Reagan’s Photo Project

I promise I will show you her nursery next. I have three TINY things I want to wrap up on her gallery wall, and I just need to take the 30 minutes and get it done. Soon!

Anyways, I wanted to share Reagan’s photo project with you guys. I have been taking her photo every week on the same quilt (thanks Mrs. Kim!) to see how she changes. I am planning on taking her photo every week for the first year. The idea originated from Young House Love‘s photo project with their daughter Clara and their new little man. I decided to just use the same quilt as a back drop to keep the pictures consistent. I am hoping to make some sort of collage when all is said in done!

Reagan will be twelve weeks old tomorrow!!! I would really like to know who stole my infant and replaced her with this giant almost fifteen pound baby who can hold her head up, hates being held like a baby,sleeps 6-7 hour stretches at night and has already rolled over once! EEK!

Enough chit-chat. You are just here for her pictures, so…. let’s start with week 1.

Reagan_1 week old copy

So tiny! Look at those skinny little legs!

Reagan_2 week copy Reagan_3 weeks copy Reagan_4 weeks copy Reagan_5 weeks copy Reagan_6 weeks copy Reagan_7 weeks copy Reagan_8 weeks copy

We switched to our “big girl” cloth diapers at 8 weeks old. Reagan and I both prefer them to disposable believe it or not. With disposable, she HATED having AN OUNCE of pee in her diaper, but with cloth she will wear them for two or three hours without fussing. We decided to use Bum Genius diapers and bought (and were given) enough to last two days. I wash a load every other day, so it’s really not bad at all. Cloth diapers for the win!

Reagan_9 weeks copy Reagan_10 weeks copyI created a separate page for Reagan’s picture project. You can see the tab at the top next to House Tour. I will continue to add her photos there instead of a separate post for each photo. I will try to update that every few weeks with new photos! Hope you enjoyed seeing how much she has changed over the last few weeks.





Meet Reagan Elizabeth

Well, life has changed a little since my last post. Our family has expanded! Meet Reagan Elizabeth Saffell.

Reagan Saffell birth Reagan and Ryan

She was born May 26th and 10:58 pm after a fairly quick labor, weighing 7 lbs, 12 oz and measuring 19 1/2″ long.

Reagan after first bath

Reagan arrived 4 days after our original due date. Apparently my uterus is very comfortable! When the girl decided to enter the world, by golly she came! Labor was under 9 hours from first contraction to holding our sweet girl. Here I am on her due date (and not happy she is making no signs of coming soon).

reagan due date

We are slightly bias, but I am pretty sure she is the prettiest Auburn haired baby on the planet. Yes, she has a head full of auburn hair just like Ryan did when he was born. So far we have nothing but good things to say about Miss Reagan. She is a REALLY good baby. She only fusses when hungry, her diaper is dirty, or wants to be held (which isn’t all day and night – promise!). She entered the world a breast feeding champ and even lets us sleep some! Right now we get two, 3 hour stretches followed by another 2 hour stretch so it’s not that bad.

Reagan Saffell

At her two week check up she weighed 8 lbs, 10 oz and measured 21 1/2″ long. Growing like a weed! I am pretty sure she is well above 9 lbs now 🙂

We are so thankful for our happy and healthy baby girl! Also thankful that this momma is healing and recovering nicely!

Reagan and Ada




Husband Bragging: bookcase and bar stools edition

Ryan well deserves a little bragging on right now. Check out his most recent weekend project below.


Isn’t that snazzy built-in?!?! Didn’t he do GREAT?! *Insert applause here*

Let’s look at the entry before the built-in so we can appreciate it in its entirety. Here we are on move in day.


And this one from just a few weeks ago when we were staining the deck (and junking up the foyer).


The built in really helps define the space and create more of a feeling of an actual foyer. Originally, the front door opened into one of the two living rooms. Now, it opens into just one large space so it’s nice to create some definition.


