Building Inspection: Passed. Immune Systems: Dead

Well guys, there have been worse weeks and there have been better weeks in the Saffell house. The past week and a half have been a doosey. The good part is that we passed our building inspection (Yay!) which gave us the go ahead to start insulating. *Woot Woot* The bad part is a few days later Ryan came down with Bronchitis, and then I came down with a stomach bug. Boo! I think our bodies held out just long enough to pass…and then they just gave out! Ha.

Ryan is still trying to get rid of the last of his cough, and I thankfully kicked my stomach bug after 24 hours.  We are getting back into the swing of things this week.  The good thing about insulation is that it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort or muscle power, two things we are still gaining back after being sick.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you probably know I was a little bit excited about our purchase on Saturday…


I believe pumped was the word I used actually. I was this weird person at Lowe’s at 9 o’clock in the morning skipping down the insulation aisle. Batts, R-Values, Rolls, OH MY!

Okay, that joke was probably funnier in my head or said out loud. Imagine me dancing and singing “Batts, R-Values and Rolls, OH MY!” to the tune of “Lions, Tigers, and Bears, OH MY!” Anywho, we bought our first round of insulation which is enough to give us a pretty good start on the first floor (our task for this week). I started working on that Saturday (pre-stomach bug, I promise I was not rolling insulation and puking at the same time).

Insulation_living-room Insulation_front-entry

Why yes, that is a shiny new window. We have six new windows….out of the fourteen we ordered….more details later….Dad stopped by Saturday afternoon to finish pulling some wire and cable and pitched in on insulation, too. Of course, Bella had to supervise and give kisses.


Tori preferred to be more involved in quality control of the material itself.


So far we can’t lay a piece down without Tori trying to sleep on it. I guess that is better than her trying to eat it though, right?!?!

Ryan also started working on the front porch last week. And by working I mean tearing it down.


So happy to see that thing porch go! That porch was proof that paint is not always the answer. I wish I could go back in time and tell the previous owners to PUT THE PAINT DOWN!


So, that is where we are this week. Have any of you guys been sick lately? I hope not! It is not fun. If you were one of many who wished me well or checked on me, thank you very much! What are you guys up to this week?




31 Days: Break for progress

Since we are about halfway through the series, I decided to continue with Friday’s theme and take a break (rest) from the series to give you some updates. Guess what? I have more than wallpaper to update you on. Woot woot!!!

Mom and Dad came out last weekend to give us a hand. Ryan put Dad on electrical duty, which consisted of pulling all of the old knob and tube wiring.

Dad even agreed to go under the house and pull the wiring there. Ryan was very excited Dad was willing to go under the house! Some spots of the crawl space are pretty spacious and easy to move around; however, some spots are pretty tiny, like “I am in no way shape or form going under the house unless someone is chasing me with a knife” kind of tiny.  Dad hopped through the hole in the porch creating A LOT of confusion for Bella and Tori.

Bella kept running back and forth between the living room (right above Dad) and the hole in porch. Dad caught on  and decided to ag it on. It was pretty hilarious! Poor confused puppy!

A little while later Dad reappeared from underneath the house looking a little dirty…

Ok, a lot dirty 🙂 Isn’t my Dad awesome?

With Dad on electrical duty, Ryan started working on sistering all of the joists in the kitchen. One joist had a good bit of water damage and the others were, well, OLD. Instead of being stiff and solid, they were more like trampolines.

Can you guess what I was doing?

Yea. Wallpaper. Only this is not like the other wallpaper on the ceiling. The dining room wallpaper came down pretty easy thanks to the steamer. This wallpaper you ask? Um. No. This wallpaper was made by the Devil himself to torment me. My guess is they painted one the of layers of wallpaper so the steam can’t penetrate the bottom two layers. In the time we scraped almost the entire dining room, we had only done an eight of the living room. *Womp womp*

Now, let’s fast forward to this weekend. Operation New Fence began!!

Step 1: Take down the chain-link fencing.

Step 2: Dig up posts.

Ryan and our friend John were able to take down all of the chain link fencing in about three hours. After lunch they started working on the posts. Ryan and John were able to muscle several of them out with just a few tugs. Some, however, required digging, muscle and even a tractor.

By 4 o’clock Saturday, all that was left was a few more posts.

In case you were wondering, the dogs were tied to their dog house and will be staying there during the fence project (except for at night when we take them home with us to the condo).

