. I just want to pretend the wallpaper isn’t there and paint over it. Do you think people would notice??? It is only half an inch thick….

We spent last Saturday working on the kitchen ceiling. We decided to go with a bead board ceiling instead of dry wall, which means we are installing it. Also, we decided to cheat and use bead board sheets instead of individual boards. Once we are finished, I will share what we learned about working with bead board sheets.


Look! I am on a ladder. That doesn’t happen often!


The ceiling is taking longer than we expected (Imagine that?!?!). We hoped to knock most of it out last Saturday, but we ended up having to make plywood slats for the ceiling. We will attach the bead board to the slats instead of cutting the bead board to¬†accommodate¬†the width of the stud spacing. Cutting the bead board for each stud would have not only taken forever, but it would have created a lot of waste. Slats were not what we originally planned but in the long run it will be faster and less expensive. I’ll take it!

We also started putting bead board up in the pantry.


I am so excited about our walk in pantry I can’t even stand it. I kind of want to finish this room first because I am that excited! Sadly, our building inspector mentioned nothing about a finished pantry on our certificate of occupancy to-do list. *sigh*

Here is a funny from this week. Ryan pointed out to me that apparently he is almost too thin for manual labor.


Do you think that is what the manufacturer’s were implying when they made this tool belt? ¬†Skinny people = not allowed to use power tools or perform manual labor. Ryan has his tool belt set on the second to smallest notch. I guess you need to have a waist¬†of at least 31″ to do any work requiring a tool belt? Ryan barely passes with a waist of 32.” His wife should feed him more…gosh…. ūüėČ

Anyways, my biggest announcement for today is that we are having a “work day” this Saturday. By work day I mean we are inviting friend and family to come join us! Since the dry wall crew finished today, we are ready to put coat of primer on EVERYTHING. Primer = electricians can come back and finish! Wahoo! If you are in the area and available, we would love to have your help Saturday!

House help invitation copy

Even my grandpa is coming. If my grandpa with a fractured foot can come paint, so can you!!! *Insert major guilt trip here*

Kidding. Kind of.¬†In all seriousness, my grandpa is coming, and he does have a fractured foot. He’s just hard-core like that. If you have been following our blog and want to see it in real life (I am talking to you locals!) feel free to stop by. Bring your painting supplies. ¬†This whole paying a mortgage and paying rent/HOA fees/porta potty/storage unit is getting old and our pocket-book definitely won’t be able to handle it if Ryan is one of the lucky government employees who gets¬†furloughed. The faster we can get into our house the better, and you can help make that happen this Saturday! Putting on a coat of primer sounds small, but I promise it is a huge help. All I ask is that you let me know you are coming so I can have enough supplies ready!

Have a great rest of the week! Peace.


Hello Drywall My Old Friend.

Ryan and I spent our Saturday morning running around like chickens with our heads cut off knocking out the last of our pre-drywall list. We were able to finish framing the closet for the second upstairs bedroom (Note – Our children will not have walk in closets. Something tells me they will survive though. First world problems are so hard!).


We FINALLY removed the LAST window unit! I won’t miss that eye sore anymore.


When we removed the window unit and took down the bead board under neath, we found this lovely treat.


A bird’s nest! What every homeowner wants hidden underneath their window sill, right? ūüôā Kidding. I wasn’t really excited about it either, but I just cleaned up the mess and moved on to something else. In the crooked room, we also finally got around to moving this giant, metal, storage thing. It his been there since we bought the house. It was too big to get down the stairs (with the original wall there) so the homeowner left it. And we avoided it.

For 8 months.


Turns out it is not nearly as heavy as I thought it was. You know what is nice about slightly-steeper-than-normal-stairs? You can slide things down very easily!! Things like giant metal objects. I see children attempting to slide down stairs on their mattress in our future.

Dear Future Children. I am already onto your mattress slide scheming, and I will probably join you. Don’t tell your father. The End.¬†

Peace out metal foreign object.

Ryan and I wrapped up everything on our list Saturday morning and then spent the afternoon driving to Shoals (about an hour and a half one way) to check out some heart pine flooring I found on Craig’s list. I have yet to be burned by Craig’s list, but I know it happens, so I still get a little nervous about Craig’s list finds. I get even more nervous when it involves a chunk of time and a chunk of money.

When we pulled up the wood was loaded on the back of a trailer….


AND IT WAS AWESOME! It was just what I had hoped it would be, maybe even better! We borrowed a friend’s¬†trailer¬†(thanks John!) and carried home 500¬†square feet of heart pine for the kitchen (at $1 per square foot, also awesome!). I am so excited about it! Here is a close up.


I love it!!!! The only bad part about Saturday was the fact that it was cold. and snowing. and cold. AND SNOWING.