Obviously it still needs to be painted (that’s where I come in), but it still looks pretty awesome as is. The plan is to paint it white and paint the back behind the shelves a bright, fun color. I am leaning towards an apple green at the moment, similar to the green in the pillow below, made by yours truly.

September 002

Moving on to the second Ryan-deserves-props item: bar stools.

I visit the Goodwill close to my office at least once a week during my lunch break. This thrift store usually has a pretty decent selection of furniture and linens, so you never know what kind of gem you will find. A few weeks ago I posted a picture of these bar stools I found on Facebook.


I actually posted it so another Huntsvillian could snatch them up. They were priced $35 FOR ALL FOUR!! I totally would have bought them immediately, but they are too tall for our bar area at the island. *insert sad face* My natural assumption was “Bar stools too tall + killer bargain + made of aluminum or metal = Not happening for me.” 

I go home that night and tell Ryan about the awesome deal someone is going to get on those bar stools. “You didn’t buy them?” – Ryan. “Well, no. I told you they were too tall.” – Me. “So? I can fix that.” – Ryan. Apparently my natural assumption was wrong! So, the next day during lunch I went back to Goodwill (thankfully the bar stools were still there) and took a picture of the legs and sent them to Ryan just to be COMPLETELY SURE he could trim the legs down.


After confirmation from Ryan that he could trim them down, I snatched them up and happily took them home.


Apparently hollow aluminum can be cut with a simple hand saw. I came home today to find Ryan set up on the porch sawing away.


To make them the correct height, he had to trim 6″ off each leg.


He was able to trim all of the chairs down in less than an hour. Not to bad, huh??

Here is the trimmed down chair compared to the original height.


I was a little worried the chairs would wobble after being cut down (no offense babe), but I haven’t noticed any wobbling at all! Good job Ryan!!


Isn’t he awesome? While he was working on sawing the legs down, I even noticed the chairs still had stickers on them.


Brittney and Ryan for the win! I am beginning to wonder if anyone actually used them? Perhaps they were just really lazy and didn’t remove the stickers? I’d say we got a pretty darn good deal. Crate and Barrel sells a similar stool (here) for about $150 per stool and Overstock has a slight cheaper version (here) at $260 a pair.

Last reason Ryan is awesome and I will hush for the night – He will gladly pull over to the side of the road when I wave my arms frantically and scream, “PALLET!!”


I see a porch swing in this pallet’s future. I actually used a pallet the other day for another outside project, so you can’t call me a hoarder. I will share that soon! Hope you are having a good week!



Labor Day Laboring

Howdy! I hope you all had a nice Labor Day weekend, whether it was spent leisurely soaking in the last days of summer or if you were “laboring” like we were. I am also glad you enjoyed the shutter story so much. 

Our Labor Day Weekend agenda = Staining the front and back porch. Here’s how it went down.


Step 1. Clean off the Porch. Dump all things into the yard or foyer. Try not to trip or call over the massive amount of stuff. Yes, that is a hunk of oak hanging out in my foyer.

porch_clear-off-foyer Porch_clear-off porch_clearing-off

Step 2. Clean Decks. Try not to spray the supervisors (Tori and Bella) with the power-washer. They don’t like water in any way, shape or form. It stirs terrible memories of…gasp…BATHS. According to Bella baths are evil and should be avoided at all costs.



*You may even need to clean and scrub the decks with a deck cleaner*

Step 3. Let the decks dry. No pictures because it was very boring. We decided that watching football was much more fun than watching decks dry. Roll Tide.

Step 4. Select and test out your stain color. He opted for something that would match the color of dirt – the color was called Chocolate. Gather other staining supplies as well.



1. Paint pan 2. Roller with correct nap size (read instructions on your paint or stain) 3. Deck brush 4. Stir sticks 5. Rags to clean up rogue stain.

Step 5. Sweep one more time, unless you like the look of hair and leaves on your porch. Personal preference.