Please pray we and the dogs can survive without a fence for two weeks!!

While the boys were working on removing the fence, I started working on taking up some of the hardwood flooring in the back living room. We are hoping to re-install this flooring upstairs in one of the small bedrooms and refinish the hardwood underneath.

Well, what I hadn’t planned on doing was removing the small concrete pad in front of the fireplace….

I quickly realized the concrete was actually laying on a small portion of the wood, so when the wood came up, the concrete came up.

I tried to take up a few large pieces by myself, but quickly saw I was only butchering the wood while trying to pull it up by myself. It would have to wait until I had another set of hands…err…crowbar.

Ryan did get wood moved around for me so I could finish scraping the wallpaper in the back living room.

Scraping this was almost blissful after that demon wallpaper!! I was able to finish in about an hour.

I forgot to take a picture of the room COMPLETELY FREE OF WALLPAPER! Oops!

Last update – We got our building permit!

What did you guys do this weekend? Any takers on helping peel demon wallpaper??

Thanks for reading! Regular 31 day series will start back tomorrow! If you have advice to share for the series, I would love to hear it 🙂


The Floor & Chimney Showdown

The chimney demo finally happened folks! We actually have to rewind a little to before framing started. I am trying to really hard to keep this blog in “real-time” as in how things are happening, so you see a post from something that happened the week of (give or take a few days), but the past two weeks have been a little busier for various reasons. Therefore, I am behind. Bad blogger!! Forgive me.

With that said, let’s move on. Two weeks ago we had two big tasks that had to happen in order for the carpenter to get started.

Task 1 – Remove the kitchen chimney. You can see here where we found the third chimney  we didn’t know we had. I wouldn’t put that into the “fun surprises” category; however, seeing to go was fun!

I actually was out of commission for this project. I was in a wedding that day and left the chimney demo to Ryan and Muscle (aka Dad).  I was expecting there to be a lot of sledge hammers, sore backs and coal dust. Ryan and Dad were expecting there to be a lot of sledge hammers, sore backs and coal dust. I think everyone who reads this blog was probably expecting a lot of sledge hammers, sore backs, and coal dust.

Um, wrong. I think it went something like one hammer, two hammer, take-all-of-the-bricks-down-one-by-one-with-your-hand, no sweating required. It was WAY easier and WAY faster than anyone expected. Dad and Ryan were done in an hour. Hurray for a pleasant surprise!!

This leads us to Task 2 – Removing the hardwood floors upstairs in the future master bathroom.

Like most of the demo jobs in the house, the only tools required were a hammer, crow bar, and a little muscle. Since it only required a little muscle, Ryan and I tackled it ourselves., slowly, plank by plank, in hopes we could reuse it downstairs in the termite bedroom.

We were both pleasantly surprised how well we were able to take them up. By well, I mean  we could take each wood plank up with the tongue and grove in tact. We took our time and will probably be able to reuse about 95% of the hardwood. Score for the Saffells!

This room is about 15′ x 12′ and we were able to get all of the hardwood up in two afternoons of work, so about 5 hours. Not shabby (by our standards)!

One funny moment from the floor demo – a lesson on how to fill holes in a hardwood floor.

Apparently a plastic bag will do the trick! Who knew?? 🙂

Once we had all the flooring up, we had to bring Bella in for quality control.

Luckily, she approved of our work. She even went as far as WALKING on the bead board ceiling. Um, I about had a heart attack. For one, I thought she was going to fall through the ceiling, and two, if she had fallen through the ceiling I would have cried. Not just because Bella fell, but because she messed up my beautiful bead board ceiling. True story. Thankfully, the bead board held her weight long enough for us to grab her off of it.

While I wouldn’t call this project hard, there was some labor involved. We both definitely woke up Monday morning with sore backs and knees. Even at twenty something, we are too old for this! Ha. Okay, perhaps it isn’t age, just our bodies not being used to manual labor. Whatever reason, it made for a rough Monday morning.

I am very excited about he possibility of reusing this floor downstairs. The only issue is we may not have enough, so I need to do the math (yuck) and figure that out. We also have to take the up the hardwoods where the second upstairs bathroom will be. I think between the two rooms, we will have just enough. Ryan disagrees, but we all know what happened last time Ryan was in charge of square footage….

