The Master: Progress so far

Hello? Hello? Anyone still there? Blogging has been sporadic at best the past few months as we prepared for the arrival of Miss Reagan.  She is closing in on 2 months old (CRAZY?!?!?!) and I am *hoping* to get back into somewhat of a blogging rhythm in the next few weeks. Thanks for hanging in there while we adjust and love on our new addition. She is precious! 

We shared here that we made the big move to upstairs right before Reagan was born. Seeing that was a couple months ago, I thought it was about time I gave ya the tour! There is nothing on the walls yet and curtains aren’t hung, but we are still happy that all three of us sleep upstairs. Oh, but we did buy new windows and blinds. Blinds are kind of important 🙂 Let’s start with the bedroom. When you walk in, you see the bed and accent wall (still need to walk you through that, I know). Reagan is still sleeping in our room currently, obviously. Still working on that whole sleeping through the night thing.


 Sorry these photos turned out a little dark! Pretty sure it was cloudy and raining out that day. That has happened a good bit this summer! Ryan’s dresser and a club chair are opposite of the bed (that is the door into the bedroom) I am so happy to have that chair out of the foyer! It just kind of hung out awkwardly for…oh….a year or so…..seen here….

house-tour_entryYup. It hung out there. For a year. BUT now the chair has found its rightful hope upstairs! Yay! 

Master-bedroom-door Master-bedroom-dresser


 My dresser hangs out in front of the brick chimney adjacent to the bed. You can see Reagan’s bassinet in the photo. How Ryan ended up with the larger dresser when I moved in almost three years ago is still a puzzle. 


 The door without trim leads into the master bath. We will trim out that door. One day. One day, friends. 

What surprised me and Ryan so much was how LARGE the bedroom was when we moved our furniture in (thanks for the help Dad!). I mean, we knew it was a large bedroom – roughly 15 x 16 I believe. We just didn’t realize HOW large! Feel free to roll your eyes with our “Oh, our bedroom is just so big!” complaints! Life is rough, y’all. Big rugs are expensive. I don’t know what I was to do with all the wall space. Do I want a bench by the door? Sooo Haaarrrrddddd.*sigh* First world problems. 

Onto the bathroom! Here is the view from the door. 

master-bath-entry master-bath-sinks

Obviously tile is in progress. Other than that, the first thing you see is the beautiful vintage, claw foot tub (thanks Southern Accents!) that is not yet installed. Ryan and I are currently tag teaming the tile around the tub area, so we can get the tub installed. Installing the tub is currently our top house priority. Install the tub = get to REFINANCE! That will be a happy, happy day. Hello 15 year term! 

Anyways, back to the bathroom. We have two pedestal sinks (purchased from Lowe’s for under $100 each) with a Ikea Rast dresser in between for storage. For additional storage, we also have two very large, salvaged medicine cabinets (thanks Mom for stripping and sanding those!) from Southern Accents. They were shown in the plans for the master bath and just got a little clean up job and make over. 

 We also have a little bit of shelving by the door as well. We actually have more storage than we need right now. I think we are both kind of minimalist when it comes to our beauty products. Minimalist could also be seen as cheap. 🙂 


 The shower is done, and it is glorious! I finished grouting that shower at 38 weeks pregnant (with Ryan’s help). Boom! The shower is roughly 48″ x 48″ so it fit my very pregnant belly well! 


 The toilet and closet are tucked into the far corner. Door for the commode to come! The closet is the far door with a window. Window in the tiny room with a toilet might be awkward for the neighbors…


We did create a decorative wall behind the toilet. Ryan and I are TERRIBLE at patching sheet rock. I mean TERRIBLE! We had a large spot behind the toilet to patch, and as always, our patch job was awful so we opted to just cover it with something decorative. 

master bath toilet

 We used Jenny’s tutorial for DIY Planked Walls and it turned out great! Entire wall behind the toilet for less than $10, and it was SO easy! Don’t you love those projects? 

Reagan approves of our progress so far! 

Reagan Saffell

Next tour – Reagan’s room! 






Meet Reagan Elizabeth

Well, life has changed a little since my last post. Our family has expanded! Meet Reagan Elizabeth Saffell.

Reagan Saffell birth Reagan and Ryan

She was born May 26th and 10:58 pm after a fairly quick labor, weighing 7 lbs, 12 oz and measuring 19 1/2″ long.