Step 6. Start the fun. Staining. I rolled on stain while Ryan brushed close to the house. I also went back with a brush to try and push the stain between the boards.




Step 7. Let it dry for one hour (or whatever your directions tell you) and start coat 2.

Step 8. Apply coat 2. Don’t stain yourself in to a corner like I did. I blame the heat, lack of water, and snack deprivation.

Step 9. Don’t walk on the deck. Tell your friends and neighbors to not walk on the deck.

Step 10. Wait for deck to cure according to instructions. Our was 72 hours. Then, admire your handy work!


I have a couple projects up my sleeve this week to help “pretty-up” the porch before the Open House Party in a few weeks! What are you guys up to this weekend? Do you have any plans to treat your deck or porch before the weather changes? We heard this was a good time to do it. We are helping so friends move today and can hopefully tackle a few little things around the house. Have a good weekend!



The Green Shutter story

Our front porch is slowly but surely starting to look a little more welcoming. You’re welcome neighbors. Let’s flash back to the beginning.


Front porch

Eeewwwwwww. You can say it, too. No hard feelings.

Now, let’s jump back to this summer. You may remember seeing this picture a while back with the screen door just propped against the porch.


Well, it stayed that way for at least a month. Maybe more like two, but whose counting?!?! Finally, ladies and gentleman, the screen door is no longer acting as porch art, but is now a semi functioning screen door – we still need a knob for the inside and a spring for it, therefore we will call in semi functioning. The door also made friends.



See? Functioning screen door with its new friends – aka the green shutters. So, there is a little story about the shutters. The green shutters were a surprise (Valentine’s day maybe?) from my parents purchased at Southern Accents. I saw the shutters pop up on their new arrivals page one day, and I immediately knew I loved them and I NEEDED to buy them because they were the perfect size and color for my front porch. You know the feeling when you think you might actually die if you don’t obtain something? That’s how I felt about these shutters.

How terrible would it be to have “Death by Shutters” on your tombstone?! Pretty darn terrible if you ask me.

Well, I showed Ryan these PERFECT shutters, and he was not impressed. At all. No way, shape or form impressed. He may have even said he didn’t like the idea of shutters by the front door, in which I promptly responded with a scowl and an eye glare.

Like any mature person does in this situation, I continued to ramble on and on about the shutters through out the week. Ryan held strong. I continued to ramble about the PERFECT GREEN SHUTTERS to my mother, and how they are so great and Ryan doesn’t like them and blah blah blah.

Well, I e-mailed Southern Accents a week later to see if they still had the shutters. I thought surely the perfect green shutters were now gone, but low and behold they still had them. FATE! I ask Ryan AGAIN if I can PLEASE BUY THE FREAKING SHUTTERS. I think I even offered to make them my birthday present. His response was still NO. The nerve of him.

A few days later Mom calls and says she has something to drop off and would like to stop by. In walk Mom and Dad and SURPRISE – they bought the shutters for me as a Valentine’s Day present, and Ryan was in on the whole thing. I think I cried (no, seriously, I did). Sneaky, sneaky. That dear friends is the green shutter story.

In case anyone is curious, the screen door actually came off my great -grandmother’s house and has been sitting in my Papa’s barn for several years. Mom and Dad again came to my rescue and rehabbed the screen door. Didn’t they do a great job? *Round of applause for Mom and Dad*

Let’s admire the combo again.


I am so glad to have a little color on the house, even if it is just the front porch. Anyone have a similar “Green Shutter story” to share? Are you a screen door fan? I have loved having it the past few weeks! We just leave the front door open and enjoy the breeze. It is absolutely crazy that the weather has been enjoyable in August!



Farmhouse Table: In Progress

Pssst! Family & Friends – Don’t forget to mark your calendars for our Open House party!