Progress is still going on with the framing, slowly but surely it is all getting done. Also, no updates on the construction loan. BOO! We were supposed to close on Friday, but no luck. What do you guys have going on this week? Ryan and I had a nice date last night to celebrate my 24th birthday. Thank you to those of you who wished a Happy Birthday in person, over the phone or via Facebook. All were appreciated 🙂 Have a great rest of the week!

Goodbye Green Monster: Bathroom Demo

I promise I will address the tease picture from earlier, but before we get to the news for this week, let’s recap last weekend. The day finally came last Saturday to tackle the green bathroom!! Here is a (not so friendly) reminder:

Yea, LOTS AND LOTS of green, in a variety of terrible colors. I was not at all devastated to see it go.

We did find some not-so-lovely mold during the demo.

Yuck! That is what happens when you do not install a tub surround correctly. Behind the faux tile tub surround was a layer of CARDBOARD and then this drywall, which was covered in mold. Cardboard? Like, you seriously thought this would protect your walls and floor from rotting? FOR REAL?!

Ryan and I were able to take down all of the walls and take out the toilet on our own, but we did call a few friends to help wrestle out the cast iron tub. Thank you Chris and Wayne (and the Craft family) for helping! Much to our surprise, the tub came out easily. It was out so fast I missed taking a picture of them moving it! We (okay, not we, THEY, I had no part in the tub action) plopped the tub down in the front yard, adding to our ever-growing yard art.

Classy, huh?

If there was a neighbor hood award for Worst Yard of the Month, we might just win. Thankfully our neighbors are kind and do not make comments about the growing yard art. They know it is all a sign of progress! One of our neighbors did make a comment on our latest addition though.

Yep, the porta potty. Since we no longer have a working bathroom, it was time to bring in the portable bathroom. Do you notice where it is sitting?

ON THE SIDEWALK. Apparently they cannot put it inside the fence because then it becomes inaccessible for the company when it needs to be changed or removed. Ugh. So our porta-potty is available for the entire neighborhood to use. You can’t miss it. It is kind of funny, kind of worrisome. Hopefully a hobo doesn’t move in. But if he did, I would probably let him live there,  because I think that is what Jesus would do, but that would be AFTER I freaked out a little, ha!

We also ripped out the floor and ceiling.

Just a normal Saturday at the office! Have you ever been surprised at how smoothly a house project, or any project, has gone? We were shocked the tub came out so easily! Those kind of surprises are nice. Have you every had a project go so well you almost didn’t believe it?

Hope you have a great week! Thanks for reading. More updates about the picture I posted soon 🙂


Termites: The dreaded fourth story

Termite issues are turning into a terrible fourth movie. Like Indiana Jones. The Land Before Time. Fast and Furious. Rocky. I could go on, but I won’t.

Well, when we were working on taking up the multiple layers of flooring in the kitchen, we found more damage in the floor. I am serious you guys. We. Found. More!

It was most obvious in the first player of hardwood, so under a layer of vinyl, particle board, vinyl and hardwood. While it wasn’t nearly as damaged at the floor in the downstairs bedroom, it was very noticeable. Once we saw the damage, we immediately stopped working and called Cooks. I sent photos to the contractor so he would believe me. I then made the comment to Ryan,”Maybe we can get a free kitchen sub-floor out of this! Wouldn’t that be awesome?!” Ha. Ryan wasn’t sure if they would even take my call or listen to my voice mail. He thinks we are going to be on their black list or something. If Cooks has a black list, I am sure we must be getting close to making it.

If you are new here, you can see stories on our previous rounds of termite damage here, here and here.

Thankfully Cooks did take my call and came by this past Wednesday to check out the damage and confirm it was indeed termites. *sigh*

They will be coming out next week to finish taking up all of the hardwood and sub-floor and will come back when we are ready for them to lay down the new sub-floor. Pretty awesome, right? That is one less thing we have to do and one less thing to pay for *insert awkward-white-girl-happy dance!!

Speaking of paying for things, we are SO close to wrapping up the construction loan! We met with our banker last Friday and our loan has been approved, meaning we qualify for the amount we would like to borrow (which we were not really worried about), but we still have to meet with the appraiser this coming week, so he/she can appraise the “after” value of all the work. Fingers crossed that goes well!

We are off to get some work done! What are you doing this weekend? Has anyone removed a chimney before? That is coming up on our to-do list very soon!

Have a great weekend!

Bringing in the muscle: Removing 5 layers of kitchen flooring

When it comes to projects that require (or would at least be faster) some extra muscle, I call in the destroyer: My Dad.