Reagan after first bath

Reagan arrived 4 days after our original due date. Apparently my uterus is very comfortable! When the girl decided to enter the world, by golly she came! Labor was under 9 hours from first contraction to holding our sweet girl. Here I am on her due date (and not happy she is making no signs of coming soon).

reagan due date

We are slightly bias, but I am pretty sure she is the prettiest Auburn haired baby on the planet. Yes, she has a head full of auburn hair just like Ryan did when he was born. So far we have nothing but good things to say about Miss Reagan. She is a REALLY good baby. She only fusses when hungry, her diaper is dirty, or wants to be held (which isn’t all day and night – promise!). She entered the world a breast feeding champ and even lets us sleep some! Right now we get two, 3 hour stretches followed by another 2 hour stretch so it’s not that bad.

Reagan Saffell

At her two week check up she weighed 8 lbs, 10 oz and measured 21 1/2″ long. Growing like a weed! I am pretty sure she is well above 9 lbs now 🙂

We are so thankful for our happy and healthy baby girl! Also thankful that this momma is healing and recovering nicely!

Reagan and Ada




Updates from Upstairs

Hey there blog land. Sorry for the radio silence lately. Ryan and I have been working on LOTS of things upstairs over the past two or three months. There was a celebratory NO MORE WALLPAPER dance we did a while back, and we shared our plans for the nursery and our master bathroom. I am very happy to report we have made lots of progress in all three rooms! In fact, if you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know we MOVED UPSTAIRS! *You may need to pinch me*

Master bedroom painted

If you had told me last year when we moved in that we would be moving upstairs within the year, I would have chuckled and rolled my eyes. If you had told me we had even started the master bathroom upstairs I would have slapped you. If you had told me we would be welcoming a baby in the Spring AND actually have the nursery finished, I would have probably passed out on the floor. Okay, so truth be told the nursery is like 95% finished but close enough! Seriously, we have gotten way more done than I anticipated in the past year. I will admit that a baby coming was a pretty darn good motivator 🙂

Baby shower bump

Quick pregnancy update – I am 39 weeks tomorrow and the entire pregnancy has gone very smoothly, dare I even say it has been easy? *knock on wood* Little Saffell and myself have been healthy the entire time, and I have been able to remain active during my entire pregnancy. Last week I even helped Ryan grout the master shower. Pregnant woman for the win! I’ve had a lot of people ask how I am doing all this stuff (laying flooring, tiling a bathroom and shower, grouting, etc.) during my third trimester. Honestly, I feel a lot better being active and moving than sitting at a desk for 9 hours. I actually stopped working three weeks ago (about a month before our due date) and have been working on stuff around the house, and I feel SO MUCH BETTER doing a little, light manual labor than sitting at a desk all day. When I was working, by 10 AM my back and shoulders would be killing me, but my back and shoulder pain is pretty much non existent when I am up and moving most of the day. I also think my height helps make the third trimester more comfortable in general. Being 5’9 has all kinds of perks! I never thought about a more comfortable pregnancy being one of them. With that said, short ladies out there, I am so SO sorry.Being 5’2 and pregnant sounds terrible. You have my sympathies.

Anyways, back to updates on upstairs. So the master bedroom is now clean and painted from top to bottom! The accent wall turned out really cool and all of our furniture fit as planned, with even some room to spare.

Master bedroom accent wall

We also ordered replacement windows for 4 windows upstairs, including the one to the right of the bed. By the end of May, we should have those windows installed and we will have only 4 windows left in the whole house left. Yay! So far, those windows have not given us any issues what so ever. Fingers crossed that continues!

Master bedroom painted_window

The master bathroom is still a work in progress. We currently have both sinks installed, as well as the toilet and we are SOOO close to having the shower done.

master bath sink wall tile

master bath sink wall master bath tile progress

Proof you can tile when 8 months pregnant! 🙂

master bath toilet

Ryan is actually planning on finishing the shower up today. Ahh!!! WORKING BATHROOM! Pure luxury I tell you.

master bath shower progress

The nursery is by far the most complete room in the house! We even took the time to caulk and putty nail holes – unlike *ahem* the rest of the house. Even though little Miss Saffell won’t be really using her room for a few months, it feels good to have it done for when the day comes. I have a few small things to wrap up (hopefully this week) then I will share pictures!