Happy Sunday guys! I hope you are having an enjoyable weekend so far. Ryan and I have had a pretty balanced work-rest-play weekend and for that I am very grateful. Slowly, but surely we are figure out how this “normal” life things works 🙂

If you are friends with me on Facebook and Instagram, you may already know we have started working on a new dining room table! I mentioned a few weeks ago (here) that we picked up some cherry wood from my grandparents in Cullman. Well, the wood spent the first few weeks just hanging out by the front door.


Just a normal scene at the Saffell house. Last weekend, we sold our dining room set on Craig’s list so we could get started on the new farmhouse table. We decided to use an Ana White plan to build the farmhouse table, only instead of using new material we reused old 2x4s studs (from our house of course) and the cherry wood.  You can see the plan for the table here.

With the dining room empty, we laid out the boards to get a feel for the size. We had envisioned from the get-go that the table would be roughly 4 feet wide and 8 feet long, large enough to comfortably seat 8 to 10 people.


We opted to keep the table 8 feet long, but adjusted the width to 42″ wide instead of 48″ for a few reasons. The first reason is to help trim off part of the wood that has some serious cupping and warping issues. The wood has been sitting in my Papa’s barn for a good long while, so it is not perfect by any means. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE IT, but it’s just not perfect. Anyways, the second reasons is to create a more comfortable walk way on both sides of the table. You would be surprised what a difference 6 inches makes!

I have to say that pretty much all the work has been done by Ryan, so he gets the credit for this one! Be sure to pat him on the back next time you seen him. Part of his “Furlough Fridays” have been spent working on this little project! He started by building the X-frame bases per the instructions.


Ryan assembled this part of the base upstairs in our workshop/master bedroom, and we assembled the rest of the base downstairs in the dining room. I am not going to even try to break down building it step by step because Ana White does it for you! And better than I would.

This is the only part I have actually helped with thus far: Connecting the two bases together!


Next, we cut a piece of 3/4″ plywood the same size as the finished top (42″ x 96″) and assembled the cherry pieces on top. Side note – we sanded the cherry before this step! We used an 80 grit sandpaper with our hand held sander as the first round. We are going to come back again with a finer grit later.


The picture above was during our sitting-height-table-test. Slightly taller chairs would be more comfortable, so I am currently bargain hunting for those.

We secured the cherry to the plywood using 1 5/8″ wood screws from underneath the table. This also helped pullout some of the minor cupping and twisting. On the top, we decided to add some decorative wrought iron nails. We decided on these from House of Antique Hardware because we loved the look and the price was right.

Can you image having to actually forge your own nails?!?!?! I am so thankful I can just buy these because I think they look awesome!!


I love the contrast of the black iron with the cherry wood. Next up is a little more sanding, wrapping the edges in some sort of trim, and putting a finish on the wood. We are leaning towards just using Boiled Linseed Oil with lacquer, but not positive.

Another exciting thing this week – FABRIC SAMPLES!


A little Happy Birthday to me – I have ordered fabric to make Roman Shades! Something similar to this DIY version here or here. So Pumped!

Has anyone ever tried an Ana White plan before? This is our first attempt. So far so good! What did you guys do this weekend? Any fabric samples happy dances? No? Just me. Oh okay…. *fabric dork*

Peace. Brittney

House Tour: Move In Day

Hey there strangers!! The Saffell House FINALLY has internet which means HOUSE TOUR TIME. Why it took over two weeks for us to get internet set up is a story for another day 🙂 *hint – it involved SIX appointments with Comcast where NO ONE showed up*

These pictures were taken the day after we moved out of the condo, so the pictures are full of real life moving fun, like lots of boxes and junk everywhere. It also gives you a pretty good idea of all the things that are not done. I have had several people ask if we were completely done when we moved in, and the answer is HECK NO! We finished enough to pass our final inspections and feel like semi-normal people.

Enough chitter-chatter. Let’s begin! Here we are outside by the main walk way.


Welcome to our home!


We still need to hang the screen door. It is still sitting there as we speak.