Beginning to demo the kitchen floor definitely qualifies as one of those projects where some extra muscle comes in handy. Thankfully Dad was free and willing to help! He is totally in the lead for Dad of the Year 2012.

The guys attacked the floor with a circular saw, sledge hammers, large crow bars, and some muscle power. The goal was to remove the top half of the flooring in the laundry room: One layer of vinyl, one layer of particle board subfloor, another layer of vinyl, and a layer of hardwood. Crazy, right?!?! All of the floors measure to about 3 inches of flooring. Insane.

We didn’t leave ALL of the hard work to Dad. Ryan got his fair share of fun, too.

My Dad wasn’t the only one to join the fun on Saturday. My Grandpa and cousin Tyler gave a hand as well. Tyler now has a new hatred for wallpaper.

Just kidding. Well, he may have a new hatred for it. I am not really sure. In all seriousness, he was a champ. He didn’t complain AT ALL! How many adults teenagers scrape wallpaper without complaining? Um. Like none. Major props for Tyler!

Grandpa pitched in with the kitchen floor demo and clean up.

I am not sure if Grandma knows Papa can use a broom. He has been hiding that skill for years. SECRET IS OUT PAPA! I have a picture to prove that you can pitch in with house hold cleaning 🙂

I spent my Saturday with this guy: Hello Shop Vac. I am glad we are friends.

I started vacuuming downstairs trying to remove the 100+ years of dirt and coal dust under the stairs and between the removed walls. It may not sound fun, but it was pretty rewarding watching all of the dust and dirt disappear. It gave me hope, hope that one day, in the not so distant future, this house will be clean.

After some quality time with the shop vac, Tyler and I had a nail pulling party. We went around the living room pulling nails from all of the studs that will be remaining, either as interior walls or exterior walls.

I threw in a little wallpaper scraping and vinyl scraping just for kicks, ya know, round out the day. By the end of the day, the “muscle” (Dad and Ryan) had removed the top layers of flooring in the laundry room, just like we hoped. Yay! Tori looked like this at the end of the day.

Tired puppies + tired Saffells = done for the day.

Fingers crossed we can stay on schedule the next few weeks before we bring in contractors and things REALLY get moving! Still no updates on the construction loan. It shouldn’t be too much longer though.

What have you been up to this weekend? Any floor demo? Clean up? Do you share a love for a shop vac? Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday Happenings

I am not sure what you guys were up to this past Saturday, but Ryan and I worked our little butts off. Ok, so my butt does not qualify as little, but Ryan’s does 🙂

Last week was a little slow. We had lots of rain, which we were grateful for, but rain means we had lots of gloomy clouds and no sunlight. Without sunlight, the house gets real dark, real fast. By about 7 pm, the inside looks like this.

Pretty dark, huh? It is kind of hard to swing a hammer, work a crowbar, and use a saw in the dark! We have a construction light/lamp, but dude, it gets really hot. FAST! Due to our lack of light last week, we didn’t get a lot of work done, so when Saturday came, we knew we had a long day ahead of us. Here’s the Saturday round-up.

First off, check out my new apparel.

I splurged for the masks with a cool flow vent. Totally worth the extra two dollars! The masks were very much necessary today. Last week I mentioned that we took down all the ceilings upstairs. Well, that left us with a big mess to clean up.

So we started the morning on with some light heavy-duty sweeping. About an hour later, we could see the floors again! They may not be sparkling yet, but it was pretty exciting to actually just SEE them again. Small victory.

FLOORS!!! Fist pump for floors!! With floors clean (ish) we moved downstairs to finish up in the kitchen. Ryan took down the few pieces still left of the ceiling.

And I continued on with the sweeping and cleaning.

Look what I found under all of that!

The original kitchen floor. Snazzy!! Okay, So maybe I wasn’t all that excited about seeing that floor again…

But you know what I was excited about? In addition to splurging for a new mask, we picked up this little bad boy – a paint scraper. My plan is not to scrape off every inch of paint, but I bought it hoping it would remove the remaining wallpaper remnants.

The verdict?

Success!! Seeing the small area of tongue and grove planks free of wallpaper residue was a happy moment! And then I turned around….

Yea, then I fell to the floor and cried at the amount of wallpaper there was left. Not really, but I did think about crying and decided the coal dust would only stick to my face better if there were tears, so I opted not to cry.

The last task for the day was “officially” removing the wall in the living room. All of the tongue and grove planks have been gone for a while, but the studs were still hanging out. Check out my stud taking care of those studs (har har). Sorry, that was terrible. Forgive me.