Ryan and I were both hoping Miss Saffell would decide to come out before her due date (between May 6 and May 13th), but it is not looking that way at the moment. I told Ryan over the weekend that she is just being considerate and letting us finish the master shower 🙂 She is already considerate of others! How nice is that. One less thing for us to try and teach her, ha! It is nice to dream, right?

What have you guys been up to lately? Have you taken advantage of the Spring weather lately? We have tried to take full advantage of the flexibility we have now just to go and do things on a whim like a movie, last minute dinner with friends, late night ice cream runs (totally Ryan’s idea!). Have a good week!



Master Bath Plans

Hey there strangers! Ryan and I have been making some steady progress around the house here lately. I mentioned here that we thoroughly enjoyed a few snow days and knocked out most of our to-do list for the nursery. I have a few more things to hang on the wall and then I will share more pictures. Promise!

We have been focusing most of our time and energy (and money) lately on the master bathroom. The master bedroom is currently a holding room for all the fixtures for the bathroom, as well as tools and everything else that comes with a renovation. It is quite lovely!

Master bedroom

Not exactly a relaxing master bedroom yet 🙂

Here is a peak at what we are planning on using in the bathroom as far as finishes go.

master bath design borad copy

Lots of white subway tile with our vintage tub and new pedestal sinks. As far as flooring choices, my beloved marble hexagon tile or marble basket weave was not in the budget. At all. Nor would it realistically EVER be in our bathroom budget. Twelve to twenty dollars a square foot is a LARGE chunk of change when you are looking at 200+ square feet. Darn you large bathroom! *first world problems* When it comes to bathrooms, I tend to be drawn to three main flooring types: Marble, white hexagon tile, and wood flooring. You may remember that we used the white hexagon tile in the other upstairs bathroom – you can see that here. While I love the look in that bathroom, even the hexagon tile was stretching the budget. Laying a mosaic tile is also pretty time consuming, so we pretty much scratched that option. That leaves us with hardwood. You probably already know, but hardwood + lots of water = not friends.

After doing a little research, we decided that vinyl plank that looked like hardwood would actually be the best option as far as durability and water was concerned. I will be honest and say I was skeptical of the vinyl tile in regards to looks. I will openly admit that I am a design snob. No same here. We also ordered the flooring online, so I didn’t get to see it in person before taking the plunge. That always makes me nervous! So, when the flooring came in I was pleasantly surprised by the color and “grain” variation. It is a lot prettier than I thought it would be!

Ryan and I were able to get the flooring installed over the course of a week and weekend. You may have seen this photo on Instagram or Facebook a few weeks ago.

Starting master bath vinyl flooring

Feet are gone Why yes, I can help lay vinyl flooring at 30 weeks pregnant! We opted for glue down vinyl over the floating since we were using it in a wet area. The glue down was also cheaper, so that didn’t hurt either! Ryan did the actually gluing part of the process and his words are “Easy, but not fun.” By not fun, he means he at one point said, “I will never do this again,” and “This is stupid. I would rather lay tile.” I kindly reminded him that he has never actually laid tile 🙂 We had a pretty good little system worked out. I would select and layout the flooring in the bedroom (kind of like dry fitting for tile) and then bring the pieces to Ryan. If anything needed to be cut or trimmed, I would do that while Ryan applied more glue to the subfloor. Yay teamwork!

Finished flooring in bathroom

Finished flooring

The flooring is complete and next up on the agenda….

Master bath shower

Shower!!! Tile!!! Toilet!!! Sinks!!!! Ya know, all that stuff that actually makes a bathroom a bathroom. No biggie 🙂

Since we came in under budget with the vinyl flooring, we were able to splurge a little on the tile for the shower floor. Meet my precious marble flooring!


Happy girl right here! Ryan will be installing all of the fixtures himself and I am taking care of most of the tile work. I am a self declared tile ninja remember? 😉

What have you guys been up to lately? Any experience with installed your own plumbing fixtures? Fingers crossed things go well this week! We could have a working toilet by the end of the week. Who knew that would be so exciting?!?!?! Have a good week!

Nursery Plans and Progress

Happy Snow Day my fellow Alabamians and other Southerners!