The living room in all of its I-just-moved-in-glory.



From the living room you can peak into the powder room and bedroom. Here is the powder room, complete with no mirror but I think we did have toilet paper in there by this point.


From the living room also enter the downstairs bedroom where we are currently living.


The floor is my favorite in here! We also now have blinds and curtains, woot woot!!

house-tour_bedroom-floor house-tour_bedroom-Tori


What you can’t see is that we have room for our other large dresser on the wall opposite of the brick fireplace. We also have a bathroom attached to this bedroom…


and we haven’t even touched it. One day folks, one day.

Let’s move back out into the living room. Here is the view from when you are actually standing in the living room looking forwards the front door.


Everyone has extra furniture and a shop vac in the foyer right? 😉 Let’s move into the dining room.



You walk through the dining room into the kitchen.



In the kitchen area is also the laundry nook.


When you walk into the kitchen, the door to the pantry is on your left.



Walk in pantries are awesome. End of story. Now let’s head upstairs.


At the top of the stairs we have a linen closet on the right (now complete with shelves).


On your right is also the master bedroom/work shop.


There is also a lovely empty room that will one day be the master bathroom.



One day there will even be a closet up there! Crazy talk.


Upstairs there are two other bedrooms. Here is the smaller of the two bedrooms.



I know you are jealous right now. Between the two (unfinished) bedrooms is our “finished” bathroom.

house-tour_upstairs-finishe house-tour_upstairs-bath-va House-tour_upstairs-bath

The large upstairs bedroom is currently being used as our main storage area. It pretty much still looks just like what you see here.

house-tour_storage-room-ups House-tour_storage-room

Our other storage area is the back porch. It is a little ridiculous right now.


Over the past two weeks we have slowly been getting settled in, unpacking boxes, and clearing out the storage unit. As of Sunday, the storage unit is officially EMPTY!! There is another $100+ back in our pocket every month. Woot woot!

Sorry it has taken so long to share pictures with you guys! Not having internet really puts a damper on the whole blogging thing 🙂

What have you guys been up to? Am I the only one that after moving realizes there are fives boxes full of stuff to take to Goodwill? Why didn’t I do that BEFORE I moved all of that stuff three times?!?!?!



Hardwood Floor Sanding (I would like to punch whoever put vinyl on top of my hardwood)

Are you looking for a total body work out? Well, do I have the tool for you! Try using a drum sander for four to six hours in one day and three hours the following day. It will do the trick!


Neck, back, shoulders, triceps, abs, and butt work out all in one. We rented the drum sander for the weekend in an attempt to sand 100+years old dirt, grime and glue off the hardwood. Ryan started the drum sander first, going slowly pushing the sander with the grain of the hardwood. It started off pretty exciting….


And slowly got less exciting as we realized this is going to take FOREVER. We started using 20 grit sandpaper (very very course) to remove grim, color, and glue off the floor. I was under the impression that two runs with the 20 grit paper would do the trick as far as removing glue. From what I read, with most flooring you can start with 36 grit if you are just trying to removing the existing finish.

Here we are before we started.


Here we are after round 1.


As you can see, there is still A LOT of glue and gunk left over. So, we moved onto to round 2. This time trying to move the sander as slow as possible. With a drum sander, it is important to keep it moving or it can damage the floor.


Another side note – sanding floors creates a TON of dust! The drum sander we were using had a vacuum attachment but it didn’t stand a chance against the amount of dust we were creating. For round 2, Ryan and I tag teamed with one person operating the sander and one person following around with a shop-vac. It seemed to help as well.


Well, with round 2 finished around 4 pm we were less than impressed. There was still a significant amount of glue left in places. So, I took a “google break” to look for tips. I found that some people went diagonal across the wood in rough places and then went back over it with the direction of the wood to remove any markings left by the sander. When sanding or  staining wood, you pretty much always go WITH the grain of the wood, not against it. I was a little nervous about it, but at this point I was very tired and just wanted to finish, so I gave it a try.