With the wall gone, we now can move on to taking care of the gaps in the floor and ceiling.

I have a plan for hiding the seems in the ceiling. Any guesses about what that could be? Did you purchase any new gagets over the weekend? By the way, if you have yet to purchase a mask without a cool flow vent, you are missing out!!!

Have a great rest of the week! Thanks for stopping by.

Bringin’ Down the House

Ryan has been busy this week bringin’ down the house ceiling (or ceilings? not sure if it’s singular or plural) in the kitchen and bedrooms upstairs. It has been some of the dirtiest work to date, and I have pictures to prove it!! Before we jump to the embarrassing photos of me and Ryan, here’s the run down on removing ceilings.

Just like all of our walls, the ceilings are made of tongue and grove and bead board. Instead of pulling down each plank piece by piece with a hammer and crowbar (how we removed the walls), Ryan opted for a much faster way of removal. He got in the attic and cut the boards with his reciprocating saw. Then, he crab crawled his way around the attic and kicked the ceiling down. Now, I got in the attic ONCE and thought I was going to die trying to get down. For real. When your life depends on the ability to chair lift your body weight down to the ladder, there are some series issues. There isn’t one of those handy pull-down ladders, just a 2′ by 2′ opening that you pop the cover off and put a ladder under. SCARY! We both thought I might be stuck in the attic forever, ha!  

Point of the story – I will not be going into the attic unless my life literally depends on it or we have a pull down ladder. Hopefully it is the later. I don’t mind missing out on working in the attic because IT. IS. HOT. Holly Moley. Ryan has been SWEATY, like super-duper-nasty sweaty. Over 100 degree temperatures for two weeks = very hot attic. While Ryan did not enjoy the heat so much, I think he did enjoy getting to kick the heck out of things….

Ryan demoing ceiling

Here’s a play by play of the ceiling upstairs coming down. Step 1 –

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4 – BOOM

Ceiling down!!

I wish we could keep all the ceilings (I say that about everything!), but they are sagging, some have a little bit of water damage, and we need to a little bit of framing work in the attic, so the ceilings have to go. We also didn’t want the wood ceilings in the bathrooms upstairs since it would be exposed to lots of moisture. We did keep the ceiling in our master bedroom, Yay!! It wasn’t sagging and there is no need to worry about moisture in there, so hurray! Now I just have to scrape of 4 layers of wallpaper….

Removing the ceiling in the kitchen went a little differently, though. The kitchen was added on later and only has an attic space above. Technically, Ryan COULD have crawled in the attic space…but I am pretty sure he would have fallen to his death. I’m not a supporter of anything that could injure my husband. Maybe in 10 years that will change.

Kidding!! The ceiling is not nearly as sturdy as it should be. So, getting in the attic and kicking the ceiling down was not an option. Bring out the crowbar!! Ryan took down the ceiling with his hammer and wonder bar (really skinny crowbar). He made quite the mess.

While Ryan was busy taking stuff down, I ran everything from the inside and upstairs to the dumpster. No need to worry about running or working out that day, gah! I made about 428,977 trips back and forth to the dumpster. Ok, Maybe not that many, but it was a lot!

Want a sneak peek of our vaulted kitchen ceiling? Well, even if you don’t, you are getting one anyways because it is…um… awesome.


I am just a little bit excited about it…

Anyways, I have one more thing I would like to address today. Apparently, there is a rumor going around that I don’t get dirty. Or do dirty work. I just tell Ryan what to do and take pictures. NOT TRUE, PEOPLE! SO NOT TRUE!! So without further ado, here is a picture from this past Saturday. Here I am covered head to toe in coal dust.

Brittney Saffell

My feet were even filthy.

Ryan actually won the “I-am-dirtier-than-you” Saturday contest. We pick a winner every Saturday, usually it’s yours true, but this past Saturday Ryan took the cake.

 Bella managed to stay nice and clean this past Saturday.

Bella Saffell

Overall, it was a very productive week!! It did feel like a really long, weird week with the Holiday though. Anyone else just out of sync all week? I sure was. What did you do this weekend? Anyone ever removed a ceiling before?

Thanks for reading! Have a great week!

P.S. You are welcome to follow me on Instagram (bnmsaffell) for immediate house updates! I don’t post everything on Instagram, but usually post a few pictures throughout the week. It does usually take around 3 to 7 days for me to blog about it, so you will be ahead of the curve!