Snow doesn’t happen often in Alabama, so we get pretty darn excited… as in cancel school and work for three days in anticipation of 3 to 4 inches of snow. True Story. No complaints from me though! Ryan and I have taken full advantage of a few unexpected days off and knocked out a lot of our to do list upstairs – particularly in the nursery.

When we found out we were having a girl, I knew that I didn’t want to paint the room floor to ceiling in pink. It’s not that I hate pink. I just don’t like pastel pink, which as you well know seems to be color of choice for baby girls, at least for big box baby stores. I mentioned here that I was thinking about turquoise and coral for our color scheme.

Nursery paint colors

Here’s a peak at what I am wanting the end product to look like, all for under $500 I might add (so far so good!).


Let’s hope that little Saffell doesn’t hate color 🙂 So far we have purchased bead board and chair rail, material for a built in bookcase, a vintage Jenny Lind crib, a thrift store changing table, some fabric (shown above) and my parents very kindly ordered a comfy new glider for us as a baby gift. We will be using an antique dresser that I used through college in the nursery as well. How does a 25 year old own 5 dressers?!?!

Ryan and my Dad wrapped three of the four walls in bead board a few weekends ago, so next up was paint. Sample time! Not to be confused with hammer time….

Nursery paint samples

I even posted a little Instagram/Facebook poll a few weeks ago. My favorite actually got the least amount of votes! I think part of it was the fact I took this photo at night and all three colors look much greener here than they do in person. The colors show much truer in the photo above!


I ended up choosing Valspar Pillow Mint 5005-5 (far right) for the perimeter of the room and coral (Valspar La Fonda Flamenco Pink 2004-3B) for an accent wall behind the crib. Here is a sneak peak I posted on Instagram & Facebook yesterday!


Over the past three days Ryan and I have been able to finish painting the walls, prime and paint the built in & trim work, SCRUB the nasty windows, finish an art project, move all the nursery furniture upstairs, finish a little changing table re-do, sew an easy crib skirt, and start working on prepping the master bathroom for flooring. You read that right. FLOORING IN THE MASTER BATHROOM! It is supposed to be delivered tomorrow – fingers crossed snow and ice is not an issue!

How have you spent your snow days? Did you stare out the window all day yesterday like I did? Kidding. Not Kidding. I am very happy to be well ahead of our pre-baby schedule now!



ANNOUNCEMENT: We are wallpaper free!

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCMENT: There is officially ZERO wallpaper left in the Saffell Residence. ZERO! NOTTA! DONE. FOREVER! I have to refrain from telling strangers in the street that we are done scraping wallpaper.

Do you remember ALL the wallpaper? 6 Rooms with walls and ceilings covered in 4 to 5 layers of dirty, coal dust filled wallpaper. Let’s freshen our memories just for fun.

Dining-room-wallpaper-2 Bradley House laundry Bradley House laundry 2 copy IMG_0594 IMG_0592 IMG_0724 IMG_0730 Before termites

The last and only room left with wallpaper when we moved in last Summer was the master bedroom. For over six months, the room served us well as a storage and workshop space. With the addition of little Saffell coming in May, we knew it was time to stop ignoring the wallpaper, along with piles of sawdust and 100 years of dirt and grime, and turn the room into an actual master bedroom. You can read about some of our other baby prep here.IMG_3668

IMG_3667After about a month of scraping wallpaper off and on, most of which was Ryan (I clean & cook dinner, he scrapes wallpaper), the wallpaper is GONE! He was able to finish it up Monday, and it was glorious! Well, the wallpaper being gone was glorious, but the bright blue walls, trim, and ceiling were not.

Master bedroom_wallpaper free master bedroom ceiling_wallpaper free

Lovely, right? The poor lighting and grainy photos actually help masks the horrible paint color! The color may not be so bad if it wasn’t EVERYWHERE. Oh, and you may notice my little collage, accent wall going on in the photo above. More on that soon!

While I was in Birmingham yesterday for a baby shower, my Dad came and helped Ryan knock out priming the master bedroom. Kilz Original Primer = not for pregnant lady.

master-bedroom-primed-for-paint master-bedroom-primed master-bedroom-bead-board-primed

Boom! Blue Gone! Now I have to get to work on nailing down paint colors for the master bedroom. Hopefully I can make some decisions and pick up some samples this week!

What were you guys up to this weekend? Priming party? Not scraping wallpaper? Enjoying the artic blast we are experiencing in Alabama? It was 40 degrees yesterday, and I left the house without a coat. It felt like spring compared to recent temperatures!