It seemed to help in some places, but it definitely required more muscle power.

We had some other exciting progress last week. Ryan did an awesome job cutting the butcher block and installing the sink.


And we also have a working sink & toilet! YAY!


I also started putting up the tile back-splash in the kitchen and around the tub surround upstairs.

Kitchen_tile Kitchen_tilebacksplash


I decided to put tile above the tub so we wouldn’t have to worry about water causing the paint to peel. Our bathroom upstairs is really starting to look like a finished bathroom. I am so excited with how the vanity turned out!

upstairs-bath_vanity Upstairs-bathroom_vanity

I will share a more detailed post later about how we converted it from a table into a vanity. It was EASY! The hexagon floor turned out pretty well. There a few spots that are not perfect (in the corner where I started laying tile) but thankfully it is around the toilet area so I will hopefully be the only person who notices, except for the few of you reading this!


The shower tub combo has been installed for a while, but we do now have tub and shower plumbing fixtures. I look forward to cleaning everything heavily next week!


We also sanded and primed the stairway. No more dingy yellow and watermelon pink .

stairs_prep-for-paint Stairs_painted stairs_ceiling-painted

Our kind-of-new stairs now have new risers to match as well! Thanks, Dad!!


Lastly, I tried out a new product last week. After installing reclaimed wood flooring in the kitchen, we had enough left over to install it in the powder room as well. Originally we thought we would tile in the powder room, but we loved the look of the reclaimed wood and it was zero extra dollars we had to spend (yay!) so we went with the hardwood.

I was a little nervous about what I needed to use on the reclaimed wood floor to seal it. I wanted to keep the exact color of the wood but protect it from day-to-day wear. My fear was that regular polyurethane would turn the floor yellow. Even the clear poly will turn yellow over time (from what I have heard). How devastating would it be to have dingy-grayish-yellow floors in 5 years?!?!?! There would be tears, folks.

After a little research, I decided to test out a water based poly made by Minwax.


Since it water based instead of oil based, it is supposed to dry CRYSTAL clear and stay clear. It also dries a lot faster than oil based poly and barely has an odor to it. The downside is that is not as durable as an oil based, so I will probably need to reseal my floors again in a few years. With only a two hour drying time though, I am not too upset about that!

In the can, the poly looks white, almost like a very thin milk substance.


Once I put a coat on and it began to dry, the white disappeared and became completely clear. Victory!!!


Hopefully it will stay this color! *Fingers crossed* As of today, I have very pleased with the product. It was easy to apply, required a very short dry time, and dried completely clear. We will just have to see how it holds up over time!

That’s about it for this past week and weekend. We are continuing to work on sanding the floors this week and hope to be putting stain down on Sunday night. Our plumber and gas guy are supposed to finish this week as well. Key there is supposed to. Also, if you guys could pray for it NOT to rain this Saturday, that would be awesome. We REALLY need to insulate the attic this weekend and the weather has not worked in our favor the past couple Saturdays we wanted to do it. It is one of our big final Certificate of Occupancy check list items, so it has to get done. I personally don’t care if the attic is insulated by next weekend, but my building inspector does 🙂



Every Light in the House is On

I started walking through our house singing “Every Light in the House is On”, and Ryan had NO IDEA what the heck I referencing. I am not an avid country music fan by any means, but even I know that song. What you should take from this little story is that 1) Ryan is not a country music fan and 2) we have power at the house! Lights are on!


I mentioned the other day that the electricians were back (you can read that here). Well, not only did they install fixtures and such, but they were able to hook us up with temporary power.

The past 6 months or so we have been working with temporary power from the utility pole. We had two very long extension cords plugged into the temporary power and ran into the house. From there we had splitters and more extension cords. It was a constant game of extension cord shuffle between tools and construction lamps. NOW we have the electrical panel hooked up to the temporary power! No more shuffle!