Termites: The Terrible Trilogy

I wish I was kidding ya’ll, but I’m not.  We found MORE termite damage this week. This time, we found the lovely little bug trails in the kitchen area. Here we are before I get started on removing the exterior wall…

I pulled down a few pieces of tongue and grove planks in the kitchen and WAM – termite damage!

Pretty nasty.  Thankfully, I just called our trusty Cook’s Pest Control contractor, and he came out and took care of removing the damaged areas and reframing on Tuesday. Have I said I love Cook’s today? No? Ok. Well, I love Cook’s. I LOVE COOK’S!

So far (actually, before we found more damage this week), the total for repairs, labor and materials, including materials to finish the room, was right around $14,700. Can you say YIKES?!?!?! Thank the Lord for Cook’s is all I can really say. The would have taken a nice chunk out of our renovation budget.

We actually had two of our neighbors pop in this week. Both haven’t seen it since we first purchased it. Let’s look take a look back…

And now it looks more like this….

If you are new here to Y&D – WELCOME and you can check out posts here, here, here and here to see work from the beginning.

Thanks for reading!! Any one placing bets on more termite damage? Any hoping this doesn’t turn into a terrible four-part series? Is there a correct name for a four-part series? I don’t even know. Anyways, thanks for stopping by!

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July as well!


Raise the Roof…err…ceiling

As the exterior wall, tongue and groove demolition party continues, we have made our way upstairs (hello more termites) and have exposed the area above the kitchen ceiling. It’s pretty awesome. Not gonna lie. The kitchen (and bathroom) were added on to the house – not really sure when. I knew the ceiling was vaulted from the roof pitch outside, but I didn’t realize how awesome it looked from inside…until last week.

But, before I share with you the awesomeness that could be the vaulted ceiling in our future kitchen *squeal*…let’s play a game called “What does not belong with this photo?”

I will give you a hint.

Ryan and I were poking around at the ceiling above the stairs (under what will be the master closet, if that makes sense) when we saw bricks. A giant stack of bricks. There was a lot questions like, “Do you see that? Are my eyes really seeing what I think I’m seeing? ARE YOU SERIOUS?” There was also lots of head scratching, confused looks back and forth to one another, and heavy sighing before running to the kitchen.  The bricks were coming from the only possible room from that angle: the kitchen.

After finally admitting to myself that I was indeed staring at a brick column of sorts, I ran to the kitchen and start taking beadboard down trying to figure out what the heck is going on. I quickly got the proof I needed there was a brick column, about 18″ by 18″, going from floor ceiling right in the middle of the kitchen. It was hiding in the wall/closet between the kitchen and laundry room. The kitchen and laundry room are both so small, it is hard to get a picture that is helpful, so I whipped this floor plan to try to help.

We showed the brick column to the contractor working on the termite damage. His guess was it used to be the chimney for a wood burning stove in the kitchen. That makes sense, right?  Ryan and I thought so. We will now be referring to the column of bricks in the kitchen as a chimney from now on. That makes THREE brick chimneys. THREE! It’s too bad it is right-snack-dab in the middle of our future kitchen. Let’s add removing a chimney to our to do list….awesome….

Now, back to the raise the roof ceiling party.

That is our above ceiling view of the kitchen. Pretty sweet, huh? Ok. Maybe not yet. Right now it’s just a nest for spiders and things I don’t want to think about, but it COULD be awesome. Can you see the potential for a vaulted ceiling? I hope you can see what I see.

I’ve been looking around for vaulted ceiling inspiration the past week, hoping it would help me decide if I really like the look of a vaulted ceiling in the kitchen, will it be worth the trouble, etc. Verdict?

I LOVE IT!! Here’s a few of my favorite inspiration photos.

The last one is my FAVORITE! Totally digging that blue island, too.

So what do you guys think of the vaulted ceiling? Are you drooling over the photos like I am? Anyone else worrying about how the heck you install lighting in that sucker? I am. The vaulted ceiling would make for a little extra work, but we already planned on removing the existing ceiling in the kitchen (it’s nasty, sagging, and just plain gross), so why not go ahead one more step (or three, or twelve) and vault it? We will keep you posted as we do more research on how to actually make it happen!

Happy Monday! Thanks for stopping by!

Images were found on pinterest. Sources for images can be found here, here, and here. I was not able to track down all of the images. Forgive me.