Goals for 2014

First off, thanks for all of the love about the article, whether that was in person, social media or here! We love getting to bring some positive publicity to Merrimack Mill Village! I actually had a friend in Huntsville who contacted me about being interested in Merrimack when they start house hunting. MERRIMACK FOR THE WIN!

Anyways, any big New Year resolution makers out there? I am not really one to make resolutions, but I do think it is important to have goals and to reassess those from time to time. The beginning of the New Year (2014?!?!?!?!) seems like a pretty good time to do that, so I thought I would share a couple things that Ryan and I have on the horizon (hopefully) for this year!

House Related Goals

1. Welcome a healthy baby into the world. Like, I am going to have to give birth to another human. I am still processing that whole giving birth thing. I understand that my body was built to do just that, but it still kind of blows my mind. And, I can no longer say that NEXT year we will have a baby. T-minus 4 months and counting (due date somewhere between May 6 – 13). In case you missed it, we announced the gender here.

2. Have a place for the baby to sleep. That was probably an obvious one. The nursery is officially under way!

Upstairs Nusery progress

3. Have a place for us to sleep upstairs. No one wants to walk up and down the stairs in the middle of the night. We are hoping to wrap up wallpaper scrapping this month! *Fingers crossed*

Saffell master bedroom progress

4. Create a system for organizing our tools and supplies. We have accumulated quite the collection over the past two years, and the tools need a home. We are looking at 4-5 years before we can build a workshop out back, so we need a long term solution we can both live with. We are currently considering using the downstairs unfinished bathroom as an indoor shed.

5. Purge our access stuff (SO. MUCH. STUFF).

6. Be better stewards with our gifts. We have been thinking a lot lately about what Jesus would live like if he lived in America right now. I am pretty sure he would live very differently than the typical middle class and upper middle class family. It is something we are wrestling with.

7. Consume less stuff. Obviously, we have to consume things like food, cleaning supplies, and hygiene items, but we can limit A LOT of other categories like clothes, house hold goods, and baby stuff. By consuming less, we can spend money on things that matter AND reduce our carbon foot print.

8. Buy used goods more. I do shop at thrift stores and craig’s list a good bit for stuff around the house, but we could definitely spend a little more time trying to buy other things second hand (clothes, tools, baby stuff).

9. Give more – Money, house stuff, and time.

10. Create a healthy and active lifestyle for our growing family. We already consider ourselves to be healthy eaters, but there is always room for improvement. We really want to do a better job of shopping local (as well as grow our own garden) and buy grass-fed beef and free range chickens. Thank you Food, Inc. for that.

What are you guys hoping to accomplish this year? Any goals for around the house or for your family? I would love to hear!



New Year, New Happenings

If you are here from the article, welcome! Hope you will stay a while! You can see what the house first looked like when we bought it on the Home Tour page at the top. Enjoy!

Happy New Year copy

Happy New Year y’all! In honor of the new year, I decided to give the blog a little freshen up. What do you think? I am hoping to make a few other changes in the coming weeks to make browsing around easier. *Fingers crossed*

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. Ryan and I announced some pretty exciting news to our friends and family Christmas Day. Maybe you can guess based on what we are wearing?

Christmas 2013

In case the pink doesn’t give it away, we will be welcoming a little girl into our family this Spring! Bring on the dresses and hair bows! And sewing machine. It is time for this lady to master some sewing skills because cute dresses are EXPENSIVE!

Baby Prep_girl

We have made a few small purchases, even a few things for the nursery, but nothing too crazy yet. We have also had a few friends graciously give us a few things. Free maternity clothes = awesome. My friends rock! I did pick up some sample chips for the nursery this week, so that was pretty exciting! You could probably guess,  we won’t be doing the traditional pastel pink or blue nursery décor. Right now I thinking of a turquoise and coral color scheme, with black, white, and apple green accents. I am hoping to narrow the colors down this weekend and purchase a few samples!

Nursery paint colors

I will share more nursery plans soon!

Another new happening today – we were chosen by The Huntsville Times for their series Cool Spaces. It was also kind of a “where are they now?” article. You can find the first article here. Can you believe it has been 8  since the first article?!?! Crazy town. The article went live today and the photos are amazing! We even managed to not look completely stupid in our video interview! Yay! You can check out the article, photos, and video here.