Electrical_panel Electrical_Brittney-with-pa

Let’s note just how large this panel is. Keep in mind this is in our dining room. Hiding that sucker will be an interesting challenge to say the least!

Want to see what our house looks like with power?! Of course you do!

Lighting_entry Electrical_southern-accents

POWER! No more construction lamps! No more extension cord shuffle! Wahoo!!!

Not every light and outlet is working right now, but it is a lot more than what we had, so we are pretty pumped about it. We will still have to get the temporary power converted to permanent power, but I think that is all done at the electricity pole. I could be wrong there, so don’t quote me on that.

I am pretty excited about some of our light fixtures! The living room chandelier for example. Love LOVE love!


It is from Southern Accents in Cullman, Alabama. It is had a dark bronze finish to it and looks pretty cool with the Edison bulbs!

Electrical_living-room2 electrical_light-living-roo

If you are thinking about using Edison bulbs, let me warn you that they give off a very yellow tinted light. Just FYI!

I showed you this one last week, but it is a favorite, too. It is upstairs in the bathroom, and IT. IS. CUTE.


The fixture is a cheap one from Lowe’s (the one’s you buy without the shades) and the shades are from School House Electric. I also really like the lanterns in the dining room. I am so glad I decided to go with two instead of just one!


It is going to look awesome above our future farmhouse table.

Now, we also have some pretty darn ugly light fixtures as well.


Yea. U-G-L-Y! Some of them came from thrift stores and some are the absolute cheapest light fixtures I could find. Most of the ugly light fixtures are upstairs. One ugly fixture did end up in the pantry, but hopefully it won’t be there too terribly long. Ryan and I decided we would rather spend the money on light fixtures we really liked in the rooms we are finishing first and worry about the others later. Upgrading light fixtures is an easy fix down the road and saves us a good chunk of money right now.

Moving on to another subject, we have lots of exciting things going on in the kitchen right now! Ryan and I started putting hardwood down in the kitchen Friday night….


Ryan and my Dad knocked it out on Saturday! They are troopers! I will have pictures of the finished floor later this week. It is still pretty dirty right now. Cleaning the floor is on my agenda for Monday night. MORE exciting news is that we are getting KITCHEN CABINETS & COUNTER TOPS this week! Wahoo! Tile for the upstairs bathroom also came in on Friday! Yay for pretty things!


Lots of excitement this week! Kitchen pictures coming soon 🙂

Have a good week!


A week in photos (too tired to type)

Hey folks. Operation move in Memorial Weekend is under way, and we are working on the house as much as possible in order to make that happen. That means I spend all my time doing stuff and am too tired to blog about all of the progress! So you will have to forgive me and just enjoy progress through pictures. Let’s begin!

Ryan and I spent last Saturday putting up reclaimed wood on the accent wall in the kitchen.



It required a little bit of cleaning…..


Then Ryan trimmed out the kitchen wall and ceiling. I say Ryan because it was all him. I had nothing to contribute other than I wanted to use the reclaimed material.




Last week we finally had the Cook’s contractor come back and put the downstairs bedroom back together.



Ryan and my Dad put down hardwood in the bedroom last Saturday while I painted and touched up trim. Fun Fun. My mom and grandma worked on some landscaping.


The most exciting news is the electricians were back this week installing light fixtures and finishing up their work.

Living-room_light-fixtures light-fixtures_kitchen Light-fixtures_bathroom Light-fixture_bathroom

Ryan and I also spent Monday night finishing up sanding, priming and painting the ceilings. I think you will approve!


The ceiling is Sherwin William’s Copian Blue and it is BEAUTIFUL. Well worth every hour of scraping wallpaper! The bead board still had plenty of character and looks 113 years old, but now it is clean and fresh! Exactly what I hoped it would look like. Brittney for the win!

Electricians are still working at the house and we are getting ready for CABINETS next week! EEKK!!!