SNOW. IN ALABAMA! The day I have to load, haul, and unload 500 square feet of wood flooring, of course it snows.

Now…for what you have all been waiting for….


Drywall was delivered Monday! Have you ever seen drywall being delivered by that really awesome crane thing?! Um. It’s awesome and scary all at the same time.



There was so much drywall! 100 sheets of drywall! They even started hanging it the day it was delivered. WE. HAVE. WALLS. YO.

It freaks me out a little guys. Freaks me out. Have you ever watched drywall be delivered? Am I the only person who finds ¬†a bird’s nest in their exterior walls? What about the flooring we picked up, what do you think??



The Waiting Game

Howdy! Long time, no see. The past two weeks have flown by. Can you believe it is the middle of February?? Seriously. Last week, we celebrated my mother’s birthday (I won’t tell you how old because she would kill me), Ryan’s 28th birthday and then I spent the weekend with 130 teenagers on a church retreat. I am pooped!

While time seems to be flying by, house work has been a little on the slow side. We have been piddling around while we wait on our second round of windows to come in. I have grown very impatient during this process. Without windows, we are almost at a stand still. Thankfully, they will be delivered tomorrow and will be installed on Friday. Fingers crossed that this time everything is correct!!! Another mistake will cause a major melt down by yours truly.

Two Saturdays ago, Ryan and I finished insulating the kitchen ceiling. If you follow me on Instagram or on Facebook you probably already knew that.

Insulation-finished_kitchen Insulation_kitchen-ceiling-

I am very grateful Ryan has no fear of ladders!! I stayed securely on the ground during most of this process. I handled all of the cutting of material, while Ryan secured it in place. I did help out a little on a step ladder when needed though.


That is my “use-my-head-because-my-shoulder-are-burning-method.” Works well in a pinch!! Our supervisor Bella was a major slacker though….

Insulation-finished_BellaDon’t be fooled. The dog has her own dog bed and chair at the condo; however, insulation makes an excellent¬†substitute¬†in a time of need!

To insulate the kitchen ceiling, Ryan and I continued to use the roll in insulation. We used a combination of R-13, R-19 and R-30, depending on how much space we had to work with. Hopefully our building inspector won’t give us grief about it.


Whose ready for a real ceiling?! ME!!! We have to wait for sheet rock and finishing until after all the insulation is in and our building inspector has approved and given us the go ahead. We are hoping to have her back out next week (after the windows are installed and we can finish insulating).

Another exciting progress report – the front porch!


Our front porch is STRAIGHT. and LEVEL. and has NEW decking. No more risk of falling through. We have amazing friends who offered to help us for a few Saturdays, and we put them to work outside. Didn’t they do a great job?


You know what is the only bad part of a brand new porch?


Unwanted yard art!! Oh well. Luckily our neighbors don’t complain about our “signs of progress” as I call them. The toilet and refrigerator in the yard? Just a sign of progress friends!! ūüôā

What have you guys been up to??

Have a great week! Peace.


Kitchen Ceiling Update (aka Proof our friends rock)

I mentioned earlier this week that the structural beams in our kitchen are in place thanks to help of some of our friends. Well, when the guys installed the beams nice and level we realized just how much the roof has sagged over time.


Notice those small blocks above the beam? The ones that get progressively longer from one side to the other? Those are to accommodate the sagging. It was noticeable before, but you slap up a level beam and BAM! Holy-crooked-moley-batman!

Our friends suggested framing up a new false ceiling (lower than the current room but still vaulted) so we when we finished the ceiling with sheet rock or bead board we would have a nice level, even surface. Thankfully our friends also offered to come back the next Saturday to make that happen! So grateful. Honestly, my first thought after they pitched the idea of a false ceiling was, “Well crap, Ryan is going to have to figure out how to do that all by himself because I can’t help on a ladder. I’m sure it would look better, but Ryan is going to hate me.” Ha. What a relief when Ryan said they were offering to come back again and help. Whew. Ryan doesn’t hate me! ūüôā

Here is our new “false” kitchen ceiling in all its glory.

Kitchen-ceiling-done kitchen-ceiling

Please forgive the night-time, Iphone photos.

You know what is not glorious? A leaky roof…and we have one.


Thank you, Mom, for giving me Granny’s giant bucket/pail/thingy-bob. It makes for a great rain catcher when the roof leaks. The good thing about still having all the walls and ceilings open while it rains for five straight days is that you can easily spot the leaks! We have a roofer coming out tomorrow to take a look.

With the kitchen ceiling done, we have officially completed our list for the building inspector, and we are hoping to have her back out tomorrow! We will keep you posted.

I also have updates on some window drama to share. For those of you who live in Alabama, are you as sick of this weather as I am? Blah! I think I am forgetting what the sun looks like… Thanks for stopping by and reading! What have you guys been up to lately?