Faux White Carrara Marble

I stumbled upon this faux marble yesterday, and I just had to share! Thank you to Layla at The Lettered Cottage for sharing this. Looks just like white carrara marble, right? *wipe drool*

Well guess what?

Faux Marble Countertop

It is LAMINATE! Holla! Can you believe it? Me neither, but it’s true. It’s made by Formica, and it looks pretty snazzy! I have only seen it in pictures, but I will definitely be on the look out next time I am at Lowe’s…which is probably tomorrow.

White Carrara marble is BEAUTIFUL, but it is actually not always a great for a kitchen (a kitchen that is used at least). Marble is a lot softer and more porous than granite, so it will scratch and stain easily. I always get aggravated when I see kitchens in magazines with white Carrara marble, or any marble for that matter!! I worked for a remodeler as a kitchen, bathroom, and cabinetry designer (so much fun!) for a year, and we had several clients who installed marble (after being warned) and ended up very unhappy (not fun). For $60-100 a square foot, you should LOVE your counter tops. Like, love it so much you-hug-it-in-the morning-and-kiss-it-goodnight-kind of love. Like your spouse.

Faux Marble Kitchen

At $16-20 a square foot, it makes your wallet happy, too! I know laminate is usually not what people swoon over, but realistically it works for a lot of people. Who says pretty things have to cost a fortune? Good job Formica!

*UPDATE* We actually ending up installing a marble inspired laminate (Calcatta Marble) in our own kitchen. It is made by Formica and a part of their FX 180 series. It is STUNNING! I get asked what it is all the time. Formica gets a BIG thumbs up from us! You can see pictures below. Thank you Bob Gathany for the photos! 

kitchen Merrimack Mill Kitchen

What is your dream counter top choice? Do you swoon over the White Carrara in magazines? I am a lover of black honed granite myself (honed is just a different finish). You can check it out in the picture below. *Correction – the counter tops in this image are Soapstone*  

The Perfect Kitchen

You can check out the rest of his dreamy kitchen here.

Sigh. Perfect. Have a great weekend!



22 thoughts on “Faux-whoa-whoa!!

  1. Hey,
    I just wanted to comment on this post…the counters that you are referring to are actually by Formica and named “calacatta marble”…..not Wilsonart “white carrara”
    Both are beautiful but I do prefer the calacutta marble that you posted. I traced the link to those pictures all the way back to the original and it is definitely “calacatta marble” 🙂

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  3. Help! I am trying to select a faux marble laminate for my kitchen counters and new table top for a 1940’s iron table so they all match. However…..I find conflicting info here about the same pictures. One says the photos are Formica 180fx Calacatta Marble, The Lettered Cottage text says it is White Carrara by Wilson Art. The samples I have at home are:

    Calcutta Marble by Wilson Art
    White Carrara by Wilson Art
    Calacatta Marble by Formica
    Biana Luna by Formica

    Does anyone know exactly which product is featured in the photos? Thanks.


    • Hey Lois!

      Both manufacturers (Formica and Wilson art) make a version of White Carrara marble. I ended up using the Formica FX 180 in my kitchen bc I liked the look better. It had a much larger pattern to it. Lowes and Home depot both carry both brands (or the ones in my area do). I think your best bet is to look at each in person and decide which you prefer! Hope it helps.

  4. The dark countertops in the last picture are actually Soapstone. All the details of the kitchen can be found on fortheloveofahouse.blogspot.com. Thanks for the great information on laminate “marble” countertops!

    • Thank you Breanna for the photo credit! I had a very kind blog reader just inform me today that the photo of our kitchen (last photo above) was on this post, but not credited. And yes, you are absolutely right about the countertops being soapstone and not honed granite.

      • Thank you for claiming the photo! I will be sure to give you proper credit! This is one of those times I hate Pinterest. I will make the counter top correction as well. Thanks for reaching out! Your kitchen is beautiful.

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