So what is new with you guys this year? Anything exciting going on in your world? House projects? Baby News? Know any local news celebrities?? 😉



Baby Prepping

Hey there strangers! I am back from my pregnant-must-go-to-bed-at-8pm-blogging-break 🙂 I can now successfully go to bed at 9:30 or 10 pm without wanting to kill anyone the following day. Victory! It is nice to feel normal again!

While the blogging break was much needed, I have missed getting to document and share our house progress. Blogging about our progress is a really easy way to stay motivated and see that we HAVE made progress. When working on a long term renovation, it is really easy to get a in rut and feel like you aren’t making progress. Being able to look back at just a few months ago and actually SEE what you accomplished is much needed, at least for us!

Anyways, Ryan and I have been working on getting ready for little Saffell as far as the house and our finances. Our first focus was actually on getting our finances in order for life on one income. I will be leaving the work force in April (woot woot!), and my new job will be Lead Domestic & Childcare Coordinator at the Saffell residence (aka stay at home wife and mom). We are very thankful that we have the option to do make one income work! It is something that we have planned for since before we even got married. It was a big reason we decided to buy a fixer-upper. We wanted a house big enough for a family of 5 or 6, still be able to afford it on Ryan’s income alone, AND pay it off in 20 years instead of 30.  Some might say we had lofty goals!!

Even though we have been planning for life on one income, we still had a few changes to make. One was ditching one of our car payments, so we sold Ryan’s beloved truck.


We were able to sell the truck, pay off the small remaining balance and purchase a new-to-us SUV with cash. Hurray!!! The SUV has the same amount of miles on it as the truck did, so we made a pretty equal trade as far as longevity is concerned (so we hope). We have a few more changes to make to the budget like cellphone plans and probably ditching cable, but getting rid of the truck was a big one!

Now, onto the house baby prep. Our two biggest goals are getting the nursery and the master bedroom done. Any progress we can make to the master bath is just a bonus!

Our nursery still pretty much looks like this, with the exception of a crib (yard-sale purchase) and small changing table (Goodwill).


The master bedroom is definitely the bigger task. Do you remember what it looked like? Let’s freshen your memory.


Yikes. Salvaged goods stashed in every corner. Wallpaper on the walls and ceiling. Massive amounts of saw dust. Tools everywhere. 27 paint cans. Dirt. Lots and lots of dirt.

Well, we have made some progress and the room now looks like this.

IMG_3668 IMG_3667 IMG_3666 IMG_3665 IMG_3664

EMPTY! This room has not been empty since we bought the house!! It’s like there is another half a house upstairs 🙂

We have even started tackling the wallpaper. By we I mean my brother. Isn’t he a trooper?


I believe removing wallpaper is mine and Ryan’s main agenda for today. Fun!! Hopefully I will have some progress to share in that department after the Holidays!

Another update we will be sharing next week is the GENDER OF LITTLE SAFFELL! We go to the doctor Monday, and will make the big announcement Christmas day! Merry Christmas to us 🙂



The Expansion (not house related)

Well folks, the Saffells are expanding, and I am not talking about the house.


We are PREGNANT! *Insert happy-anxious-shocked-is-this-really-happening-face-here* Yes, I took two, just in case the first lied. It didn’t. If you are friends and family who know us in real life (as apposed to blog land) you probably have already heard the news, from us, my mother, or Facebook. We went public with the news last week once successfully making it past the twelve week mark.

Our due date is currently May 13th! The first trimester hasn’t been too miserable. I had a few weeks of all day yuckiness, but I didn’t actually get sick all that often. I have gone to bed between 8 and 9 pm (hence the lack of blogging) the past eight weeks. No judging. I went to bed last week at 10:30 and the following the day I thought I was GOING. TO. DIE.

Dear Energy, you are welcome back now. now. NOW. PLEASE COME BACK ENERGY!

You may be thinking, “Oh, so did you guys finish the upstairs without telling us?” Um. No. It looks like this at the moment.


Two bedrooms upstairs are now empty with carpet. One is even painted! We still haven’t touched the master bedroom. I won’t even show you pictures but I kind of freak out when I think about everything we need to do.

I do have some things to share with you. Here is a sneak peek of Ryan’s handy work.


Hopefully I will have energy to share stuff with you soon!